House Impeachment Inquiry – Taylor & Kent Testimony

House Impeachment Inquiry – Taylor & Kent Testimony


  1. Sketchylemons says:

    Yeah no one about the fact that epstein didn't kill himself, thats some juicy content ehh

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    This is soo damm stupid!!!all these schiester politicians don’t want the truth to be told TRUMP tells the truth says what he thinks and we know is right these crooked lying greedy ass ones want to sit on there ass and do nothing !!!!’

  3. Big Mac says:

    Proof DemonRats are the enemy of American people and U.S. constitution!!!!😤😤😤😤

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    "biscuits should always be dipped in hot, not cold milk" The Joker

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  8. Sean Stout says:

    Rep Mike Quigly from Illinois says at 4:59:25

    "Countless people have been prosecuted on hear say alone,.. it is better than direct evidence"!!!?????

    WTF did he just say!!??

    The polling system is undeniably rigged if criminals and unethical people such as ALL OF THE DEMOCRATS IN ANY MEDIA PLATFORM are in office!

  9. Monique Addn says:

    Doesn't being a witness mean you have to actually witness something? I genuinely didn't know you could testify for what you heard other people say they heard. That tells you this whole thing is just a way to distract you from the elections and Epstein didn't kill himself.

  10. jannmutube says:

    — > Even if Ukraine President Zelensky didn't know that military aid was already being withheld, he knew that it would be when Trump said,
    … "We need you to do us a favor though"…. Aid was only restored because Trump got caught using hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars as leverage for his 2020 political campaign.

    —> It's not evident that the meeting in the Oval Office ever happened and the only reason Trump released the military aid is because Congress started an investigation ater IC IG Atkinson reported that the Administration was withholding a whistle-blower report..

    The idea that the Obama Administration did nothing to respond to the invasion of Crimea is not accurate.
    …"We, the Europeans and most of the West imposed economic sanctions and kicked the Russians out of the G8. Beginning in 2014, we and NATO began to provide military assistance to Ukraine's armed forces in the form of training, advice, military equipment, and weapons (Ambassador Bill Taylor, C-Spen, @ 1: 25: 39 – 1: 25: 58) House Impeachment Inquiry – Taylor & Kent Testimony

    — > If Trump had a legitimate case against VP Biden, he wouldn't need to bribe Zelensky to open an investigation. In fact, public statements and testimony show that the State Department did not open a formal investigation through the FBI or the Mutual Assistance Treaty.
    ,.. "Q: Deputy Kent, are you aware of any formal Department of Justice cooperation request made to the Ukranians?" … A: "I am not aware of any formal Department of Justice request in this matter, no." ( @ 5: 07: 50 to 5: 08: 21 )

    In an interview with Chris Cuomo, Giuliani admitted that he knew the investigation he was carrying out was illegitimate.
    .. ."The FBI didn't want to look at it. They were afraid to go to the FBI because they had been turned down so much." (Rudy Giuliani). There was no "good cause" for the FBI to open a legitimate investigation.
    Cuomo debunks comparison between Biden's and Trump's actions in
    Ukraine /watch?v=g529m_cZLhM

  11. jannmutube says:

    — > Thanks to Acting Ukraine Ambassador, William Taylor and Deputy Secretary of State for Ukraine, George Kent for standing up against corruption.
    …"There cannot be dignity without justice." (Deputy Secretary of State for Ukraine, George Kent, C-Span, November 13, 2019)

     … "In 2013,  Vladimir Putin was so threatened by the prospect that Ukraine would join the European Union, that he tried to bribe the Ukrainian President (Viktor Yanucovych) which triggered massive protests in the winter of 2013 that drove that president to flee to Russia in February of 2014.  But, not before his forces killed 100 Ukrainian protesters in Central Kiev. Only days later, Putin invaded Crimea holding a sham referendum at the point of Russian Army rifles.  The Russians, absurdly, claimed that 97% voted to join Russia. In early April, Putin sent his army and security forces into southeastern Ukraine to generate illegal armed formations and generate puppet governments in what we know as Domas. … beginning in 2014, we and NATO began to provide military assistance to Ukraine's armed forces in the form of training, advice, military equipment, and weapons. " (Acting Ukraine Ambassador, Bill Taylor)   (@ 1: 24: 20 to 1: 26: 04)

    —> Paul Manafort was convicted and plead guilty to tax fraud and violation of FARA in his work for Viktor Yanucovych by withholding information about his earnings and failing to register as a foreign agent. Giuliani's claim that information about Manafort was illegally leaked was not upheld by the Ukrainian Supreme Court. The government of Ukraine had no obligation to coverup that corruption. The people of Ukraine had every right to respond to Trump's suggestion, during the 2016 campaign, that "Crimea should belong to Russia". Not wanting to be invaded by Russia is not corruption (3: 17: 40 to 3: 19: 30).

