Homam Telugu Full Movie || Jagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohandas, Madhurima Tuli || JD Chakravarthy

Homam Telugu Full Movie || Jagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohandas, Madhurima Tuli || JD Chakravarthy

His name is Mallikarjun,
his father is Machiraju, a dreaded criminal, his mother wishes him to become
a police officer unlike his criminal father, Name of anything or place
or man is known as noun. Mother, l got admission
in police academy. Greetings brother Dass. His name is Chandu. His father is Narender,
a professional killer, police eliminated Narender
in an encounter, since then Chandu is living
picking up rags. When did you come from Tirupathi?
– Today morning. Brother, a special dosa. Did you tell my inquiries to Venkat?
– Venkat? Oh Lord Venkateshwara!
l did. ls my dosa ready? How’s your business going on? Just now opened newly,
it’ll take time to pick up. Boy, get me the chutney. He’s Vishwanath, a sincere and
dedicated police officer, Sir, go straight and turn left,
Daddy alias Jawahar is in the fourth house. What’s it Chandu? l must meet Daddy immediately. Dass, allow him in. Daddy, police are coming for you. Oh sorry! l forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jawahar Lal,
but l’m not a great man like him. A criminal to the core. People fondly call me as Daddy. Sir, we found nothing. l’ll ask you a stupid question
but l know you’ll not answer it. But still l’ll ask you. According to my information,
drugs and weapons must be here. Where are they? As soon as l knew you were coming, taking heavy loss into my stride,
l burnt it all. Behind unseen truth
you’ll find truth hiding. l make very good soups,
want to taste it? Can you tell me how many files
are there on this table? Sir, on left side, 3 blue files, 4 green files
on right, 4 brown files, two blue files. What’s your opinion about me? l think you would’ve come
to office in haste, that’s why you’re wearing
two different socks. Sir, we are getting licked
by paying bribes to police. We could’ve got licked up by getting
information about Vishwanath’s raid. That’s why we need ‘our man’
in every place, Jawahar. Like Chandu. What’s your father’s name? My mother’s name is
Alamelu Mangathayaru, sir. l asked about your father’s name. My mother’s name is
Alamelu Mangathayaru, sir. Does your mother atleast
know your father’s name? Ask me anything, l’ll give. l love guns. Do you want to join police force? l’ll join.
– Why? l hate police. They killed my father. You wantonly didn’t give information
about your criminal father. Moreover you misbehaved
with a senior officer. So you’re unfit to join police. l don’t mind if you don’t
become a police officer, but for god sake don’t become
a criminal like your father. Sir, l’m not a criminal,
l want to become a police officer. Who said you’re not a police officer? You’re a police officer
but secret police service. But keep it a secret. You’ll be a good police officer. iDream Malli, this is morse code machine. You’ll find numbers for
alphabets A to Z and 1 to 9, we use it as codes. For example, dit once and dots twice,
and dash once means you need help. You can carry it on body
and operate it, you got me? Sir, let’s meet in market. Chandu who joined police
from dust bins. lf anyone wants to see his name in paper,
he must pick up a fight with me. lf he picks up, his name
will appear on headlines. Got me? Dirty dungeons…l hate it. Subba Raju, get the slum next
to us cleared immediately. Why? You want to build
something there? No, l don’t like a slum
next to my place. Why? You too came
from such a slum only. That’s why l don’t like it. l used to watch this building from there
and dreamed about living here. l killed the owner of this building
and took it from him. Suppose if any kid there
has dreams like me… Then it’ll be danger to my life. You mustjoin Daddy’s gang,
this is your last assignment. Operation name is Homam. Raju, land mafia mediator. Malli, yourjob is to give information
about Daddy, not to kill him. Ranjit Brothers, Chota Pandit gang. Get up! Malli, you know Manik is mad. You go to the deal this time. Bye, Anand get the money. Manik, take out the goods. l’ve decided not to give
the goods this time. Joke? Gone crazy?
– No. Not one of you will live. Only if l leave you. No Manik, you’re doing a big mistake.
No Manik. No Manik.
– Shut up! What? What man? Lie down!
Lie down l say! Lie down! Take out your guns, come on! You’re finished. Take the goods fast. Don’t do it brother! Shall l kill you? Kill me! Else you’ll die. Kill him! iDream Get up…get up l say… Throw your guns down! Throw your guns down! No smart ass moves please. Throw your guns down!
Come on do it! Throw it! Throw it or else… Throw it or else l’ll kill him. He’ll not die, do you know why? Why? Sathi, come.
– l can’t come, Malli. Come l say.
– l can’t move. You’re coming. Get in…get in. Did you get the money, Goud?
– l forgot, Malli. l’ll come back in a minute.
– You come, Malli. Send ambulance to
Topaz buildings immediately. Listen to me sir,
l’m sure we’ll win the case. l like only winning. Listen to me sir, we’ll surely win. Send Rs.10 lakhs to the families of
all our men who died in action. As you say. My hotels have a reputation, don’t tell me
who prepared this soup, fire him immediately, or else l’ll fire you. Go. What’s your name? Sathi, you got a bullet injury, right? Do you also want compensation?
