FIFA 20 Live Reveal – EA PLAY 2019

FIFA 20 Live Reveal – EA PLAY 2019

What’s going on, FIFA fans!|I’m Goldenboy commenting to you live, from the VOLTA pitch|here at EA PLAY now. I had a blast actually hosting|a FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Cup a few weeks back, but that was FIFA 19. Today we’re here|to talk about FIFA 20. Now, if you caught the brand-new trailer|that dropped this morning, you already know that|VOLTA football is a new way to play returning football to the street. FIFA to the streets.|You like that? Alright now,|for those of you who missed it let’s take a look.|Give me a pass, Now, in a bit I’m going to be|chatting with Sam Rivera, the Lead Producer at FIFA 20, about some of the new gameplay features|that are going to be coming to FIFA 20. But first, we go across the pond. Last week, singer-songwriter|and Fulham footballer Chelcee Grimes caught up with some special guests|to give us the details on VOLTA football and the culture that inspired it. Check it out. I’m in London,|with VOLTA producer Jeff Antwi and Manchester United|and England legend, Rio Ferdinand to talk about a subject|close to my heart: true football. OK, so Rio we’re here|in London, your hometown. Cage football, street football. What was your memories|and experiences growing up? Did you play a lot of it? This is where I grew up. This is exactly|what I’ve done day in, day out. In there the ball never goes out of play.|Physically it’s demanding. You’re forced to|almost have a personality and show a personality in there. There’s definitely|no hiding in there, is there? No. You can’t hide in there. So I used to play|in the street with all the boys and it was kind of the same.|We playing out to bounce it off the kerb. And I used the walls|on people’s houses as another player. What was it for you that made you|want to bring it even into the game? For us it’s a return|to street football for the FIFA franchise. And we’re really excited|about being able to be in places like this,|where it’s rooted in. The real people. The real places. Authenticity, creativity, culture are all|things we wanted to bring to VOLTA. Look at that guy’s footwork! The footwork is amazing. That’s what you can do in VOLTA though. That’s part of the detail|in the gameplay. So you can do that,|all these mad tricks like this. Or just being able to be really|skilful with the ball off your feet. You know, whether|it’s a classic futsal drag, or being able to play it off the wall|to yourself to beat your opponent, or flick it up over your head|to create space for a goal. When you use that to play some luck,|the professionals hate us. Absolutely. So obviously|with it being FIFA we want to make sure that|authenticity is at the forefront. So you can play with|or against the real players, all the licensed players|that we have, all the licensed clubs. You can imagine playing|Chelsea vs. Spurs in this London cage. Man United vs. Liverpool. Man United vs. Liverpool. It’s physically|and technically demanding. I’ve played on loads|of different places. Where is there to play on the game? So, obviously with VOLTA|it’s the world’s game, and there’s so many|locations you can play with. From a rooftop in Tokyo|to a London cage like this. Or even an underpass in Amsterdam. So we want to make sure|that what we’re building is real to the space,|real to the people. Where’s the craziest place|you’ve played football? I was actually in a camp in LA|and I played a bit of soccer there, “Soccer”, I had never|played that there before. The pitches are a lot nicer than|when I grew up playing in Liverpool. What about you, Rio? Maybe in a favela in Brazil.|I went to the World Cup in Brazil. My first one I didn’t…|I was a pundit. I managed to go into the favelas|and I would have a look. Crazy, man. Amongst that was just like a pitch|in the middle of it in a cage. A bit like here|but it’s just a different setting. What type of football|were you playing? We played “whoever was there”. So you just play|with the numbers you’ve got. If there’s 3v3, fine.|If it was five-a-side, not a problem. What’s great is that’s VOLTA.|Being able to play 3v3, 4v4, 5v5… Playing with goalkeepers,|playing without goalkeepers. Playingin a cage|like this or playing futsal, with more authentic rules. I think VOLTA does a really good job|of representing the diversity of the game. Not only the people,|but also in the game style. You can treat the wall|like your teammate, passing to yourself. Or you can be really skilful|with the ball like these guys are being. VOLTA football|is such a diverse game, and for millions of people|around the world streets is their stadium. So for you guys, what are|some of the fundamental things that you take away from the streets|and what translates to the stadiums? Small-sided games.