        Google: Appeal Court: Sytnyk And MP Leschenko Did No Act Illegally By Disclosing That Manafort’s Name Is In Party Of Regions’ Black Ledger (JULY 16, 2019)

  12. Jaspirita says:

    Why the fuck do they continuously bringing Obama up when he has nothing to do with this whole thing? Strawmans are just great, aren't they?

  13. KundaliniRZA says:

    Cant believe donald had this to say about it

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    OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! YOU IDIOTS WHO CONTINUE TO GO AFTER THIS WITCH HUNT….There is no one able to fix this country, because it once was one Nation under God and we have removed Him and no new president is going to fix it. Pres Trump doesn't HAVE TO BE PRESIDENT, HE IS A MILLIONAIRE. But he wanted to try and help as a business man. The hatred you people have is the same hatred you had towards women, minorities and black citizens. The Democrats were supporters of slavery!!! Why don't you go back and examine your party and impeach yourselves. There are SO MANY children in this country who need help BEFORE they grow up and pick up a gun. I was a demoncrat until the party raised it's ugly head. We are our own worst enemies, we are self destructing. Use your money and riches and go to Abaco and help them. No, you can't get your nails dirty. And the TV and actors, DeNiro especially. I liked you as an actor until you publicly spoke. When was the last time you were down in the city?? You live a fairy tale life. Stick to acting. Kennedy had Marilyn killed. Every president, especially Clinton, were liars and crooks. Quit hating those who disagree with you. Now it's one sad nation not under God but under hate, poverty, child and animal abuse, gay rights, transexual rights, and everything that God says will happen in the end times. For non-believers, I pray for you. For the believers yay we're almost home!! Go help someone today. God sees , the BIG A I call him, ALIEN, our hearts, knows our thoughts…. peace

  15. mathermp says:

    The democrats sure love a good nothing burger!

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    shame on Rep Conaway

  18. Carl Stawicki says:

    Anyone who thinks hearsay is legit evidence should be removed from office themselves.

  19. Devachandra9 says:

    The sign in the background stating that without impeachment the President will be re-elected leads me to wonder:
    If the Democrats have an objective plan that will empower the people and the nation, could that stand on its own?

  20. dan smolen says:

    Yovanovitch testimony based on feelings,not facts! Just the usual butt hurt whining as per democratic playbook!

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    We should only allow 3d generation immigrant (citizens) to participate in our government, agencies and elected positions. That would mean the grandchildren of Yonovitch's parents could run for any office, or be hired in any agency.

  23. Tiempo Nuevo says:

    Not one of these people is telling the truth about the Ukraine problem. Not one. West Ukraine was coming down on East Ukraine. The nation is split…. East Ukraine wanted to be part of Russia because the East Ukraine people actually Speak Russian, and consider themselves to be Russian traditionally. Also, it was Americans who picked the new President of Ukraine after there was a Coup…. funded by George Soros.

  24. Julia Branca says:

    This woman amb..Marie J…reminds me of C.Ford Kavanah accuser..playing the hurt part…or weak..and she lied under oath.when asked about telling anyone firing the persc ….h.e.l.l.o??? There's video showing him bragging about it..that if they not kick that out no $$$coming…how about that huh?? Bias to the max. .also don't get full by her shy pretence..with that hair color bet she made more than a fuzz…😵😠💩🐍💥🤦

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    I think that pelosi, Shciff and Cortez are seeing the same eye doctor or coke dealer whatever it is please wear sunglasses your hypnotizing everyone!!

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    All demoncrats deserve prison time for something. Investigate,audit, imprisonment. Get busy

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    I want blue wave!! So I can shit on my neighbors lawn and get away with it #democrat

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    I wish that when they quoted the president they would do it in a Donald Trump voice impression.

