Gift(禮物)- Do Your Parents Embarrass You? //


I didn’t like my father [Music] I think you’d think getting you [Music] it was poor and not successful despite working harder than all my friends fathers I didn’t think he was very smart [Music] hey it’s not for you [Music] [Music] I’ve never seen him as an inspiration for school I ask oh sorry I heard oh here’s your pocket money a bit of extra time to pay your taxes [Music] from you why are we not rich who says we are not rich being rich it’s not about how much you have how much you give somehow when you give you’ll be happier I wasn’t happy I didn’t want to be poor like my father when I grew up [Music] I knew I wanted to be more successful than my father [Music] call me when you need more money [Music] are you coming back for union dinner this year no I’m not coming home this year yeah a new job here maybe after New Year merci yeah I’m really busy okay bye thank you for coming mr. Lim I’ve always let us sing I’ve been donating money to the Community Chest there must be a mistake I’ll explain later there’s someone who’d like to meet you come with me thank you for coming mr. Li or your father has to address a lot about you your father he always makes us forget about problems it reminds us of our dreams and hopes but the kids here at the old missed him and he’s the only one who can bring a smile on their faces and I remember there’s this boy he was really depressed and he go to school basically has given our life your father he we do this by regularly this fire is not gonna to be a really useful person you finally retire comfortably which was to continue working so he can have even more people [Music] he was my selfless meant it’s just it it’s just that he didn’t tell anyone about sickness [Music] sylia I’ve been trying to reach you this is for you in recognition of your donations yes my name but I’d eventually it’s a dead kid he want you to know [Music] it’s from you it’s from me [Music] my father’s birthday celebrate his life as she would have wanted [Music] I could almost hear him say being rich is not about how much you have but about how much you can give [Music] you [Music]


  1. Dont understand why the father had to tell the son that the card was made for the handicapped boy, he could have just told the son it was for him and make another card for the boy

  2. Remember your parents folks ..
    All that they have done for you is a selfless thing .. Never ever forget them
    Take care of them when they are old

  3. Anak kayak gt harus nya di mancing buaya… Bapak nya UD tiada baru nyesal..saat bapak nya butuh pulang pun kagak….materi dan sifat dendam menguasai nya lupa akan manusiawi…

  4. 2.6K people disliked because perhaps they don't know the real meaning of life.
    Let's make the world more peaceful and spread love☮♥

  5. Please love your parents before they leave this world. Help them and don’t make fun of them to your friends or get embarrassed by them. Love them please.

  6. Tapi tetap dia anak durhaka … Buat apa mengetahui saat ayahnya sudah tiada … Bagaimana pun dia tetap durhaka sama ayahnya

  7. Great message, but it’s sort of making the audience an emotional hostage. Why did the father tell the son, “That’s not for you” when he saw the card saying he’ll be a great man one day? The way he said that would make any child feel bad. That was deceptive. It would’ve been better had the father actively included the son in the “giving life” he was leading. Yeah, the son had a negative attitude, but where is the footage of the father actively teaching the son those values? What gave him the negative attitude? How did the son go through his entire childhood with such a great man…and see no evidence that he was great? Something about the way this story was told leaves questions.

  8. Didnt like this story much…the father shoukd have given to his own son in tge same way he gave to others….it is not for you….sad…his son couldnt learn from an example he never got to see….sad

  9. And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon, when you coming home son, I don't know when, but we'll get together then dad, were gonna have a good time then. *Everyone reading this please call your parents more often, and 💞 them.

  10. I don't cry on that father son I cry on the father because he donate so many people but he is poor and look at that father son the father is sleeping and the son pooked his own father ahhh I hate him I like father hey father in the movie pls if you hear me are you still alive I'm in so so so cried I watch it 23 times

  11. Ok , tbh, My the teacher played this in my class and..

    The amazing thing is my teacher cried too.

  12. Questo è un vero uomo generoso buono pieno di comprensione niente per lui per dare ad altre persone. Purtroppo in questo mondo di oggi persone come lui li conti sulle dita. Per questa persona ci sarà sicuramente un posto in paradiso

  13. Rich it's just a word ,not a world …..parent's Love's are more precious in this world……luv u both my soul's…..😘….. nice video…..

  14. 😭😭😭😭 oh my…. What a wonderful lesson for me and for everyone.. it's really an inspiration story… God bless
    I cried literally 😭


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