1. eveny119 says:

    Do you have part 2 ?

  2. Robert Reynolds says:

    Thanks for posting your videos. Could you please upload part 2 of Going Postal?

  3. Darren Fulton says:

    love these movies and the books. can't wait to see good omens and the city watch series BBC is producing!!!

  4. trebor pohsib says:

    This just sucks!! You can watch series 2 but can"t get series 1 or 3? Then next time you get series 1 then every other series
    is lost. The next time you search, you can find nothing, as if it never existed????

  5. Natalie Yorke says:

    i love this movie so much .

  6. Katerina Alamenou says:

    Einfach, perfekt!!!!

  7. Natalie Yorke says:

    the Costuming is excellent!

  8. robyn jones says:

    Where is part 2?

  9. Alice Willoughby says:

    Does this come in DVD form? Can it be bought in the few DVD stores that still exist?
    This is quite good. I don't know if it quite does justice to the book, but it comes close. I'm pausing at 26:22 to write this and so far the two things that have surprised me are that they are portraying Vetinari as more-or-less a ginger (Whaaaat???) and that Mr. Groat seems much cleaner and more kempt than I had pictured him. These are small details, though. I'm enjoying seeing the story brought to life!
    51:13 – Why isn't Otto wearng a broad-brimmed hat to protect him from the sun???
    1:00:38 – Interesting that they're having Stanley come up with the idea of perforations(sp?) rather than Moist. I guess they felt he needed to contribute a bit more.
    Wow! Moist certainly didn't take Adora Belle with him on his mad ride to Sto Lat in the book!!!
    WOW!!! And so, indirectly, Moist is even responsible for Adora Belle's smoking habit! And if she ever gets cancer…
    They've made some definite changes but the spirit of the book is intact. I really like this, and I hope I can get Part 2! (I have seen what a few other people have said about that.)
    Last note: I'm used to thinking of David Suchet as Hercule Poirot. It's fun to see him in such a wildly different role!

  10. Carsten Kruse says:

    @36:39 funny the golem speaks of banks when in the discworld series Mr lipwig hasn't invented banking until the book "Making money"

  11. Ruby Kapture says:

    Aarrgh! Where is part two?

  12. halo3odst says:

    Part 2?

  13. 524sbth says:

    This film is really good!!

  14. ballinda keuning says:

    Thank you soo very much for posting this.

  15. David Hirst says:

    Find part 2 on Tubi

  16. Red Eye says:

    10:00 Is that a Monty Python reference?

  17. Suleman ibn Moosa says:

    Incredible author, Awesome book, awesome adaptation!

  18. Michael McFarland says:

    Any info on the Wolf Lady …?

  19. Céline says:

    Fantastic movie. Thanks for the upload 🙂

  20. Linda/Lidel Steini says:

    50:40 that is adorable

  21. Linda/Lidel Steini says:

    They NAILED the casting, the characters look amazing! But the writing really doesn't do them justice – but I mean good luck trying to do that anyway with Pratchett Characters

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