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  30. David Ellison says:

    Trump would have beat biden either way he didnt need help. this is a waste of time and tax payer money, shifty should be removed

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    what a shame!is this a time to fight?Fucking china is watching and make fun of you people now.

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    Anyone actually trying to talk about the actual video should funnel to this thread…

  33. Kracked says:

    Grasping at straws, no wonder Congress has a low approval rating. Anyone else reminded of high school?

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    The only people that give two shits are boomers.

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    I have yet to find anyone who actually thinks Trump will be impeached, so what is the point of this besides wasting everyone’s time

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    I heard it from a friend who, Heard it from a friend who, Heard it from another that TRUMP WINS in 2020 over the Dehems! Dun….dun…..dun.

  38. Michael M says:

    This is the shit the dems have what a joke

  39. CorranHorn84 says:

    The smoking gun Democrats keep claiming is there… Tune in next week…
    If Democrats really had anything important, they would have started off with it…
    This was the week.

  40. Levi Karkiainen says:

    Is there a TL;DR?

  41. Joel Lee says:

    This is just my thought process: I do agree we need to hear from the horse's mouth for accuracy. But my question then becomes, if you're a hiding something, would you tell the truth as the first-hander? And then as for the hearsay conversation, I get that people have their opinions, but wouldn't everything that Republican say be hearsay? And so… I really encourage all congress members to just stick with providing informative questioning and leave the statements of opinion for the beginning and the end!
    For me, I feel offended for being told what to think and how to think during the inquiry section. Let me listen and determine what the Truth is.
    So please ask good questions! And fewer personal or partisan statements! Thank you!

  42. Malaise Lindenfeld says:

    i love it that suddenly the inviolability (is that even a word?) of boarders is important

  43. Tiempo Nuevo says:

    It so un American to keep the Republicans in the dark as to who the whistle blower "is" and to not let them see all of the documents. I really don't believe any of this because of their Schiff and is arrogant hateful tactics and games. I hate the man and I know I'm not alone.
    I want us to end the party system. Let the states pick from among the people who are people proven to the people to have good will, intelligence and integrity. Government is too full of Corporation representatives, lawyers, and crooks.

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    Democratic Derp train full speed ahead.

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    Check their overseas accounts see how much the dnc is paying them

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    And Donald commit crimes over Twitter in real time now…. Tillerson was right… the man IS a moron…

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    What a wild time

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    Film bookep arab

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    I can’t wait for Nunes NOT to be re elected 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  50. BABY ridg says:

    The testimonies of Kent and Taylor and only “boring” and “lack pizzazz” to Trump’s dumb base supporters who can’t begin to follow a single word in the intelligent information filled sentences here because they are Trump voters: they drink the gasoline before they pump it into their tank of their trucks.

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    Schiff is a fake

  52. Kathy Floyd says:

    All Democratic Party they're not working honestly.
    Democratic Party corruption too much.

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    Schiff is the ememy, treasonous anti American criminal. Execute him. Vigilantes needed.

  58. Chugg says:

    This is a hearsay testimony.

