Hot Rod (1/10) Movie CLIP – Mail Truck Jump (2007) HD

Hot Rod (1/10) Movie CLIP – Mail Truck Jump (2007) HD

Kevin. Did we reinforce
the take-off ramp? Nah, we didn’t have time. Cool. (revving) Soul of an eagle. Oh, shit. (vomiting) Are you okay?


  1. kooldude121858 says:

    This is the funniest movie ever

  2. ContrastingAwesome says:

    read this at 10:14, sadly my internet is going to fail for two hours. I'm screeewed.

  3. Stonehedge Films says:

    spoiler click 0:50

  4. puzz88 says:

    i dont remember seing this scene!

  5. Chad Banner says:

    Danny's all-time favorite movie

  6. Drake Knight-Graves says:


  7. Avynge says:

    crazy shit

  8. tacocrazy100 says:

    This movie was filmed in my town and on my street!

  9. TerraOblivion27 says:

    I don't know how this doesn't have a million views its hilarious

  10. Bob Jones says:

    Oh… SHIT!

  11. Bob Jones says:


  12. Amy Kirk says:

    Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. jackson kilpatrick says:

    Does anyone know what the motorcycle is? It looks like a postie but it has pedals?

  14. ByArtzTR says:

    It still is?

  15. kooldude121858 says:

    ya this movie was awesome

  16. zxzero14 says:

    So you live in British Columbia then? Because I read about it being shot there

  17. TheLegacyHero says:

    Those animal spirits don't help him much!!!

  18. gonzee says:

    Was this filmed in Canada?

  19. MerryMichaelfield says:

    How is this about being liberal or conservative?

  20. Eric Nguyen says:

    Holy balls…did you get to see/meet the Lonely Island?!?!

  21. Drummeruption5150 says:

    I genuinely hate you as a person

  22. Jayden Whitrow says:

    I lovr this move

  23. WormPowered says:

    The stunt man actually broke his leg during this.

  24. Ryan Lock says:

    Please God don't let me embarrass myself in front of Denise.

  25. Alexis Binner says:


  26. Boom Dos says:

    This film was one of those you can just smell was going to become a cult favorite.

  27. Heather Lovato says:

    Lmfao CTFU forever be the funniest thing to me, something about people falling off bikes!!

  28. mateusz wolski says:

    Cnt stop laughting lol XD

  29. cotton candy says:

    My fave party i peed my pants

  30. Olivia Petersen says:

    This scene kills me XD

  31. Alex Jamez says:

    "oh shit"

  32. Vinno Gatsella says:


  33. Vinno Gatsella says:

    Haaa haaaa

  34. jpower316 says:

    "Kevin did you reinforce the take off ramp?"  "No we didn't have time."

  35. Larry Moya says:

    I just watch this movie so funny the ending!!!

  36. Super Kyle says:

    How did the stuntman not die from that?

  37. Adam says:

  38. Blackstar Stormchaser says:

    Oh shit!

  39. UnBounded BeneVolenCe says:

    Watching this in 2015, Damnit. And it's still Blooming with Awesomeness.

  40. Dezider Žiga says:

    love this movie!

  41. Misty Kratofil says:

    Sooo funny

  42. Matty Kroust says:

    2016 wassup

  43. Joseph JT says:

    0:53 it's a doll :))

  44. Jeremy Carroll says:

    danny McBride its too funny

  45. Ken Heisenberg says:

    like a baws

  46. Odawg96 says:

    This was one of those movies that got rolling with a bang. With certain movies you have to wait for them to get warmed up, but with THIS one, the silliness started right off the bat. Every man has a part of himself that never matured past the age of 12, and I'm definitely in touch with that part. When my preteen sons first saw this ,they were hooked right from the beginning.

  47. Dustin Martin says:

    The people who made this movie made the right choice adding eight Europe songs on each scene. Europe rocks.

  48. adf asdf says:

    That's what happens when you don't reinforce the take off ramp

  49. Jay Pritchett says:

    This is my boyfriends favorite movie! I never saw it until he made me watch it lol

  50. TheGreaterGood80 says:

    Soul of an eagle

  51. James Smith says:

    Wow lol

  52. mnikss03 says:

    Geezus that JOFA bucket hahaha

  53. Gonzalo Rubio says:

    A esta pelicula le hubiera quedado bien rainbow in the dark de DIO creo que pegaba bien con el resto de la musica

  54. EMERSON REIS says:

    Te racha seu FDP…kkkkkkk

  55. Rachael Magerl says:

    "No, we didn't have time." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Ryland Cook says:

    Dare I say this is better than Jackass

  57. Jay Hartmann says:


  58. Master Chef says:


  59. The study hall productions says:

    Ohhhhhh shit

  60. ShyTheLeoShow says:

    Its a great scene for setting up this awesome movie just an absolute hilarious movie

  61. Samuel Allen says:

    subscribe to loree allen

  62. 気分それにもかかわらず says:

    Lol i remember watching this with my dad🤣 amazing movie

  63. Kristin Kali says:

    deadass everytime…i love this movie

  64. BMO The Epic Gamer says:

    I was about 6 when I first watched this…don’t regret it, because now I’m growing up like rod except my dad didn’t die

  65. CEK Thomas says:

    Anyone here from cizzorz vid?

  66. Ryan McCarty says:

    Here from Gus & Eddy

  67. StickHits says:

    My dad worked on the movie, this was not supposed to happen the way it did which is why it looks so real, a stuntman got seriously injured. It was a long time ago so I don't remember the specifics but I think it was fractured vertebra along with numerous injuries,

  68. FooFighter201 says:

    If you slow the video down to 0.25 you can see at right around 0:53 when he hits the pavement, the stunt man broke what looks like one of his legs.

  69. Manny Salazar says:

    When the stuntman wins award for this scene truly awe-inspiring.

  70. Yoshikage Arbuckle says:

    Props for the stuntman who did this. You truly are a man with balls

  71. Professor Lugia Studios says:

    Who else is here from corridor crew?

  72. NOOB isHERE says:

    Best stunt i've ever seen

  73. Aaron Lemons says:

    Anyone else here because of the "stuntmen reacts" video?

  74. Remi sias says:

    This guy broke his femur for this sceen so please enjoy it

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