|3 versus 3, five-a-side… I grew up in this environment. I think it enables you definitely|to be able to deal with people 1v1. Because in a game in a stadium,|in front of thousands of fans, you’re going to have to deal|with someone 1v1 like this. And with bigger spaces. So getting used to that|in this type of environment I think for a young player is key. Having a personality.|Not being afraid to try something new. And obviously eventually|you can go and put it onto the big stage. I would think this is like:|yeah, you go and express yourself. I think definitely the word,|that key word, “express”. If you can express yourself,|you see the best in everyone. Think individually, as a team… You know, street football|for a lot of people is foundational, when it translates to the stadiums. For VOLTA that’s kind of how|we’ve built the gameplay experience. So we’re really excited about|what we can represent and being able to represent|the flair and the style that you guys just talked about. I think a lot of people is used to|always associate that skills and flair without the end product. I think that’s|what’s great about this game. It’s that the end product is always king. What I really really want to know is:|can you create female players? Absolutely. I think that’s|one of the biggest innovations. You can play male or female|and they play with each other as well. And that’s an important|part of what we’re building. When you go out and play in there, Not everyone turns up|in a pair of shorts, boots… Can we have like, jeans,|or the cut downs I’ve got? You can have|T-shirts and shorts, Or you can have|jeans and long sleeves. Again, a big thing for us is being able to establish|the culture that is street football through clothing, through|how you look, your personal style. You can have short hair, long hair.|You can have tattoos, no tattoos. You can play with trainers. Like I? A lot of the time as well is like… You want to look good.|You want to feel good. Play good. In some of it, it’s superstition.|It’s all of that in one. If you can get that|into a game and transfer that, and translate that into the cage, you’ve got it made. That’s a big part of VOLTA football. Just being able to|represent the people as they are. You know, we want it to be|authentic, we want it to be diverse. We want it to be|cultural and creative. And a lot of that is how you|equip yourself and how you carry yourself and how you|represent yourself in the game. Jeff, thank you so much.|Rio, it’s been a pleasure. I can’t wait to play VOLTA,|so I’ll see you in the cage. Well, there you have it!|VOLTA football, pretty cool stuff there. I can’t wait to get|my hands on it later this summer. But to talk to us about the exciting|new gameplay updates and innovations that are going to|be coming to FIFA 20, we have FIFA Lead Gameplay Producer|Sam Rivera here standing by. Sam, welcome. Thanks, Alex.|It’s great to be here. Give it up for Sam! Thank you. Alright, alright. It’s a pleasure to have you out|here my friend. Here’s the thing. I knew I was coming into this. When they asked me|to do this gig, I was like, listen. This is going to be|a tricky one, right? Because FIFA has|a very passionate community. I know this.|I experienced this firsthand when I hosted|that FUT Champions Cup. And you and I we talked a lot|about how important it’s been for you to engage with the audience,|with the fans, with the community on FIFA 20’s development.|So, why don’t we dive into that? Tell me about that process|and how the community played a role in making|this game a reality for you all. Absolutely. Community feedback|is a big deal for us. The combination of community|feedback and football itself is what inspires us every year|to keep innovating and to create the most authentic|and fun experience we can. And we know|we have a big community, so this year we actually|talked to over 3,000 players, from pro players to new players,|casual players, soccer players… And because we know|this is a two-way conversation, we released an important|pitch notes article at the end of May, where we explain a little bit more|about how we approach community feedback. So we listen to things like|shooting inconsistencies or AI defending and this feedback,|together with our drive to create a more authentic football experience,|led us to develop a new feature set that comes together|as football intelligence. OK, alright. So, catchphrases|are all well and good, but let’s dive into this, right? Because I want to|be able to dive deeper into what all this|means for the player. What does football|intelligence mean for the folks that are going to|be playing in a few months? Sure. Football intelligence|is a combination of features that improve the three main|components of the match: on the ball, off the ball,|and the ball itself. And this year we’re|innovating in those three areas. On the ball, we are enhancing|the one-on-one moments by giving you new attacking|and defending tools. Off the ball,|with a re-architected game flow, we’re giving players|more time and space on the ball. And for the ball itself,|we have a brand-new ball physics system that elevates|the authenticity