  59. Make-Make says:

    (Part One)
    (34:03) Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA): Calls meeting to order, begins explaining the rules for the impeachment inquiry.
    (34:42) Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX). Parliamentary inquiry, requests clarification on rules of engagement under “new set of rules” under HR 660.
    (35:57) Schiff recognizes himself for opening statement. He presents some background on US ally, Ukraine, and mentions how 14,000 Ukrainian troops were killed by superior Russian forces in the months after the 2014 Russian invasion. (36:47) The questions presented by this impeachment inquiry are…” (37:26) “Our answers to these questions will…” (37:41) Schiff goes into how he views impeachment in general. (37:58) “The facts in the present inquiry are not seriously contested.” Schiff goes into Rudy Giuliani, Burisma, the Bidens, the debunked “Crowdstrike” conspiracy that states Ukraine (not Russia) interfered with the 2016 US election. (38:46) “Giuliani also conducted a smear campaign against the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. On April 29…” Yovanovitch appears in the Nov. 15, 2019 impeachment inquiry hearings. (39:00) By ousting Yovanovitch, an “irregular channel” was established where Giuliani and others—such as Trump’s influential inauguration donor, Gordon Sondland, who is now serving as Ambassador to the European Union—could further President Trump’s personal and political interests. (39:20) Yovanovitch’s replacement in Kiev, Ambassador Bill Taylor, is introduced along with Deputy Assistant Secretary Kent. Schiff brings up the favors intended for President Trump (39:36) “…that would undermine our security and elections.” (39:51) Key events from the month of July 2019. (40:18) National Security Advisor John Bolton refuses to be a part of the “drug deal” that was being cooked up by Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Ambassador Sondland. (40:42) Mulvaney freezes $400 million in Congressionally-approved funds to Ukraine. (40:57) Infamous July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. (41:31) President Trump asks Zelensky to look into 2016 “crowdstrike” conspiracy theory. (42:02) President Zelensky knew all of this for weeks. (42:15) Multiple individuals reported their concerns to the National Security Counsel’s top lawyer, which prompted records of the phone call to be transferred to a highly-classified server. (42:37) Even Ambassador Sondland testified that the scheme was “becoming more insidious.” (42:56) Ambassador Sondland’s September 1 phone call with Ambassador Taylor. (43:17) “President Trump wanted Mr. Zelensky in a public box.” (43:23) Sondland later mentioned that President Trump is a businessman. This is the famous “pay up” statement. (43:40) Sondland admits…aid will likely not occur until… (44:00) Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s “breathtaking” answer. “Get over it!” (44:27) A video of Mulvaney’s “…confession is plain for all to see.” (44:31) Defense of President Trump—the aid was eventually released. “But only after…” (44:52) Criticism of Trump defense. (45:20) Missing pieces… (45:45) As Congress did with President Nixon…additional grounds for impeachment. (46:23) What the testimony will show as it relates to the President’s conduct and obstruction to Congress. If we find the President “…abused his power…or if he sought to condition, coerce, extort, or bribe an ally…” by withholding military aid to assist in his re-election campaign, “must we simply ‘get over it?’” (47:09) Must we expect this from our president? (47:36) Being true to our responsibilities.
    (48:15) Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) opening statement. The Mueller Report, a failed three-year operation to “…convince the American people that President Trump is a Russian agent.” The purpose was to overturn the results of the 2016 election and was led by “…democrats, the corrupt media, and partisan bureaucrats.” (48:44) Democrats denounced “…any Republican who ever shook hands with a Russian.” After the “Russia hoax,” democrats “…now claim the real malfeasance is Republican dealings with Ukraine.” (49:05) Should we forget about democrats’ “false claims”? (Collusion, Steele Dossier, “nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian officials,” false story to CNN regarding Donald Trump, Jr. and Wikileaks, and “…countless other deceptions, large and small.”) (49:55) Democrats are “…the last people on earth with the credibility to hurl more accusations at their political opponents.” (50:15) The Democrats “scorched earth war against President Trump…this is a carefully-orchestrated media smear campaign.” (50:40) The witnesses… (51:06) The name of Alexandra Chalupa, DNC contractor who worked with Ukraine to “collect dirt on the Trump campaign,” was redacted. (51:25) A one-sided process where “…the crucial witnesses are denied a platform if their testimony does not support the Democrats’ absurd accusations.” (51:41) Republican view—why the Democrats really want to impeach the president (Hunter Biden). (51:54) Whistleblower had a bias. (52:08) “The Democrats read out a purely fictitious rendition of the President’s phone call with President Zelensky.” (52:26) Democrats had conversations with the whistleblower, but refused Republicans the same opportunity. “…Democrats broke their promise to have the whistleblower testify to this committee.” (52:55) “…the Democrats have a long habit of accusing Republicans of offenses they themselves are committing” such as…collusion from Steele Dossier, malfeasance, election meddling, and Hunter Biden. (53:39) “…the Democrats are advancing their impeachment sham.” Nunes claims the hearings should not be held until three crucial questions are answered. (53:56) Whistleblower coordination with Democrats, the extent of Ukraine’s election meddling against the Trump campaign, and why did Burisma hire Hunter Biden? (54:26) Republicans’ rights were denied, and today’s hearing is a “…televised theatrical performance staged by the Democrats.” (55:06) Nunes tells Ambassador Taylor and Mr. Kent that they are taking part in the “low-rent Ukrainian sequel.” (55:35) President Trump had concerns about foreign corruption, so he was skeptical of foreign aid. He irritated the bureaucracy, but officials’ alarm was “…based on second-hand, third-hand, and even forth-hand rumors and innuendo.” (56:04) The President can fire any ambassador at any time. He has “full authority to retain or remove diplomats for any reason at any time.” He (President Trump) was “deeply concerned” about the officials’ lack of interest in Ukrainian election meddling. (56:28) The President, unlike the previous administration, provided weapons to Ukraine for defending themselves against Russians. (56:47) The “elements of the FBI, the Department of Justice, and now the State Department, have lost the confidence of millions of Americans…it will take years if not decades to restore faith in these institutions.” The “impeachment process in search of a crime” is doing great damage to our country.
    (57:25) Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) introduces Ambassador William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, both appearing under subpoena. (57:32) About Ambassador Taylor. (58:50) About Mr. George Kent. (59:28) All witness depositions were unclassified. “Congress will not tolerate any reprisal, threat of reprisal, or attempt to retaliate against any US Government official for testifying before Congress, including you or any of your colleagues.” (59:53) Swearing in.
    (1:00:16) Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), parliamentary inquiry. “When can we anticipate a response to our November 9 letter requesting certain individual witnesses to be called?…what about the additional six witnesses?” (1:00:48) Point of order under HR 660. “Will you be prohibiting witnesses from answering members’ questions as you have in the closed-door depositions?”
    (1:01:02) Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) states that the only times he prevented an answer to a question was “…when it was apparent that members were seeking to out the whistleblower. We will do everything necessary to protect the whistleblower’s identity, and I am disturbed to hear members of the committee who have, in the past, voiced strong support for whistleblower protections seek to undermine those protections by outing the whistleblower…”
    (1:01:34) A bit of commotion as Stefanik interrupts Schiff. Schiff tries to regain order and further respond to the point of order. He will not allow any question that could out the whistleblower, otherwise they can ask any questions they like.
    (1:01:59) Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) interrupts, would like to (1:02:18) make a motion to subpoena the whistleblower for closed-door secret depositions. He doesn’t want it to be Schiff’s single decision. (1:02:40) Schiff says it will not be his single decision, and “we will entertain a motion to subpoena any witness, but after the witnesses have an opportunity to testify. The motion will be in order, but only after…”
    (1:02:55) Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) interrupts for clarification on “…when we might vote on the ability to have the whistleblower in front of us?” He then accuses Schiff as being the only one who knows who the whistleblower is, but (1:03:21) Schiff claims to not know the identity of the whistleblower and he is “determined to make sure the identity is protected.”
    (1:03:55) Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) states that, without objection, the witness’s written statements are part of the record. He then allows the witnesses to speak.
    (1:04:11) Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Eastern Europe and the caucuses, Mr. George Kent’s opening statement. (1:05:40) Why Kent is here today.