– No need, Daddy. Give me just Rs.5 lakhs,
l’ll manage with it. But Mallanna deserves double. Why? Neither we nor money would’ve come out
if not for Mallanna, isn’t it Goud? That’s why l always send
Malli for every deal. What’s tomato in English? Such a long name? You all know this is a new unit. But he’s a very intelligent player. He deals with money, drugs
and delivery in different places. He’s Daddy alias Jawahar Lal, He’s Subba Raju,
Charted Accountant, Daddy trusts him. He’s Malli,
Daddy’s most trusted man. He’s Goud,
Daddy’s right hand man. He’s Potti Sathi,
a talented criminal. Even if three officers among
you work sincerely, we can dismantle criminal
empires like Daddy’s. Sir, they may not understand
if you tell them so coolly. Do your duty sincerely
atleast for sometime, or else l’ll take you all to task. No sir…they’ll understand
tough language only. Don’t show your frustration on them. What have you done about the tip
about Pakistani lSl agents? Chandu is handling the case. Chandu? He’s a wrong choice. He’s not the right man
to take up this case. Where’s Chandu? 50 people died in the bomb you planted
at an eatery Chat Bhandar. l’ll turn approver in the court. iDream Sir, Bilal’s case is closed. Yes Daddy. Yourjob is going great guns.
– Why? lf you kill people,
you’ll get promotion. How did you get the
information so fast? lf we kill anyone,
you’ll hang us to death. This time you’ll surely get promoted. Tell Malli that l too wished him. How’s your mother’s health now? l’m going to hospital sir. Greetings Mallanna, happy birthday! Mother is very happy since morning. She’s distributing sweets. Mother! Did you visit a temple atleast today?
– Yes. You’ve started lying well.
– Yes. How’s your health?
– l feel better. You too are lying very well. Why are you in the general ward? Why can’t you shift into a room here? All l want is you take to the right path,
l may not need any hospital at all. Why are you so dull? Have it. Have it. Greetings sir…
signal problem here… l’ll be back in a minute Malli. Sir, give me a pack of
bubble gum and condoms. We don’t sell it here. Where will l get it sir?
– l don’t know. l’m sure the girl knows. She gave a flying kiss
to the short man, l’m sure she’ll definitely know
where l can get it. Please, don’t talk indecently. lndecent? Government spends millions to popularize
use of condoms and safe sex, don’t know about it sir? lf known she wouldn’t have been born. That girl is sister to you. Yes, brother make me
a mother type of girl. Stop! What happened, Malli? They were talking indecently,
Mallanna bashed them up. Come, let’s go to a hospital.
Let’s go Malli. Tell me Goud. l’ll come. l’ll call you later. Tell me. Hey Mister!
Can’t you hear me? Can’t you understand
if l tell you once? Okay, shut up,
you said it once, right? Hey, there’s mad girl here… Get up! Get out! Do whatever you can,
l refuse to leave… iDream Do throw tantrums saying
you’re a goon…l don’t care… Your round small face doesn’t
suit for short temper… Don’t stare at me with
your prickly eyes… When you shut your mouth,
your lips are fantastic… You’re thick skinned and
nothing works on you… Though God gave you beauty,
he forgot to give you brain… l’ll not waste my time
for a street goon, get out! lt seems you cut Goud’s call,
he wants to talk to you urgently. Use of cell phones is banned here. Go. You go out,
he wants to talk on phone. l’m telling you. l’m telling you. Sathi, go out. l got it. Brother is stumped,
call back later. You took the risk for Shabnam. Not for Shabnam but for you. How is it?
– Okay. Just okay? Superb!
– Superb? Not the bandage but the girl
who bandaged you. Aren’t you fully tripped over her? My heart is mad about your love… iDream iDream How dare you kiss me! Shall l kiss your lips? Shall l slap you for
saying that again? Stake a bet of one kiss for a slap… Shall l book you under goons act
and get you lynched? Say something else but
kiss me before leaving… lf you act like mad,
l’ll pinch you to death… iDream Get lost man! My dear daughter Sathya! What are you doing in a traffic jam? Come here…come here… Jagan! Ask the driver,
where are we now? lt appears like Hindi,
what’s that language? lt’s not a language but commotion. He’s a useless lawyer and
l’m his ineffective secretary. The language he speaks is not Hindi,
it has no meaning. He confuses judges with
his Hindi and win the cases. Fate! He fell into good times and
bought plots and flats. He’s shifting into a new flat. Jagan, ask the driver
which area is this. Don’t know what he blabbers,
his bier and my obsequies. There’s no traffic jams
in Mumbai like this. Vehicles come, go, crisscross… Blood comes out as sweat. You sweat too much. No son…catch it. You know Hindi? Don’t you know Hindi? Don’t know Hindi?
Bloody idiots! What are you looking at?
Come to me. Study Hindi, write Hindi. Want to learn Hindi, right?
What? Traffic jam is on the other side,
why did we stop sir? What can l say? Though my boss is useless lawyer,
his daughter is a good social worker. She’s clearing the traffic.
– Jagan, let’s go. Bloody fool! You’re always like this.
– lt’s almost cleared, one minute. Why should we be indifferent? We may also get held up
in some traffic jam. iDream Arshad Hi! Where are you? Following Daddy.
l’m in Khairtabad. Vishwanath told me to follow
wherever Daddy goes. Daddy, a white Sumo is following you,
it belongs to a police officer. Okay. Long term investment is paying dividends.