on every touch. OK, so you mentioned off the ball first. That’s something that, you know, I’m assuming you’re talking about|computer-controlled players there. And this is a big topic|within the community. I know how those players interact|with you when you’re playing the game. So yeah, I mean,|what is off the ball? What does that mean for us? Yes. So, off the ball. If there’s something that is really|going to change how the game plays, is there re-architected game flow. This new game flow was the sign to give|more time and space to the dribbler. and create more one-on-ones. A one-on-one is one of the most|interesting parts of football to watch or to play|if you actually play the sport. And in FIFA it’s going to be the time where user skill|is going to make a difference. And while we’re creating|more one-on-ones, we’re also encouraging|more user control defending and we are reducing|the amount of AI defensive support that you get from your teammates. OK, alright.|So you really want to influence the player|to be engaged in that process. Yeah, and I know|it seems like we’re kind of just|throwing questions out here but I’m curious.|I’m really interested, right? When I have|a controller in my hand, what does this feel like? What extra space|is being created with this more|player-controlled approach? Yes. First of all,|the re-architected game flow allows us to encourage|smart technical build-up based on skill.|So, when you score a goal, you feel like you really work for it|and because you mentioned space, yes, spacing is actually one|of the biggest benefits of this system. You will see how your teammates|spread around the pitch in a more authentic way,|allowing you to read the game better and also giving you new ways|for you to create your own scoring chances. Visually, the game looks|much more like real football. Yeah, so my teammates|are going to be way more helpful for me. Because Lord knows I need that. Alright. I think you know|a lot of us feel the struggle there. But now, what about the player?|Me, right? As I’m playing this game, what new tools do I have|that I could put out there on the pitch? Yes. So, football is all about|the decisive moments on the ball. And now that we’re|encouraging those moments, we’re also giving players the tools to make sure|those moments are in their control. There’s four features|that I want to talk about: Composed finishing,|strafe dribbling, control tackling, and the new penalty kicks and free kicks. Alright, so four big topics.|Yeah, let’s just dive into this. Composed finishing.|What do you mean by that? Sure. We receive|feedback from the community regarding the difficulty|to finish in front of goal. OK, so in FIFA 20,|with the new composed finishing, you’re going to experience|more clinical and consistent shooting when you’re in a one-on-one|with the keeper for example. And if you try|a more difficult shot, let’s say, a volley|from outside of the box, then you’re going to have|more chances to miss. So, overall we are improving|the fundamentals of shooting to provide|a more authentic experience. And we also listen|to feedback about timed finishing and we are very confident that the changes that I just mentioned|to the fundamentals of shooting, in addition to some tweaks|that we are doing to the actual|timed finishing mechanic, are going to give you|a more satisfying shooting experience, whether you time|your shot or not. We are actually just releasing another|Pitch Notes article about this topic. If you want to know|more information you can check it online. OK, so a whole topic|just on this alone, which is very dedicated there. Now, you also mentioned another|attacking tool which was strafe dribbling. So, how is this now going to play|a role in how I play out there? Good question. So we are reinventing|the strafe dribbling mechanic. This tool that’s more|dimensioning attack, giving you more control, more precise and agile|control of the ball when dribbling. And I would say this tool|is great to lure your opponent in and then when he’s getting closer, use your player’s agility, speed,|and skill to beat that defender. So, if there wasn’t|any indication though, I’m going to be|on defense quite a bit. We’ll see. Because of that,|as a defender now, we’re continuing to just|run through these tools, these new gameplay|additions that are coming to it. What about|on the defensive front? Yes. To counter|the attacking tools, we also need to bring|some innovation into defending. The new control tackling system, which uses the sophistication from|the active touch system from last year, is going to improve|your players tackling ability to ensure you win possession|back more often than ever when you tackle|in the right context. OK, and then the most intense|nerve-wracking moment in any game of FIFA.