  60. Make-Make says:

    (Part Two)
    (1:06:34) George Kent (Continued) mentions that personal attacks are expected in his line of work.
    (1:06:56) “…our efforts were hitting their mark. It was unexpected and most unfortunate, however, to watch some Americans—including those who align themselves with corrupt Ukrainians in pursuit of private agendas—launch attacks on dedicated public servants advancing US interests in Ukraine.” (1:07:15) Those attacks damage the US/Ukraine relationship. There are clear interests at stake in Ukraine. (1:07:40) Kent mentions “…the Marshall plan in the creation of a rules-based international order protected by the collective security provided by NATO.” (1:08:01) Europe’s security and prosperity contributed to our own. (1:08:17) The strategic aim… (1:08:37) The Trump Administration’s National Security strategy. (1:08:55) Ukraine on the front lines. (1:09:09) Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity in 2014, and the subsequent Russian invasion of an area “roughly the size of Texas in the United States.” (1:09:34) Volunteer battalions and crowdsourced funding. Kent likens this movement to that “of our Minutemen of 1776.” (1:09:57) Since then, more than 13,000 Ukrainians have died fighting against Russian aggression in this “de facto war of independence.” (1:10:13) Kent’s analogy: American colonies may not have been able to succeed against the British after 1776 without outside assistance. (1:10:40) “…Ukraine is on a path to become a full security partner of the United States within NATO.” (1:11:13) “We have a front-row seat to the Russian way of war in the 21st Century, gaining priceless insights…” (1:11:23) This year, in 2019…41-year-old President (Volodymyr) Zelensky. (1:11:50) A thirst for justice. Reformed judicial sector. Foreign investors (including Americans). (1:12:17) Strategy for a successful Ukraine and other “former captive nations still recovering from the ashes of Soviet and communist misrule.” (1:12:33) Acting inconsistently with rule of law comes at great peril. (1:12:39) Grateful to Congress and the billions of dollars appropriated for policy goals. (1:12:53) Where the billions of dollars are going. (1:13:06) Much remains to be done. (1:13:45) “Here are the main ten themes from my (prior) testimony.” Anti-corruption. (1:14:01) First-hand knowledge or information gleaned from others. (1:14:29) US efforts to counter corruption in Ukraine focus on… (1:14:48) US law enforcement overseas. (1:14:56) “…criminal act overseas that violates US law—we have the institutional mechanisms to address that…I do not believe the United States should ask other countries to engage in selective politically associated investigations or prosecutions against opponents of those in power…” (1:15:29) The energy company, Burisma, and some history. (1:15:47) Early 2015, Kent asked the Deputy Prosecutor General why the investigation against Zlochevsky was terminated despite Mr. Kent’s belief that a bribe had been made so prosecutors would close the case. (From Wikipedia: Mykola Zlochevsky is a Ukrainian oligarch, politician, and businessman who founded Burisma). (1:16:00) Mr. Kent later learned that Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma. He pointed out in a conference call with the National Security Staff of the Office of the Vice President in February 2015 that there was an impression of a conflict of interest. He and other US officials did not want the case to be closed. (1:16:24) Kent and others advocated reinstating a “scuttled investigation” against the founder and the corrupt prosecutors who closed the case. (1:16:37) In 2018 and 2019, Kent became aware of an effort by Rudy Giuliani (and his associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman) to smear Ambassador Yovanovitch and other officials at the US Embassy in Kiev. (1:16:52) The bad actors on the Ukrainian side were some of the former corrupt prosecutors Kent had previously encountered, Yuriy Lutsenko and Viktor Shokin. (1:17:02) The corrupt prosecutors were seeking revenge against those who exposed their corruption (US diplomats, Ukrainian anti-corruption officials, and reform-minded civil society groups in Ukraine). (1:17:16) Late spring and summer of 2019, the smear campaign led to the ouster of Ambassador Yovanovitch and prevented a rapport to be established with new Ukraine President Zelensky. (1:17:30) Mid-August 2019: Giuliani’s efforts “to gin-up politically-motivated investigations were now infecting US engagement with Ukraine.” This is why President Zelensky was hoping to get a White House meeting. (1:17:42) Conditionality placed on sovereign loan guarantees for Ukraine. (1:17:58) “Congress and the Executive Branch work together to put conditionality on some security assistance in the Ukraine security assistance initiative.” (1:18:06) Three considerations that may limit Kent’s testimony. (1:19:18) Mr. Kent closes by praising his fellow public servants who have come under attack: Ambassador (Marie) Yovanovitch, Lt.Col. (Alexander) Vindman, and Dr. (Fiona) Hill.
