Fix windows mail app is not syncing email or gmail accounts

Fix windows mail app is not syncing email or gmail accounts

Hi, Everyone! I am Mizu from this FixHow channel. in
this video I’m going to show you how to fix your Windows Mail app if Gmail
emails are not syncing or gmail on or syncing you can try this methods if if
you face other problems with Windows Mail apps. let’s get started first of all we need to check Windows
Firewall and security software setting go to control panel Windows Defender firewall click on allow
and app or features through windows defender firewall Lets find our Windows Mail
app you can see all all options are checked
make sure make sure the private and public option or checked lets open
our Windows Mail app you can see acounts are not syncing there are already two
accounts added at but no mails are showing let’s see how can we fix it. first we
checked our Windows Firewall if you are using if you using any third party
security software make sure you check those make sure make sure you turn on
the feature turn on the permission from this
third-party security software check your email accounts you need to also check
the mailbox settings. to do that open mail click on settings now click on
accounts there are the accounts option for syncing new content
and I can see every settings are okay all the permissions are on when the outgoing server and came coming
so we’re all set up I will say everything’s fine
let’s see let’s try the next steps How to fix sync permissions and reset windows mail app. Go to settings privacy. setting privacy we need to check the all permissions check all the email permissions are turned on now you can see that allow apps to
access your emails these permission are turned off
sometimes it turned off by default. I don’t know why but you must this need to
turn that turn that permission on to access your email now the all permissions are on. lets go to next step okay, now we need to go to app settings
click on apps and find your mail calendar app there it is click on mail and calendar. now
click on advanced option to reset you mail app check out these all permissions if are
turned on if any permissions are turned off then you should turn on. you can
skip the location permission if you want to now thare is the reset button click on
the reset button to reset your Windows Mail and Calendar app. its resetting. wait
for it yes, it’s done. now we can open our windows
mail and calendar app as you can see my accounts haven’t
deleted. Now if you if you if you haven’t added your accounts make sure to add your accounts from the add account option. I already added two accounts now go to inbox. you see all is working fine, every accounts are working fine. Now in your case, if allow apps to access your account already turned on and your your accounts are not
syncing in mail. make sure to remove first this account by clicking on accounts
by by pressing the removing this account erasing the delete account make sure to delete account then reset your Windows Mail app. in most of the cases these
methods works fine if you have any if you have any questions or if you have
any better method of course let me know thanks for watching.
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  2. neve van der poll says:

    Mine is still not working
    Says your gnail account settings are out of order and i did everything

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