– You mean? Chandu called,
police are following us. Take the car…very slowly. Rev up the speed now! Park it on the left side. Take reverse…come… Go forward now. You didn’t worry even on killing
the Home Minister, why are you so scared
if an officer is on your tail? l’m not scared to run away
but making him follow us like dog. l don’t enjoy killing
or order killings, l love to make him
follow me for sometime. Got me? lt has no money involved
so you won’t understand easily. Open the door…open the door. What are you doing inside the lift? Greetings sir. New residents?
– Yes sir, the flat opposite to yours. Open the door. Where are you going? To close the lift door.
– Someone else will do it. Why can’t that someone else be me? You? Do you know me?
– l saw you near the lift. l’m your new neighbour. We’ve not yet unpacked,
so l’ve come for cup of sugar. lf l had cup l would’ve
asked just sugar. lt has healed, fine. When l’ve to come again? Why hasn’t it healed yet?
– l don’t know. lt should heal with every passing day,
but it’s getting worse. l don’t know. Shut up! lsn’t it?
– l don’t know. From today l’ll handle your case. You’ll feel uneasiness for 2 or 3 days. l do feel uneasy. Won’t you knock the door? lt’s open here too. Do you always be in your undies? No, l do wear clothes sometimes. What again?
– No, just taking chances. No, this chance is once
in a week only. Why are you following me? Have you gone mad? Go away or else l’ll call the police. Don’t know what do they
think of themselves? l’ll call the police. Only you matter me not the police. Whatever it is,
l like you very much. Girl, l know Hindi too! Girl, l know English too! So, are you an educated goon? The impression l had on you
is totally lost now. Girl, have cup of coffee with me,
l’ll believe you don’t like me. Look… l should’ve gone, why is he leaving? Hey!
– What? Why are you leaving? You’d coffee, didn’t you?
lt’s proved you don’t like me. Pay the bill. Where are you going?
– To clear the traffic. Why are you going to clear the traffic? What if everyone thinks why should l?
– Everyone… Why did you come now? l’ve proved that l don’t like you. You proved you don’t like me,
it doesn’t mean you hate me, right? Hate, l hate you to the core. You’re doing too much. lt’s my mistake to talk to you.
He wants me to prove. Prove you hate me,
l’ll never show up again in your life. Look Malli… l should’ve gone,
why is he leaving first always? Hey!
– What? Why are you leaving again? You came to watch a film with me,
it’s proved you hate me. l’ll not show my face again. He’s a good man. What? l’ll think over it and
reply you tomorrow. What happened?
Why are you so serious? His father is the Chief surgeon here,
he wants me to come to coffee day everyday. otherwise he threatens to get
my internship cancelled. Hi Sathya. Come if you’re going home.
l’ll drop you there. Who are you? lt’s me. Don’t you recognize me? l don’t know who you are. l’m seeing you for the first time. Stop it & get into the car. Won’t you guys say something? Who are you, man?
What do you want? Don’t you really know who l am? Who are you? l’m your neighbour Chandu. l couldn’t recognize you.
– You couldn’t recognize me. l used to see you
wearing an underwear. l’m shocked to see
you properly dressed. Actually, you look good
when neatly dressed. You said you had
a problem yesterday. But today, l see you smiling. Yesterday, he invited me to
the party to tease his girl friend. Moreover, god came in
his dream last night… Do you want her to
come to Coffee day? Don’t you need her in discotheque? l’m sorry.
You look like god. From today onwards,
Mahalakshmi is like my sister. God told him to treat me
as his sister. Brother-in-law…
– As you say, brother-in-law. At times we misjudge people. We don’t understand them. iDream O men! Your words mean
different things… Your intentions behind the words
you say are quite different… You never express your
love straightforward… Why do you hesitate and
prolong the inevitable? Won’t women know
what’s in our hearts? iDream Men say a woman’s word
means different things… Men behave differently
when together & when alone… You made my night sleepless… Why don’t you straight away ask me… lnstead of beating around the bush… iDream Why roam around? Why meeting secretly?
Why this love act? Neither can women accept their
love nor can they disagree. Want to keep distance
far and away… Want to be near to be very close… Why don’t we both express
our love to each other? Actually, the case is about… Which means that we’ll
first know about Persis. And later about Jimta. He was born in South Africa. He had 7 brothers…without father. How is that possible? Their father died after their birth. 5 sisters. No, with mother. His 5th sister came to lndia. When she arrived at Mumbai airport, our police mistook the chocolates
for drugs and arrested her. After getting arrested, she distributed
those chocolates to police saying it’s not drugs. Everyone felt giddy. So, they confirmed that those
chocolates were drugs. So, a case was filed against her. lf they feel giddy,
it is confirmed that they are drugs. Persis means drugs. What you meant was…
– l’m coming. She called you not me.
– l won’t go. Shall l go?
– No. Go out.
– Okay. Persis means that police arrested
her for carrying drugs. We have to get her released. His elder brother was
working in airport. Putting patches to the flights. His father owns a post office
and a jewellery shop. You said he was dead.
– This is his step father. His elder sister went to
jewellery shop to buy vegetables. Why would someone go to
jewellery shop to buy vegetables? To take money from her father. He understood.
