Ginault Ocean Rover Review | Is This Rolex Homage Worth $1K+?


– How close can you get to a Rolex without buying a Rolex? Well, today we’re gonna
be testing that out as I take a look at the
Ginault Ocean Rover. Across the internet I’ve seen
this watch referred to as the best homage to a
Rolex or a super homage. If you’re not familiar with
what that is then essentially, this takes all its
design cues from a Rolex. In this case specifically,
the Military Submariner also known as the Mil Sub and it attempts to offer
that sort of aesthetic at the fraction of a cost
of buying a real one. With this Ginault being
quite a high end homage, coming in at a price of
just over 1,000 pounds. Which is actually a fraction
of the cost of going out and trying to buy a real Rolex Mil Sub. Where you’re talking 10s if not
100s of thousands of pounds. That being said, a watch
at this sort of price isn’t normally what I
cover on this channel. I am no luxury watch expert. I tend to focus on more low end watches that most people can afford. However, there’s two reasons I wanted to get this on the channel. The first one is the
transparency from the brand. Who’s emails were quite refreshing and they said stuff like this, “Hold it in your hands and
share it with your viewers “your honest opinion.” And, “as you mentioned, “the review should be honest and organic. “We would never ask
for a favourable review “if our reviewers felt otherwise. “In fact, if you think the watch is crap, “just say it is, no
need to sugar coat it.” And getting an email
like that from a brand is surprisingly rare when you’re doing this sort of thing on YouTube. Loads of brands will attempt
to script your own reviews which I think is ridiculous. So, it’s pretty cool to
see that sort of approach from a brand. And I thought it would be interesting to see what you get from a
watch at this sort of price because this is pretty
new territory for me. I couldn’t afford to buy
something like this myself. So, the brand have sent
me the watch for a review. They haven’t paid me any
money for this review. And at the time of recording
this video at least, they haven’t given me any affiliate code or anything like that. It’s up to you to make
your own mind up about if that’s influenced my opinion but I’m gonna try and keep
this as honest as possible. First things first, the watch arrived in this really nice box. I can’t tell if the coating
is real leather or not but overall it feels great and substantial and it has a velvet lining inside. Comes with a little extra tool as well. It includes an extra strap
and a cleaning cloth. As well as a pretty cool
movement accuracy report. So, overall the packaging,
that was a good start but let’s get into the watch. The model I’ve got here
is the Ginault 181875 with the date complication. I’ll wiz through some of the specs and then I’ll get into
my opinions of the watch. This one comes with flat
sapphire crystal with a cyclops, an aluminium insert blue
bezel with a golden index. Which is unidirectional and 120 click. The watch features gold
sand loom, as they call it. And it’s constructed using
360 nail stainless steel. It contains the Ginault 7275 movement which we’ll talk about later. And it has 300 metres of water resistance. The watch is apparently,
hand built in America. And this comes in a cost of $1,499. Although, you can sometimes apparently find discount codes for these watches. Let’s talk size first of all. This watch comes in at 40
millimetres in diameter not including the crown. And this version has a
depth of 12.5 millimetres or 13.5 millimetres including the cyclops. And it has a lug to lug size
of just over 47 millimetres. What does all that mean? It means that this watch has great size and proportions for loads of guys. This will work with a
variety of wrist sizes and it’s one of the reasons
this design is as a whole is so popular. I’ve got skinny six and
a quarter inch wrists and even on my wrists I would
say it looks pretty decent. In an ideal world, for my wrists, I wish it was maybe a 38 millimetre but I think for most of
you watching this video this size is gonna be great. I also think loads of
you will be comfortable with the bracelet which features a fantastic glide lock style clasp. Which I believe is taken from one of the more recent Rolex watches. And Ginault have done a really
good job of replicating this as this one performs really nicely. Essentially, you unclip the end and then you can quickly adjust
the length of the bracelet and this is definitely the best type of bracelet I’ve come across. And it makes the watch very comfortable and you can always expand
this slightly if you need to like during the day. The links themselves are all solid steel and they feel great quality
without feeling too heavy. Overall, I can tell straight away that this is great quality. Whether it’s as good as a Rolex? I’m not sure. But the brushing and
polishing on this section as well as the case, which
we’ll get into in a minute, it’s all very well done. And the case itself really
falls in line with that. The polishing once more, is very accurate and what I’d expect from a
watch at this sort of price. Which does leave the watch
looking very premium. It does have a basic screw down case back which whilst is accurate
to one of the Rolex models, I just find this a bit boring. It is quite plain but it
does contribute towards this having 300 metres
of water resistance. Which is obviously great
if you actually wanted to go swimming in this. To go along with that, the
crown is also screw down. And I really like this and