    (1:20:57) Ambassador William Taylor begins opening statement. He is not here to take sides or to advocate for any particular outcome of the proceedings. He is here to provide facts about the incidents in question as well as explain the strategic importance of Ukraine to the US. (1:21:34) Taylor goes into his background. (1:22:10) “I am non-partisan, and have been appointed to my positions by every president from President Reagan to President Trump.” (1:22:18) Taylor summarizes his main points. 1. “Ukraine is a strategic partner of the US, important for the security of our country as well as Europe. Ukraine is on the front line in the conflict with the newly-aggressive Russia.” 2. Russians are “…attacking Ukrainian soldiers in their own country and have been for the past four years.” 3. “The security assistance we provide is crucial to Ukraine’s defense…it demonstrates to Ukrainians and Russians that we are Ukraine’s reliable strategic partner. (1:23:15) “It is clearly in our national interest to deter further Russian aggression. And finally, as the committee is aware, I wrote that withholding security assistance in exchange for help with a domestic political campaign in the United States is crazy.” (1:23:38) Taylor explains why he thinks it is crazy. On May 28, 2019, Mike Pompeo asked Taylor to rejoin the State Department and return to Kiev. It is a critical time for US/Ukraine relations. (1:24:14) The country was turning toward the West since Taylor’s departure in 2009, but Putin was threatened by the prospect of Ukraine joining the European Union, so he tried to bribe the Ukrainian President. That president fled to Russia in February 2014 after mass protests in the winter of 2013, (1:24:41) but not before 100 protestors were killed in Kiev. (1:24:48) “Days later Mr. Putin invaded Crimea, holding a sham referendum at the point of Russian army rifles. The Russians absurdly claimed that 97% voted to join Russia. In early April, Putin sent his army and security forces into southeastern Ukraine to generate illegal arm formations and puppet governments in what we know as Donbass.” (1:25:18) 14,000 Ukrainians have died in Donbass so far. “In July 2014, these Russian-led forces in Donbass shot down an airliner en route from Amsterdam to Malaysia, killing all 298 passengers on board.” (1:25:38) Economic sanctions were then placed on Russia by most of the West, and Russia was kicked out of the G8. In 2014, military assistance was provided to Ukraine by the US and NATO. (1:26:00) This assistance is the heart of the conversation in today’s hearing. (1:26:07) After the pro-Russian President was thrown out in 2014, the Ukrainian army was rebuilt, nearly from scratch. Kent goes into detail about how the aid has helped. (1:26:32) The nation united, and the US played a vital role with nearly $1.6 billion in military aid provided since 2014. (1:27:08) This aid demonstrates our commitment to resist aggression and defend freedom. Ambassador Taylor joined other ambassadors (2014-2016) in trying to convince the Obama administration to provide lethal defense to Ukraine as well as new sanctions on Russia. (1:27:37) Taylor was pleased with the Trump Administration’s decision to provide anti-tank javelin missiles and their enacting even stronger sanctions. (1:27:52) Going back to Kiev was not an easy decision since former Ambassador Yovanovitch was treated so badly by political influences in Kiev and Washington. (1:28:45) Taylor was worried about what he’d heard about Rudy Giuliani, who made several controversial statements regarding US/Ukraine. (1:29:03) Secretary Mike Pompeo assured Taylor in a May 28 meeting that the policy of strong support for Ukraine would continue. (1:29:26) Taylor went back to Kiev on June 17 carrying a letter from President Trump, which invited President Zelensky to the Oval Office. (1:29:56) Taylor mentions “a weird combination of encouraging, confusing, and ultimately alarming circumstances” in Ukraine. (1:30:05) Encouraging: President Zelensky’s work to end corruption. (1:30:46) Confusing: US policy and the “two channels” responsible for policy-making and implementation. (1:30:59) The regular channel and the main points of contact. (1:31:43) The irregular channel, unaccountable to Congress, including: Kurt Volker [special envoy to Ukraine, resigned 9/27/2019], Gordon Sondland [US Ambassador to the EU], Rick Perry [Secretary of Energy], Mick Mulvaney [Director of the Office of Management and Budget, OMB], and Rudy Giuliani.