– l also understood. Persis means that police arrested
her for being a drug addict. We have to get her released. iDream What he means is…
– No, thanks. For a word called Persis,
you narrated such a big story. Jimta is still unexplained. lf you try to explain what he said now,
l’ll be dead by that time. He just thanked you for
taking up his case. Did he say just thanks now? Everytime you say
it’s my last assignment. Still how long? This is the last assignment. Daddy tells me not to trust policemen. You are a policeman too, aren’t you? l forgot that. Malli, l understand your pain…
– You can’t understand my pain. l’m a police. But l had flee on seeing one.
l’m a goon. l’m scared that l might
end up like Daddy. Actually, we’re getting very
close to catch Daddy. According to an information,
there is going to be a deal tonight. Dealers are coming there. lf you back out now, it might take another 10 years
to make one like you. lt’s up to you now. l don’t know.
l won’t tell you even if l know. lt’s your wish. Gowliguda Krishnagunj Market. What are you looking at? To meet your girl friend
Dr. Mahalakshmi on time. How do you know about her? l had to call you on urgent mission. ln the opposite building, Daddy is going to have a
deal with Mumbai dealers. You know Daddy’s style. Drugs, deal & delivery are
dealt at different places. But this time, we still don’t know
where the drugs will be delivered. But the deal will take place
in the opposite building. Tap the phone and other
means of communication. No more errors this time. l’ll be coming late to dinner.
You finish it off. l’ve started my dinner. l can’t stop it now.
l will finish it. lt’ll be fine if you finish
your dinner there itself. One should never get
married in life. Get me the bottle. Sir, all the cell phones in this area
are under our surveillance. Boys, Daddy is coming.
Be alert. Keep your cell phones here. Where is Sathya?
– You told him to be in the car. You also be in the car. l’ll call you. What is the wireless channel number? Had there been any phone calls from
Daddy or from his mobiles?- No sir. They might have changed
the cell phones. Check all the mobiles in this area. 3121 phones are active
in our circle. 229 phones are working
in our area. Give me 10 minutes time.
l’ll give you more details. What? They both are watching us. Who? Those two. What does that mean? You are really great. They are here. Hello Daddy, how are you?
– How are you? ls it really good? How are things going? What is Daddy listening to? Police are talking in walkie talkie. That ear phone is to listen
to their conversation. iDream Listen… you go. Attention! AP 29 C9999 car
is about to start. AP 29 C9999 car is about to start. Guys, follow the car. Just follow the car. Don’t take any action
until l give orders. Police are following you. Daddy knows police are following him. Daddy is listening to our conversation
through wireless. Daddy, what is going on? Don’t get tensed.
Everything will be alright. Sit.
– Okay. Take care of him.
He is little tensed. lnform police not to follow them Operation is cancelled.
Come back. Daddy won’t believe. Look around.
There would be no one. Yes, no one. Wait near the door until
further orders. The package has arrived. Sathi, are you mad? Why are you shivering?
– He is shivering. l heard him. Tell Sathi to shout that
”Cocaine is mine” Okay Daddy. Daddy wants you to say that
”Cocaine is mine”. Cocaine is yours, Goud. Sir, is our team ready? Yes, one team is at drug deal in Gandipet. One team is at your door step. Sathi, throw the package in the water. Daddy knows it. Throw it in the water. Don’t go in.
Come back. Why are you staring at me? lt’s better we leave this place. l think you’re fond of eating
in police station. Food is very good. Jail food will taste better. Our inquiry is over. We know the truth. Your men went to Gandipet
for a walk. You all can leave. Are you feeling bad for
not able to arrest me? l feel bad for your losses. l’ll talk to him. Shall l tell you a truth? My man is in your department. My man is in your gang too. l’ll find your man in my gang. l like you. Whatever has happened now
had never happened before. Whatever that’s going to happen
would have never happened. The real guts is in stopping
a crime not in fighting. A real gutsy man must play
with a kind of his own. Don’t you understand? What’s the fun if Sachin scores
a ton against Bangladesh? lt’s fun if he scores
it against Pakistan. Similarly, it’s fun if l play with you. My father had 2 wives. l’m first wife’s son. My mother died. l’m scared that my father might give away
his wealth to his 2nd wife’s children. l’m coming. She called me not you. What? That boy came. Why don’t you talk about the marriage? Where were you? Your mother had
2 husbands, first husband died. No.
My father had 2 wives. l’m first wife’s son. My mother died. l’ve an important guest. Be here. l’ll send him & come. Now tell me. Your wife has 3 husbands. First husband died. l’m dead. What are you saying? Just shut up. Excuse me…listen to me. He is little confused.
Unable to tell which husband died. ls it for Chandu? Daddy… Chandu’s father…! Let me talk about marriage
with his father. Hello Mr. Chandu’s father. Hello, who is this? lt’s me P.C. Sarkar, lawyer. Sarkar…? How did you get this phone? This is Chandu’s phone. You called Chandu and
l’m answering the call. ls my sister fine? Whose sister?
Yours or mine? My sister…l mean your wife. She is gone. Where will she go?
Won’t she come back? Whatever goes will go.
Whatever comes will come. Whatever we have remains with us. And we will never get
what is not ours. You must be knowing this. How is life running? Do we change our character?