|Me and my boy Rob… This is an everyday thing for us. Penalty kicks. What changes are you|making to penalty kicks? We have brand-new|penalty kicks and free kick systems. So, first of all, the aiming|mechanics are completely different and more accessible. But obviously we’re keeping|some elements of skill in there to make sure there’s enough|depth in the mechanics for those that want to be|masters of those systems. And for example in free kicks you’re going to have|full control of the spin that you apply to the ball and|that’s going to create your trajectory. So you can do side spin, top spin,|no spin, or a combination of them. And that’s going to be based on|how you swing your right stick and then you will see the trajectory,|so you can go around the wall, you can go over the wall,|you can do a knuckle shot, for example. Ultimately these systems are… They’re more fun|when you have more control, so it’s more rewarding. And basically|you swing your right stick and then you see|the trajectory being created. And that’s the cool part. So, for us FPS gamers out there, maybe that’s something|that I can actually be good at. You know?|With the right stick. That’s awesome. Alright so, on the ball,|talked off the ball. But the ball. That is the most essential|part of the beautiful game. So, what’s new with the ball? We have a brand-new|ball physics system and the ball|is at the center of every match. And the innovation that|we’re bringing to the ball this year just gives you a more|authentic experience in general. So, we rewrote how the ball|behaves on every player contact, on every bounce,|on every interaction, and how spin affects|the trajectory of a shot, pass or cross. So, what you will see|is more realistic player deflections, more realistic bounces. And if you do a shot,|let’s say a finesse shot, you will see maybe more curve. You do a lace shot, you will see like|a dipping trajectory, a rising trajectory. There’s more variety in general. So, the entire FIFA experience|feels fresh because of this new ball physics system. Trying to get that ball|to bounce in fun ways is going to create|some interesting moments, especially for a lot|of our top players out there. Now, I know that|a lot of fans, I’m sure, are going to be very excited|to try out these new features and since you have the eyes|and ears of a ton of FIFA fans right now the floor is yours. Anything else you want|to say to this community? Yes, so the features|that I just talked about are very important,|but there are many other changes that we are doing in FIFA 20 and a lot of them|are based on community feedback. One of them is pace. We know that|sometimes slower defenders can catch up with faster dribblers. So we are tweaking pace in FIFA 20. It doesn’t mean that entire game|is going to be based on player speed. But it just means that|player physical attributes are going to be|slightly more important. We’re doing|something very similar for strength. And finally for those players|that have mastered the skill moves we are obviously|tuning some of them. Let’s say La Croqueta. We are adding new ones. Or if you like to chain|multiple skill moves in a row, then you will get|a more realistic outcome. We’re working on|those things right now. So you’re telling me that techs can|bust out three elasticas at the same time. We’ll see but you’ll see|new behaviours there. Techs will still find a way.|Techs will still find a way. But well, thank you|so much, man. I really appreciate it. Now, when can players|get their hands on FIFA 20? So it’s going to be September 27th. And there is some good news. If you have EA Access,|you’re subscribed to EA Access, you can get your hands on it|on September 19th. Wow! OK.|And then, of course, EA Access coming to PS4. Exactly, that’s good news. PS4 fans will also be able|to play FIFA on September 19th. Alright, look at that there. And of course all those|details can be found online so don’t forget about that. It is a hot day out here. We’ve been talking FIFA.|I’ve been having a blast. Sam, thank you so much, man. Guys, give it up|for Sam Rivera, once again. Thank you. Awesome stuff, now don’t forget: if you’re in L.A.,|come down to EA PLAY. Try out FIFA 20 for yourself or come watch some|great street football competition at our custom VOLTA pitch. Keep an eye out because the FIFA team|has a lot more to come between now and September. They’ll be posting|deep dives on the Pitch Notes platform. You’ll get more info on gameplay, career mode, pro clubs, VOLTA… And because we all know|you want to talk about it, FIFA Ultimate Team. So keep an eye out for those. I’m Goldenboy, thank you|so much for watching. See you later. You just saw all the news on FIFA 20 and in a moment Goldenboy|will be talking with Daily Show host and superfan Trevor Noah about the exciting things we just saw. Do you think it’s weird that Goldenboy|gets to talk to Trevor Noah and not me? Hey well, you know what? Get out of here, go! Go away, jeez! But first, we’ve got a very special message|about EA’s Play to Give campaign, so let’s check it out. Hey everyone! If you’re watching this video,|chances are you’ve likely seen or even personally