GoDaddy Office 365 Email Setup in Outlook 2016 (Mac) | GoDaddy

GoDaddy Office 365 Email Setup in Outlook 2016 (Mac) | GoDaddy

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn how to set up your GoDaddy office 365 email account in the MS Outlook 2016 application. The instructions in this video are specific to the email client, MS Outlook 2016 for Mac computers. If you’re using a Windows computer, a different version of MS Outlook, or another desktop email client, please watch the video specific to your operating system, version, and application. If you’re not sure which version of MS Outlook you’re using, visit the Microsoft website noted in the Description field below this video. You can always access your new GoDaddy Office 365 email account through any internet-connected browser, by logging into your webmail account. However, if you want to use your new email account with the desktop client, MS Outlook 2016, there are a few setup steps you’ll need to do. Let’s get started! Open MS Outlook 2016. [series of clicks] In MS Outlook, select the Tools tab [click] and click Accounts [click]. In the Accounts dialog box, click the plus sign in the bottom left corner [click] , and select Exchange [click]. [click] Enter [typing] the email address for your
GoDaddy Office 365 account. Under Authentication, leave the Method field set to User Name and Password. Next, [click] click in the User name field, and type [typing] your email address once more. Enter the password [typing] for your GoDaddy Office 365 email account. The Configure automatically option is selected by default. Leave this setting as-is and click Add Account to start the configuration process [click]. Select the option [click] Always use my response for this server. To enable the auto discovery tool, click Allow [click]. When the configuration process is complete, your new Office 365 email account will display in the window to the left. To exit the setup box, click Close. [click] You can also see your new account under Inbox in the mailbox view. That’s it! You can now use your GoDaddy
Office 365 email account with MS Outlook 2016.

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