The mountains are very big. Whose sister & whose brother! Tell me who has changed. Will the mountains agree to be small? Will the rivers be shallow? Tell me. Will salt taste sweet?
– Salt? A brother & sister can be relatives.
We can’t change that. There are lions. Non-vegetarian. Give the phone to Chandu.
l’m talking in Chandu’s phone. There are lions. Non-vegetarian. lf we advice lions not to kill
and offer them biscuits, they will eat our hands too. You know everything.
Tell me. Shut up & give the phone to Chandu. Chandu, call from your daddy. What? Why did l make you a police officer? You are better in the dust bin. 36-24-36. Stop romancing
with your girl friend. First find out who that
police informer is. l got it. Do one thing. Come to PVR with the details
of all your gang members. l’ll try to match the details
with our police files and find out who the black sheep is. Don’t try. Just do it. From the last night incident, l’m sure that he has his
informer in our department. Follow Daddy day & night. ls your full name Amitabh Bachchan. What’s your father’s name? Why are your names very filmy? Only my grand mother lliana knows it. Daddy told us to write
our names & addresses. He will send us to Bank & co
to expand his business. Which Bank? Bank & Coke No, it’s Bangkok. Be it anything. l’ve filled in your details.
Just sign it. Everything is wrong.
What are you writing? A cover to put all our applications in. l’ve written ”Badi gards” on top. What spelling is that? l got it wrong thinking about Shabnam. Give it to me. Are you going to sign on it? What’s the difference between the two? A difference between a man & a woman.
– A eunuch? Malli, Daddy wants you to come. Chandu phone call recording. Though there are so many in our gang,
l trust you most. l want you to find the
police informer in our gang. iDream l’m in Begumpet for evening walk. Being health conscious?
– Yes. l’ll call you after reaching home. iDream He stabbed a knife into me… He gave me a shot
of narcotic drug… How did he manage to make
the comb drip honey… Where’s the magic wand he’s hiding? l got ruined… iDream He makes sweet wounds that
have no traces by morning… His sweat too is fragrant… He bites in the secret places
untouched by the sun light… With his power the latch
of door went flying… He’s arrogant…
fighting in day time… Cotton candy is all yours… He’s a rogue…hot wine… Have it passionately… His body is cool like an infant… Wherever l touch it’s
pricking me like an arrow… Behind the rock is okay for me… lt’s gone in minutes… Just a dark local garden is enough… My shape is out with his
passionate squeezing… Ebullient youth…
he’s on the rocks… Who is this city boy? Mischievous boy…
laser eyed boy wonder… He trapped me… His words cut me like
an hacksaw blade… Spellbinds me with a mantra
that l invite him myself… iDream What is Shabnam saying? She insists on marrying her. Rs.50000 short in
Amberpet Shankar’s collection. You know about Shankar, don’t you? Didn’t you count it there? Shabnam was waiting at Divya,
so l didn’t count it. Malli, Daddy is coming. Daddy, l took Rs.50000 for an urgent
need from Shankar’s collection. Don’t repeat it. l’ll never do it again, l’ll take Shabnam
also with me for collection. ln our special police unit,
a goon mole l mean it’s confirmed Daddy’s
man has infiltrated the unit. We checked the records of all
the officers in your batch, you’ve an immaculate record, moreover Vishwanath has
recommended you strongly, so we are handing you the
case of finding the black sheep. l know l’m asking you
a stupid question, who is AP Chief Minister? Are you mad? One more stupid question. Who is the captain of lndian Cricket team? l’m busy in my office,
stop your stupid questions. That’s all or you’ve more,
go ahead and ask. Who is the director of film ‘Shiva’? As true as these are, l’m in mad love with you
is also true. You’re mad! l know how to find police in civil dress.
– How? A man who acts like doing
some work & in that process, keeps watching us and then acts like not
watching us but still watches us, he’s a police man.
Got me? You mean?
– l mean you’re great! Look there! Why are they naked?
Look down! lt’s dirty to see even
if it’s a mannequin. Not mannequins but people sitting there. They are not seeing us but
actually are watching us. You mean…? They are police. You mean…? l mean you’re great! Taste must be fine. Malli, don’t go to the Kompalli deal. l’ve engaged all new boys
for this deal. iDream She saw but ignored us, it means…? Lady police! Malli, you’re a police man! A man who acts like doing
some work and in that process, keeps watching us and then acts like not
watching us but still watches us, he’s a police man, so says our Potti Sathi. Yes, l’m a police man. Where are you going? Daddy has engaged all
new team for today’s deal. Are you going to meet your girl? Yes, to her. l gave different location to every member
of our gang about today’s deal. We’ll know the mole from
which place the police raid. Today’s deal is in Bahadurpura. Today’s deal is in Tolichowki. You’re not in today’s
Seethaphal Mandi deal. Stay out of Kompalli deal. Got any information about the deal? Why did you call me urgently? l wanted to see you
so l called you. ls everything okay? Do you know what l do?
Do you know where l work? l know roughly. But still you love me? Did you call me to ask this? Do you still love me? Why would l be here if not? How is your mother?