experienced|harassment when playing online games. In fact, 57% of players say|they’ve been bullied or threatened online. We need to change that. Absolutely! Games are for everyone. And the good news is|we can all do something about it. EA is donating 1 million dollars to 3 amazing nonprofits who are all about bullying prevention and inclusion in games. Ditch the Label: PACER in the United Nation’s HeForShe. You can also help. Go to the link below: to learn more about these charities. On their websites they have advice on what you can do if you’re being bullied or how you can help others who are. You can also donate. Any amount you can contribute really makes a difference|to these nonprofits. With the help of|Play to Give donations last year these charities|achieved some pretty cool things. HeForShe was able to expand its message of gender inclusivity in gaming to people around the world. Ditch the Label was able to help an additional 10,000 kids|who are suffering from abuse and PACER reached 1.4 million people with information|on how to combat bullying. Thanks so much, everyone. When we work together we can make games a space|where everyone feels safe and included. Enjoy the rest of EA PLAY! Hey, what’s going on everybody?|Goldenboy here at EA PLAY once again and just so you know it’s always|good to give back to a great cause. You can find out more info about Play to Give online. Now, everybody! Welcome to the EA PLAY stage: The host of The Daily Show, FIFA Superfan: Trevor Noah! Thank you for having me! Thank you so much for coming out, man! Are you kidding? You know, when they told me about this, so Greg is obviously very salty|he didn’t get to do this interview. Haha! So I understand|you are a massive fan of FIFA. Well, I’m not a FIFA fan. FIFA is my full-time job and then I do other things|to sustain the habits. That’s pretty much me. Interesting! When you already play FIFA,|you don’t say that you’re a fan. That’s just what you do! Raheem Sterling is not|a fan of Manchester City, he plays for the team.|I play FIFA professionally. That’s what I do! OK, yeah! That’s my job! OK. Fair enough, fair enough. It’s kind of crazy for a guy|who hosts a show called The Daily Show that you play FIFA on the Daily and yet you have to work.|That’s like your full-time job. Luckily there’s nights.|There is nighttime, as well. You got to allocate your time properly. OK, interesting! That’s what you do.|Time management! Yeah, that is confirmed. So who’s your favourite team again? Who’s my favourite team? My team! That’s what Ultimate Team is all about. Oh really? OK, really? That’s|where you’re going to go? Why am I going to support one team when I can create the best team ever? OK, I feel like you just|don’t want to draw the battle lines here. Oh no, when it comes to|the English Premier League I’m Liverpool through and through. You know?|Beside of for what they did, yeah. Pain in Kiev,|joy now. And then, you know,|when it comes to Europe I switch and I play with|different teams, you know? Because I get to enjoy just the players. But in the game my team is the team. OK, so then,|who is your big player on your team?|On your Ultimate Team? It depends. It changes depending on|what card comes out. So for me right now: Serie A – Gómez Small little man, does major things. One of my favorite players in the game. I know there’s a weird one. Right back – Almeida.|One of my favorite players. I like to play with weird characters that no one else is playing with. Because everyone out there|is gonna be playing with like 92 Vieira. Everyone’s gonna be trying|to play with Gullit in the middle. It’s just like “Who can you play with?” Allan, Napoli! One of the best players|you can play with in FIFA. Mark my words.|Go and get him. Go and get him, yeah! You just gonna get the weird|players that no one else likes and then like when you|meet them with your team they don’t know who the players are. They don’t know how they play. And that’s what makes|FIFA such an amazing game for me. It’s the customization. Dude, I tell you right now. Blown away and very impressed! By the way, Trevor Noah, man.|Just dropping the knowledge out there! Thank you, man.|Thank you. Trevor, I know this is a brief one but I wanna thank you so much|for coming out to EA PLAY, my friend. It’s been a blast! And, you know,|FIFA 20 is playable here and we have to have a match. I think you and I we have to have a match. But we won’t have a match. I will school you! There won’t be a match. We can play together|and then I will teach you FIFA. I kind of set myself up for that one. Alright, well, Greg. Back to you, buddy! In a moment Adam Rank|is taking us on a deep dive on all kinds of|new features coming to Madden 20. But first! Power up your exosuits, Freelancers! Because we’re talking Anthem. And to help me get the 411, I’m joined by|Anthem Live Service Lead Producer, Ben Irving. Hey Ben! Hey, man. Thanks for having me! Thank you for coming! I can’t believe…