I think it’s really grippy. Very easy to use but it’s not too loose or anything like that. You can use this to set
the date and time and such. And it has the Ginault logo on it as well. Initially, I had a bit
of trouble with the bezel as I found it to be very
difficult to turn at first. I don’t know whether
this was just my watch or this is how they’re supposed to be. But after a couple of months it did start to loosen up a bit more. And now it does feel great to turn. Very satisfying to use. I initially thought that
the grip on the bezel wasn’t good enough, however, now that it’s loosened up a bit I find that level of grip
to be perfectly adequate. And the colour choice here,
for this model in particular, is fantastic which we’ll talk
about in the design section. There’s definitely been some
controversy about the movement used inside this watch. This is an automatic movement which is labelled as Ginault a 7275. However, many people suspect
this to just be a clone of an ETA movement which is automatic. It hacks and harmonises and all that stuff if
you’re bothered about that. Personally, when it comes to watches I’m not really someone that cares too much about what movement is
technically inside the watch. As long as functionally it performs well and it has done for me. If you want to see detailed
stats about the accuracy of this movement over
certain time periods, then there are many channels
that you can view that on. Next, let’s have a look
at the glass itself. Now, this glass is sapphire which you would hope and
expect at this price. That means that it’s gonna be very resistant against scratches. You will notice that this does reflect the light quite a lot. I think that’s because this
watch hasn’t been treated with any sort of anti reflective coating. I’m pretty sure I remember
them saying that this was some sort of design
choice to be more accurate towards what a retro Rolex
would have been like. However, for this model with the cyclops it’s only really resulted in the cyclops becoming almost unreadable at times. It reflects the light so badly that I would go as far as to say, I would not recommend going
for this version of the watch. I would personally recommend
the no date version which also comes with a domed crystal. Now obviously, if you’re gonna get a watch you’ve gotta like how it looks. Now, the design of this
Ginault is far from original. It’s not really unique but it is proven. I think they’ve done a
great job with this one. The design again, a bit
like the overall theme of the watch is kind of like
a greatest hits of Rolex. So you’ll see hints of various types of them inside this watch. My favourite parts are the indices. I think they really stand out. That gold sands colour looks great. And the depth to them as well. They look super high quality. I think that the hands as
well are a really nice choice and go along with the theme
that this is going for. And to be fair, aesthetically, I think this looks as good as a Rolex. Aside from, obviously, the fact that it doesn’t have Rolex on the dial. There are a couple of nitpicks
that I’ve got with this one. The main one being the amount of text on the bottom half of the dial. They’ve seemingly got a
whole paragraph beneath here. I would have just
preferred maybe two lines and that would have killed it for me. And whilst I do love colour
and the design of the bezel, I find it to be an absolute
fingerprint magnet. The most of any watch that I’ve probably reviewed on my channel. If you plan on using
this watch in the dark the loom is fantastic. My terrible loom shot here
probably doesn’t do it justice. I struggled to get the area dark enough but it really stands out. And you’ll easily be
able to tell the time. So overall, from my perspective as someone that mainly
covers more budget watches, it is very clear that this is an exceptionally high quality watch. However, is it worth a thousand pound? If it were me personally, for this watch, I could maybe justify spending
about 600, 700 pounds. Although I’m sure this
performs fantastically well over many years, I think
that the fact that this is just a homage watch. It’s obviously not a Rolex. I’m not sure that there
would be that many people that would be willing to
spend over a thousand pounds on a homage watch that hasn’t
got an original design. I think if you did buy one of these, it’s a great functional divers watch. It looks great with a variety of outfits. And I would not be
surprised at all if this was the best homage watch that you
can buy to a Rolex Submariner because this is pretty
much as good a quality as anything I’ve seen on anyone’s wrist. And I guess, if you wanted the
Mil Sub design specifically but didn’t want to spend
the 10s or 100s of thousands to get ahold of a real one, this could well be the next best thing. Though I know at that sort of price range maybe about two times more than the cost of this one you can
get some Tudor watches. If I was in the market for a
watch at this sort of price, that had this sort of design, maybe I would go for one of them instead. Let me know what you think
in the comment section below. Could you ever justify
spending a thousand on a watch? Personally, I probably couldn’t but I’ve heard in the
rumour mill that Ginault may be bringing out some of
their own exclusive designs. Now, something like that. If they look as good as this one, that might be worth more money. To me at least. If you like the video,
press the like button. Subscribe for more
videos just like this one and I’ll see you in the next one boys.