– l’m going to visit her now. l’ll visit the hospital after my duty. l don’t care,
where you work or what you do? Mallikarjun, your mother
is very depressed, very weak psychologically, give her some good news
to perk her up, otherwise her condition may worsen. Mother, it seems you’re fine. l was worried about
what the doctor may say. But you must be happy. Tell me, what should l do? Listen to me and marry Mahi. Your happiness is my happiness. Mother, l’ll tell you something
to make you more happy. l shouldn’t tell but
l’m going to tell you. l’ll tell you, mother. Mother, l’m a police officer. All these days l crucified you
to become a police officer. l don’t want anything else. You live as you like… Do you want me get Commissioner
Vishwanath to tell you this? Would you believe me then? Would you believe? You’ll believe. l’ll get him right now. Sir, just now l got this fax. Why a political meeting
in Charminar now? Just now l got the information. Bangladeshis in that area… l want to meet you…urgently. Now? Urgent?
Daddy? Tell me Chandu.
– Where are you now? l’m at our office. Vishwanath is our boss. l know it, just got a tip
that he’s Daddy’s mole. We’ll know only
if we follow him. He has gone to the ninth floor. Okay, wait there. Tell me. Anything very important,
you called me urgently. l’m not safe there anymore,
Daddy trusts no one anymore. ls it? Tell me. My mother is very sick. Doctors have given up the hope. l want to see her happy
before she dies. lf you come and tell her that l’m a cop,
she’ll be very happy. l’ll do anything for it later. Where are you Malli?
– Tell me. We’ve found the mole in our gang,
come immediately to Amrutha Mahal. Sir, they know where we are. Chandu, Daddy’s gang is here. You take the steps. Keep it inside. l think they are in the lift. Malli, you take the steps…
– Sir you? They know l’m Commissioner. lf they see you with me, you’re dead. What about my mother? l’ll definitely meet mother. Hello Madhavi, l’ve seen the place. Flat is good. But the building is little old. l’ll call you later. Go to the entrance of this building. iDream Enough!
– Have it, he makes excellent dosas. Have it! Keep this with you for
mother’s treatment. What if l die in this operation? The operation will continue whatever
may happen to me or you. lt mustn’t stop. Whatever it is don’t get emotional, yourjob
is to give information about Daddy. Not to kill him. l don’t know anyone else other
than you and my mother. Wittingly or unwittingly l’ve also
become a reason for your death. You said this operation will
continue despite loss of lives. lt won’t stop sir,
l swear on police department. l’ll take it to the logical conclusion. Where is Vishwanath? Mother…Vishwanath died in
a shoot out. l don’t know whether the Vishwanath
you said exists or not. But l think your lies will
surely kill me. Mother…who will believe me
if you don’t? Enough of your lies. Leave me alone.
– Mother! Mother…mother…
l’m really a police officer. l mean ClD, mother. How am l to explain you? l’ll show you what l had
learnt in police academy. Mother, first is attention. This is salute, mother. This is right turn, mother. Look at me mother. Mother… This is marching, mother. Mother…this is gun. lt has bullets,
l can catch criminals with it. Trust me, l’m a police officer. Superintendent of Police, lPS officer. Mother…doctors wanted me
to keep you happy. But l’m troubling you. l’m going away, be happy, mother. You? When did you come?
How long are you here? Mother isn’t believing me. But l believe you. l’ll talk to her. No. Mother won’t believe you. ls your father there?
l need to discuss a legal issue. No, he’s in court. Mother is visiting a temple. There’s no one legally here,
you can do anything illegally. Oh no! He left me?! Why did you leave me? You asked me to leave. We’ll tell you to remove rubber band,
hold the waist, kiss us, are you really a man? Provoking me? l know. l’m Jairam here we are inquiring Vishwanath’s death, Why did you follow Vishwanath? Chandu ordered me to follow him. l ordered Arshad to follow Vishwanath. Why? You gave the responsibility of
finding Daddy’s mole here, Do you think Vishwanath
is Daddy’s man? Not thought but a doubt. My foot doubt! iDream Have you gone mad? You’re behaving irresponsibly. A senior officer attacking a junior… l don’t want to be in this unit. l’m transferring you to crime branch
with immediate effect. Yes Daddy, had a small tiff
in office just now. Chandu phone call recording
– With Naik? He’s transferred to crime branch. How come you know this so fast? That’s not important but you’ve entered
the good books of DGP, that’s important. Can l meet you tomorrow? No, tomorrow l’ve a deal
with Bombay brothers. A deal in these testing times? Daddy, situation is very sensitive. Moreover everyone is holding me
responsible for Vishwanath’s death. Daddy, people in the department
have taken his death personally. Anyway you shouldn’t have killed him. Hey you…l was waiting
for years to kill him. Are you lecturing me instead
of celebrating his death? l finished a big deal when entire
department was mourning his death. Did l ask you any suggestion? l’m worried about the
police mole’s escape, we are getting licked up here,
are you worried about Vishwanath’s death? What would l lose if you’re
blamed for his death? My deal with Bombay brothers
failed because of you. lf l fail again, l’ll lose my respect
in the company. Daddy, listen to me.
– Should l listen to you? Since when?
You’re there just for me. You bloody rag picker! Don’t forget the fact that only l know
you’re my man in police. Ensure l’ve no trouble tomorrow
from your department. Are you feeling bad, Chandu?
– No, Daddy. Who cares even if you feel? How is Potti Sathi?
