Heroes and Generals Ping Fix (300 to 60)

Heroes and Generals Ping Fix (300 to 60)

My ping : 260 huhuhu Now follow my steps Go to vpngate.net My location is Viet Nam.. So i will find Vietnam VPN server to connect… Oh here…. good ping , good speed 😀 Click Open VPN Config File then click how to install…. now chose your OS Click download OpenVPN i’m already installed so i click cancel Now download VPN file to connect Cut and paste it to config folder Now open Click Connect Open H&G and enjoy ! 😀 Match found : 5:59′ My ping : 68 heheheheh , thanks for watching !


  1. TheDeathHalt says:

    What do I️ do with auth-failure It doesn’t load the thing correctly

  2. This is a cat. says:

    thx mate my ping is 1 now 😀

  3. Павел Иванов says:


  4. 4000PingGamer says:

    this is to sketch

  5. Soysaber says:

    its says warning when i connect to it

  6. Abob says:

    This can be very useful

  7. Nico van der walt says:

    Did everything as above but still have bad ping. I am in America :-{{{{

  8. Hitler Germany says:

    it says when i click at connect ''Fri Sep 21 22:58:36 2018 WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled. See http''

  9. Hitler Germany says:

    please help me 🙁 i did everything step by step

  10. Gustavo H Gomes says:

    Ping in Brazil server is 0. #sad

  11. Joseph Goebbels says:

    thats cool
    but i am from turkey so turkey internet not too well so should i choose France or Germany server? will it be worst or better?

  12. ScarFace Mad says:


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