  1. First like and first comment, this allmoust never happens, I like the idea that you can get the same sort of design of high end watch but it is not that expensive, this is a cool way for ordenary man to get something beatifull.

  2. I have the Steinhart Ocean One, 42 mm with ceramic bezel, ETA 2824-2 movement and at 400 euro, I think it's a better price/quality watch.

  3. Oh, really Ben? I have a completely different experience related to watches sending for review. In 9 out of 10 cases, the watch brand gives a free hand and doesn't even require the authorization of the review. The last brand receives a refusal from me… 😉 So I haven't heard about sponsored videos with script, but maybe I'm too ignorant. Anyway – great, honest review. Greetings from Poland! 🙂

  4. I'm very pleased for you that you were given this to review, but I wouldn't spend over £50 on any watch nowadays.

  5. Personally I would get a NOMOS watch at that price point or save up for a Tudor. But its at an interesting price point, no too much competition in the 1000-1500 dollar range

  6. Homage watches can be divisive but I say wear what you can afford, and then wear what you like. I recommend looking into Phoibos watches, most of their timepieces are original divers at such a crazy deal.

  7. Why would you spend $1500 on a rolex clone, theres tons of original high end watches at that price. If you get this, you might as well buy a $150 replica

  8. Can you do a review of the Invicta Pro Diver? It's also an automatic watch, which tends to go as low as 70$. I think that watch is just the best. It's just very versatile, it looks like a solid piece and it's just a lot of watch for the money. I know some people hate Invicta, but l just feel like the Pro Diver is really the one major watch to be a reason alone why brands like MVMT suck absolute balls.

  9. i think ginault should add more original twists on their watches, id actually consider buying it. they seem to have the know how to make good quality stuff. but a homage that close to the original will always just be a clone in my eyes

  10. Nah I'd buy a high end fake Rolex or a phoibos and even an invicta. The invicta I got was 99% perfect I got so lucky and I love it. I just got a phoibos last month and I love it it's perfect too. Might buy one of those $600 submariner replicas.

  11. You got to give this watch credit. The bracelet is 100 levels above any other homage sub, also the fact that the company said say it’s crap if it’s crap. You don’t hear many, if not any company’s say that.

  12. This is a foggy question when Rolex have ripped off earlier watch companies and ridden on their success . Blancpain seiko lots of others . Rolex was the genuine house of spies , its nice to see the smaller brands breaking through , heres to the underdogs 👍

  13. I own the no date version of the Ginault and love it. I like the vintage subbies it is styled after. And you just cant mess with the quality.

  14. I say the Steinhart OVM 39 is closer to a Rolex Mil Sub at $500 USD. However, this brand doesn’t get much trash talk from Rolex fan boys (most keyboard fans don’t own Rolex) for some reason. Rolex homages are frowned upon, but not this brand for whatever reason. If I could find a old beat to crap 5513. I would have a watchmaker swap out the hands for some Omega Planet Ocean sword hands, and get an aftermarket full graduated bezel. It would be a keeper and the perfect homage w/out spending $150,000.00 USD

  15. Excellent review! Not sure whether its worth in excess of twice the price of a Steinhart Ocean 1 but a great piece nonetheless.

  16. Beautiful and great looking. But….. uses a cheap Chinese clone movement. Should be no more than $500. Also when they say hand made in America they mean assembled.