– Doctor says he’ll not survive. l was waiting for you only.
– Take rest. l know you’re the police mole here. l said Amrutha Mahal by mistake but
you came to Topaz buildings correctly. l knew instantly you’re the mole. Daddy, l want to talk to you alone. Malli, l’ve to talk to you,
wait for me. Potti Sathi cheated me
all these days. Potti Sathi is the mole. lt’s a shock to me also,
but let’s celebrate it. Because the dead man isn’t our Sathi. A police man! Tell me Daddy. The mole is dead,
our men are celebrating.- Died? Enjoying to the hilt. What a ravishing beauty! Hey crazy men…mad men… l’m from Gowliguda… Abusing is my habit… lf you get into mood on hearing
wild abuses from my sweet lips… Day and night have a ball with me… iDream Hey you bloody…freaky…damn fool…
don’t act smart…You loser… l’ll beat you to death…
l’ll abuse you to death…Bloody! Can’t you see me?
Bloody! l’m better than cigarette smoke… The intoxication from liquor is
useless compared to me… Look at me! ln romance shyness will
lead to bliss… Abuses are better
than French kisses… Bloody, want your reply… You bloody! iDream l’ll tell you a secret,
listen and go… We too love abuses on bed…yes… l’ve a doctorate in using
wild abuses… Try reading my heart
in English books… You beast…bloody…. Water in this lake is very cold. Vishwanath’s sudden death
is big loss to you. What’s your plan of action now, Malli? What are you planning to do? How will you prove that
you’re a police officer? lt’s not a big deal, my lD will be in the dept. computer
but locked by a code, l met Vishwanath’s wife yesterday,
l really felt very sad. Does she know you’re
an undercover cop? She knows. Notjust a good man but lost a good officer.
– Late Commissioner’s wife. This is Vishwanath’s insurance cheque. We’ll arrest the killer in near future. lt would’ve been good, had Vishwanath’s man
in Daddy’s gang been alive, he died! Died? No.
l met him yesterday also. Met you yesterday?
No, he has died. No, he’s alive. Can you recognise him…
l mean can you identify him in a photo. l can identify but l’ll not do it.
– Listen… Try to understand me. Vishwanath told me not
to tell this to anyone. Police record room. iDream Hello Officer 121 12 speaking,
who are you? Who are you? l’m handling the cases of Vishwanath. Vishwanath likes you very much. His wife told me you had
met her recently. Why didn’t you try to meet anyone
in the dept. after Vishwanah’s death? My job is not finished yet. You’re taking Vishwanath’s
death personally. What do you want? l want the same co-operation
you extended to Vishwanath. Let’s finish Daddy.
With your co-operation. Why did you push me sir? First man will get first chance
to board the bus. That’s why. Fool! Does he know you sir?
– No, l know him. You mean…? Go away, bus is full. Just now l knew l’ve many fans in police.
– Chandu phone call recording. What happened Daddy? Didn’t l warn you that no police
man should follow me? What are you doing there? l’ve sent my entire team to Gadwal,
so no chance of following you. l’m having two deals at a time,
both deals must get over smoothly. Last time l lost both
my money and my honour. l mustn’t lose both this time,
take care of my police fans. Chandu phone call recording. Hello Arshad! Either you or anyone
from our team is following Daddy? No, Naik team is following him. Why?
– Nothing, just like that. lf l ask Naik to stop following Daddy,
he’ll not listen to me. lf he follows him,
Daddy will be in danger. What if l ask Daddy
to cancel the deal? He’ll go mad. Only one man can give me the correct
place of deal is police mole. l must gain his confidence. lf you tell me where’s the deal,
we’ve decided to catch Daddy red handed. You vanish immediately
after the deal is over, nobody in the department knows
who you are and how you look like. Suppose there’s a crossfire,
l don’t want a police officer to get hurt. Be ready by tomorrow 10 am. l must save Daddy.
l must divert Naik’s attention. My information says Daddy is on road No:12,
ask your team not to follow him. lf you come from Birla temple,
you’ll hit the crossroad. Put a check post there. This case is not mine. Heard me?
– Please listen to me. Look, Jairam told me not to
get involved with juniors. l remember it very well. Vishwanath’s man in Daddy’s
gang is still alive. He gave information that
he’s with Daddy now. lf your team follows Daddy,
we may never catch him. Okay, if they are ready to help, get it.
Will anybody help him? We are crossing Punjagutta. We diverted your team
which was following Daddy. According to my information
if we follow Daddy correctly, we can easily arrest him. We are now in Srinagar colony. Jubilee hills? Banjara hills? Nandi hills iDream How are you sir? Look here. Very good. And you? Very happy. Cash is in Daddy’s car,
drugs are in Bombay brothers’ car. According to my information,
Daddy is in Lumbini Mall, cover Lumbini Mall with your
entire team from behind. Don’t take any action till
you get orders from me. You told them Jubilee hills but gave
me a slip written Srinagar colony. l don’t trust anyone here
other than you. Stop the car,
Daddy told me to be here only. l helped you a lot from
my boyhood days. l risked my life and job
to help you. But still you pushed me
around like trash. But you started blackmailing me.