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    Witnesses that didn't even witness anything 🙄🙄🙄

  62. Bryan S says:

    These two guys admitted to knowing nothing about any laws broke or crimes committed. WTH were they even doing there. Seems more like they were there to boost a chance of getting a book deal like the Ford lady on Cavanaugh. She got a Million Dollar book deal then dissapeared from Public. Complete disgrace

  63. Patty Robin says:

    Communist Islamo Nazi Party (dems, rhinos, islamists), death upon them; Immoral, corrupt, sociopaths committing coup against Americans; treason, tyranny, anarchy, propaganda, fascism, media control, espionage, extortion, tax theft, propaganda; russian, ukraine, impeachment ALL hoaxes. Troops were loyal, they'd assassinate coup leaders protect Americans!!! Citizens were smart, they'd retaliate burn senate, congress buildings! Our taxes our properties. Ammo up, fight back!

  64. jannmutube says:

    —> What Devon Nunes said, @ 4: 04: 28, is not an unfounded conspiracy: Trump never wanted to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons against Russia. Trump lied about his knowledge of changes to the GOP platform during the 2016 campaign. Not only did Manafort discuss Ukraine with Konstantine Kilimnick in a secret Cigar Club meeting, Trump authorized the changes that, temporarily, changed the GOP platform…. until it got found out.