  17. $1300 for that piece of shit?
    Girl- "Hey, is that a Rolex"?
    You- "No its a Ginault"
    Girl- "Oh, so you are one of those douchebags who wear fake Rolexes. you aint get any pussy tonite you broke ass loser".
    You- "but but but … its just like a rolex".
    Girl- "That old sock is like a pussy. go fuck that instead."

  18. A fantastic watch in general, but I think it is about 30% too expensive. Love the dial and bracelet, but not so sure about the quality of the movement which is supposedly a "clone" of ETA 2824, but my watch maker tells me that clone was made in China and I believe him because the movements became unreliable after few month. Horrible customer service and warranty. I sent my two watches back to them to re-regulate them, but they haven't done that in 3 month. when I contacted them what happened, Ginault just stop communicating with me. And the company provide no customer service phone #, so no way of contacting them. Sold my two watches immediately due to bad taste of the company.
    Thanks for a wonderful review. keep it coming.

  19. I've been interested in this since watching this video, I'd love to purchase one. Do you have a discount code Ben? It's £1200 at the moment and I'd like to get it down if possible lol.

    Thanks. Very good video.

  20. I'm not at watch enthusiast, therefore I don't quite know when a brand is good or not. Just famous or not. Therefore, what do you guys think about Calvin Klein, Fossil and Swatch watches? Also, what's the best budget (about $100 but it's fine under $200) thin watch. Like as slim as possible (straps as well), also not with leather. And yes, I do care about aesthetics (just personal opinion).

  21. I just pulled the trigger on the pre-order for the MkII of this watch…seems like they made some significant upgrades including a Sellita SW200-1 movement.

  22. This is a bullshit watch because the bezel is not ceramic. I can get a 904L sub replica for 550$ taht looks better than this

  23. Instead of producing a 1500 Dollar Clone, why not using the Sub as a base and improve some features?
    Slightly domed Sapphire with AR (instead of the flat reflecting one)
    See through Caseback with a nice movement instead of that Rolex Type Steel Caseback
    A datewindow without the ugly magnifying window
    A case with narrow lugs instead if the much too wide lugs of the current models
    No booklet of text on the dial
    Applied brand text instead of printing (Seiko does that with their 80 Dollar Seiko 5 models)
    Possibly apply some design changes to make the watch more unique

    Leave the great bracelet, a ceramic bezel and you end up with a better than Rolex diver for probably under 2000 Dollar

  24. $1000 for some unknown movment that hasn't proved itself with many years of service. If it was made in China this watch would sell for $299 max. Its $1000 because of the usa salaries. No thanks!

  25. This watch was made by a large counterfeit Rolex maker. Buying this watch is supporting counterfeits and illegal activities.

  26. Ginault – makes a very good copy of the Rolex Submariner 5 Digits. In fact before Ginault were Ginault, they/he was known as TC.
    TC – made some of the best replica/counterfeit watches. More info about this here:

  27. Now that Ginault has been exposed as Chinese "Rolex counterfeiter turned homage maker", what are your thoughts on the brand? Everything about it is a fake, even the "Charles Ginault" persona is fake.

  28. Proof that this is a rebranded counterfeited Rolex

  29. What about this on Ginault?

  30. I wouldn't want to be affiliated with "Ginault" if I were you. It seems that "Ginault" is founded by Tsung Chi who is a known counterfeiter of Rolex watches in the past. So "hand-built in America" is actually built in China/Asia by people who counterfeit Rolex watches. Yikes! Disgusting.

  31. A day or so ago, an article released, which might be worth a look before purchasing a Ginault (some serious alleged claims against this brand):

  32. I bought one, it is a great watch. Looks like a Rolex Submariner from the 1980's – at about 10% to 15% the price of a Rolex Submariner. Nice watch!

  33. It feels like you watched someone else’s video on the watch and didn’t understand it. Then attempted to regurgitate the information.

  34. dont be an idiot and buy a cheap knock off ginault. there is much better brands out there like Steinhart thats well worth your money.

  35. Needs a Rolex dial then I'd buy. Fvck Rolex, lol.. When fabrication tech gets better Rolex well be worth nothing anyway.

  36. This watch appeals to poor people like me who have dreamed since they were 12 years old of have a Rolex. Like the Pontiac fiero appealed to, well, some people who always dreamed of having a Ferrari and never will.


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