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    Fifa 20 ist noch nicht mal draußen und ich bin jetzt schon enttäuscht. Seit Fifa 2000 habe ich jedes Fifa gespielt, war eigentlich immer zufrieden. Aber dass jetzt Lizenzen für China League und 3. BL anscheinend wichtiger sind, als die Rechte an den Vereinsnamen verstehe ich nicht. Da kommen Mannschaften dazu die keine Sau kennt, aber im Gegenzug wird Juventus Turin nur billig kopiert, die Allianz Arena gibt es nicht mehr usw. Ich steh absolut nicht auf PES sondern auf Fifa. Aber wenn das so weiter geht wird mir wohl bald nichts mehr übrig bleiben. Ich schätze mal dass ich nicht der einzige bin der dieser Ansicht ist…

  49. Daniel Ilibman says:

    what is "mid-july" in your books?! we are past the middle already!

  50. WULBACKPES says:

    Please EA you don't make juventus false in fifa 20

  51. SDMC-GhostGamers says:

    Badd gamee

  52. GokuModsZ says:

    Like si vienes por q el pes le quitó la Juventus al fifa :'v

  53. Kaic Oliveira says:

    you have lost a Juventus license if you continue like this or buy any more fifa

  54. Sanjit Sai says:

    We want Juventus in FIFA not pes,plz bring it back

  55. Evan O'neill says:

    Fifa should partner up with spotify and let's its players put in any song they like into the game

  56. LEO CAVA says:

    EA siete delle merde schifose non potete non mettere la Juve ma il piemonte per 3 anni allora il Milan visto che si chiama ACM lo chiamate associazione calcio di merda e il Napoli club merdose e comunque basta o mettete la Juve o gioco a pes perché per sta cagata perderete un botto di RAM e io che non vedevo l'ora che uscisse FIFA 20 invece no… Poi non si può vedere Ronaldo con la maglia del Piemonte e non è giusto che venga tolto dalle copertine di FIFA perchè non avete la licenza con la Juve poi non ci sarà lo stadio le divise niente vergognatevi!!!!!

  57. Erzsébet Birta says:

    Nice i like fifa

  58. Nikman 24 says:

    Fifa 20 demo???

  59. Nino Mangravita says:

    Yeeeaaa fifa 20!

  60. rekhaza says:

    FIFA 20 is SINK because PES 20 Stole their "Ronaldo" into Juventus Exclusivity.. And also Man Utd. Fifa cannot use name Juventus and maybe for the first time use TURIN STRIPE, and Man Utd into MANCHESTER RED.
    Now FIFA is panic and make strategies to disctract people by Repackage FIFA Street into Volta, just for admit their losses, and turning into "somewhat" good.