l didn’t like it. The only mistake you did was telling me
that only you know my identity. That was your mistake. From now onwards
l’m the criminal, l’m the judge. lnside and outside, l’m the boss. l’ll play the game both sides. You’re just a criminal,
l’m a criminal police. You died without knowing this. Just now l saw the news. You’ve just seen one side of the coin,
there’s lot more on the other side. Next? You and me.. Then? Then? Then? Gesture is enough for the clever. Gestures are useless. l never saw you like this before
the way l see you now. You know, what l’m thinking
about, don’t you? iDream Don’t know why lips are so vengeful,
it wants to bite you mercilessly… lt wants to chew greedily… Oh my God! What’s wrong with waist?
lt’s dancing like doll… lt yearns for your caressing… My heart is itching…
it’s racing & shivering… Let’s decide now
who wins you or me… iDream lf you explore my body like a snake,
it’s bliss and ecstasy to me… lf you sting like scorpion,
can l stop my youth attacking you? My body is getting hot and
desires your companionship… Bed must get wet
with our sweat… Today even when our
shadows unite… lt’ll burn out fire too
with it’s heat… May this night never have a dawn…
Let every moment reach bliss here… lf you want me to have you like fruit,
it’s taste will last forever… lf l get you so easily, will it quench
my thirst of sensual desire? What’s the sharp thing that left
an indelible mark on my psyche? iDream Watch carefully, you come man. Hold him…check if he has any gun.
Tell me why you want to meet Chandu. Chandu asked to come here.
– Tell me why did you come? Call Chandu, you’ll know it. Arshad, it’s me.
– Daddy’s man Malli is here. l told him to come. Call Chandu.
– Why?- Did you call him? l asked him to come, tell him to wait
in my room, l’m on the way. You’re coming here
exactly in 2 hours. l’ll come directly to your room. You mustn’t get insulted like last time.
l’ll make it this time. My friends Kiran and Sakshi…
– l’ll not insult them also like last time. l’ll buy tickets, corner seats, caramel,
pop corn, Pepsi for you & diet Coke for me, l’ll buy balm also
if the movie is boring. lt should’ve been more sweeter. Little more… You’re mad! You want me to salute you? You solved Daddy’s case.
l wish Vishwanath was alive to see this. l don’t want all that. Can you come to hospital to tell
my true identity to my dying mother? Let’s go together after
getting your lD. Homam. Homam? iDream Tell me.
– Catch him at any cost. l’m with your mother,
come to hospital immediately. Watch…did anyone come
running this side? Daddy never trusted you. That’s why he recorded all your
conversations with him. l’ve it now. CDs and tapes can never harm me.
Do whatever you want to do. ls it? Won’t you believe me? l’ll hand it over to TV 9
or TV 5 channel. Malli, please try to understand me. l had to do it in
unavoidable circumstances. You’re a good police officer. l’ll return your identity to you. l don’t need any identity to kill you. Operation Homam is not yet over. lt’ll be over with your death. Won’t you fulfill your mother’s wish?
– Why should l trust you? You don’t have anything
to lose trusting me again. l’ll return your identity to you,
you return the tapes to me. Where do you want me to come?
– Moosapetjunk yard. Do you believe he’ll
return your identity? l’ll kill him whether he gives or not. You’re a police officer,
not a criminal. Why do you want to kill?
– l know. l’ve brought your identity. l’ve brought your identity. l’ve brought your identity. Get up… iDream Can you hear those
beautiful sounds of siren? My brothers are coming. Your identity is anyway lost,
you’ll also lose life now. Listen to me and escape from here. Why should l escape?
lt’s you who has run from here. lt’s my responsibility as
a police man to arrest you. Who will believe if you claim
to be a police officer? Either Vishwanath who died
because of me must come, or Daddy whom l killed
must come to save you. Else l must tell them l had
erased your police identity. lt’s impossible.
– They won’t believe, will they? Just think once. Who called you here? Did you call the police here?
No, isn’t it? Entire dept. heard your statement.
– l don’t believe it. Sir, Chandu is with me,
come to the gate. Get up…get up! No, don’t come forward. Did you record the conversation clearly? Don’t come near me. l’ll kill him if you dare. lf you come near you’ll lose
a good police officer. Listen to me. l got Vishwanath killed.
l’m Daddy’s mole. l’d erased his identity. He’s the secret service
police man in Daddy’s gang. So what? What the hell can you do?
What the hell can you do? lf you come forward, l’ll kill him. Shift target to Chandu from Malli. You mean…they were here
to arrest you. So you lied about recording
my conversation with you. What they earlier wasn’t true,
what they heard now is truth. l don’t have any mike. l too know cassettes and tapes
are useless, so l planned this. You’ve understood my plan, right?
Do as l told you. Malli wants to kill your officer Chandu.
– Where? From phone call to plucking my gun,
it went as l’d planned. Found Malli’s police identity
in Vishwanath’s personal file. Mallikarjun was appointed
as Police officer on that basis. With your covert operation you’ve
brought down the crime rate. We’ve decided to promote you. We’re sending you to Pakistan as undercover
cop to deport Dawood lbrahim to lndia. Undercover cop again? Abu, get me a tea.
– Yes brother. Karachi (Pakistan) Jahangir Peer Darga (Pakistan) Greetings lrfan Bhai.
– Greetings! Marana Homam – October 9


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