  61. Edin Malic says:


  62. Nick_ B says:

    It’s Like 2k playground but fifa it’s pretty cool

  63. Asghar Khan says:

    Its mean fifa have nothing for 20 😆

  64. Sem Doeswijk says:

    this is just not even fifa

  65. Omie Ak says:

    Salah cover!

  66. Disconnected Roamer says:

    i only buy fifa for career mode

  67. Trifecta says:

    I can't believe nobody has defaced EA's building or at least thrown rocks into the windows.

  68. Spectrum Love says:

    #Top 20

  69. Yoli Valdez says:

    I Pay flfa in my ps4

  70. Vitinho Mitero says:

    Eu sou brasileiro vendo vídeos da EA SPORTS👏👏👏 TO DE PARABÉNS

  71. mohammad tavakoli says:

    If you want a real different you should wait nearly 5 year.

  72. Neilan Mendes says:

    Tá na hora do Flamengo voltar para o FIFA!

  73. Jack Sampron says:

    +6.2K disliked the video, and yet will buy it anyway when released

  74. Leonardo Campos says:

    Fifa Pinball 3.0 lixo!!!

  75. Ziggity Beaner70 says:

    It’s official I am not buying it

  76. Le Thanh Long says:

    Guys I'm new for this, pls a question: If I can freely select a player in OTW card list (that i have already purchased the Ultimate FIFA 20 version). I would want Hazard 🙂

    Thanks for your kind answer and guide, i'm new for this game type and dont know much about Ones To Watch or even FUT play mode.

  77. Le Thanh Long says:

    Guys I'm new for this, pls a question: If I can freely select a player in OTW card list (that i have already purchased the Ultimate FIFA 20 version). I would want Hazard 🙂

    Thanks for your kind answer and guide, i'm new for this game type and dont know much about Ones To Watch or even FUT play mode.

  78. Archange Buni says:

    When is FIFA 20 mobile coming out

  79. Emir Toker says:

    oleas do like nba 2k19 my park

  80. Emir Toker says:


  81. Dark Knight says:

    Arabic subtitles! Obviously EA don’t Care about Arabs! No go to servers no support! Do you really want us to stop playing FIFA!

  82. Riccardo Gentili says:

    19:11 FINALLY.

  83. thankyou bizimana says:


  84. SudoSociety says:

    Hey guys,
    I made my very own Fifa 20 REAL LIFE gameplay trailer, and i put a lot of hard work and effort into it. I would really appreciate it if you would check it out and give me chance, it would mean the world to me! 🙂

  85. Jess TH says:


  86. Charlie Clifton says:

    I love fifa 20 street was the best thing to happen to it

  87. Marco Marín says:

    subir media a julio furch yes

  88. TehMaca HOME of GAMING! says:

    Hey guys,
    I have just uploaded a new series on fifa 19 career mode called 'How would CELTIC do in the PREM?'
    im not trying to sponge off this guys subscribers as i know he posts awesome content im just simply trying to reach out to people that may
    enjoy my series and also can give me tips on how to improve. Check it out on my channel IF YOU WISH
    Much love

  89. rodrigo alves says:

    No FIFA 20 o Palmeiras ainda continua sem o mundial

  90. FBI USA says:

    Does anyone where in London is that cage?

  91. Oum 3imad says:

    1997 fifa street 2020 fifa 20 volta football

  92. David Emma says:

    Como venden humo.. yo ya lo probe y es una mierda

  93. Griffattax says:

    I got fifa 20

  94. EpicBrother777 says:

    Thes es the best game!!!

  95. hazy 2727 says:

    Why Volta football is not in the switch?????

  96. Mr Delaney says:

    Now we have FIFA for a while😂

  97. Pigs Can Fly says:

    13:15, patched right back in with 1.06, nice bait.

  98. fans says:

    what's the deal with airline food

  99. keziah waiganjo says:

    How do you download FIFA20 in a phone that has everything in the ps

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