    …August 2, 2016 Paul Manafort and Rick Gates meet with Konstantin Klimnick, at a Cigar Club in Jared Kushner's building on 5th Avenue to discuss a Ukranian peace plan and provides internal GOP polling data. … August 7, 2016 , John Kaisch exposes change in GOP platform about Ukraine.
    Google: Prosecutors say emails prove Manafort heavily edited Ukraine op-ed (nbcnews)
           Google: 2016 RNC Delegate: Trump Directed Change To Party Platform On Ukraine Support (npr)
    Michael Cohen’s New Reported Ties: Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC /watch?v=RQnT37SjM5M&t=15s

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    So, why isn't the main stream media saying anything about Epstein? HUH? Crickets…

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    Where’s , Rudy ? Leaving Epstein’s cell ….USA USA USA

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    Get rid of all the baby killing democrats murders that they are

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    (Part Three)
    (1:32:10) Ambassador Taylor was part of both the regular and irregular channels. The irregular channel operates mostly out of official State Department channels. (1:32:29) The irregular channel began on May 23. (1:32:58) President Trump was not enthusiastic about a meeting with new President Zelensky. (1:33:06) Initially, both the regular and irregular channels seemed to have the same interests, but those interests diverged by August. (1:33:28) In late June, both channels were trying to facilitate the visit President Trump promised in his May 29 congratulatory letter to President Zelensky. (1:33:46) Ambassadors Volker and Sondland relayed President Trump’s request to hear from President Zelensky before the visit could happen. (1:34:02) June 27 phone conversation with Ambassador Sondland: President Zelensky needed to be clear to Trump that he was not “standing in the way of investigations.” (1:34:16) June 28, Ambassador Sondland did not want the regular channel included in conversations with President Zelensky. (1:34:28) The people who were included in the call… (1:34:36) “Ambassador Sondland said he wanted to make sure no one was transcribing or monitoring…” (1:34:45) July 2 meeting in Toronto where (1:35:10) Ambassador Volker would explain in a one-on-one meeting with President Zelensky that President Trump wanted “…to get to the bottom of things.” (1:35:36) The condition of the meeting, investigations into Burisma and alleged Ukrainian interference in the 2016 elections, was driven by Rudy Giuliani. (1:36:00) July 18 NSC video conference call: An off-screen person from the OMB stated that there was a hold on security assistance to Ukraine. (1:36:41) “…the directive had come from the President to the Chief of Staff to OMB.” (1:36:50) The irregular channel diverged from long-standing policy. (1:37:02) Unanimous conclusion from inter-agency meetings was that the hold on aid should be lifted. (1:37:28) A joint meeting was sought to convince the President to release the aid, but the hold “lasted well into September.” (1:37:45) July 9 – Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman “…were not aware of any official change in US policy toward Ukraine, OMB’s announcement notwithstanding.” (1:38:07) Hold came from Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. (1:38:16) July 10 meeting with Ukrainian and American officials. National Security Advisor John Bolton became irritated after Ambassador Sondland connected investigations with the Oval Office meeting. Bolton, after the meeting, referred to (1:38:50) the deal as a “drug deal” and a disaster. (1:39:06) Ukrainian officials became confused as the regular (Bolton) and irregular (Sondland) channels had different things they wanted to talk about. (1:39:26) Ambassador Volker met with Giuliani, which caused Taylor to suspect the two channels were at odds. (1:39:51) Three-way “what’s app” conversation with Volker and Sondland. Volker said it was important for President Zelensky to say he would help the investigation. (1:40:18) July 20 phone call: Sondland recommended a phrase for President Zelensky to say when speaking to President Trump. (1:40:48) “President Zelensky did not want to be used as an instrument in a US re-election campaign.” (1:41:13) July 25 – after Trump/Zelensky conversation, the “Ukrainian government offered a short, cryptic summary,” but the White House did not offer a read out of the conversation. (1:41:44) President Zelensky, after saying he was happy with the July 25 conversation, asked about meeting with the US President. (1:41:54) Ambassador Volker and Ambassador Taylor were thanked by the commander (at the front line in Donbass) for the security assistance, which Ambassador Taylor knew was on hold. (1:42:16) Russian forces could be seen on the other side of the bridge. (1:42:34) The first summary of the July 25 phone call, which Tim Morrison (NSC advisor who replaced Fiona Hill) said “could have been better.” (1:42:58) President Trump suggested President Zelensky meet with Giuliani or William Barr. (1:43:14) August 16 – A senior advisor to President Zelensky (Andriy Yermak) “had asked that the US submit an official request for an investigation into Burisma’s alleged violations of Ukrainian law, if that is what the US desired.” (1:43:38) Ambassador Taylor recommended to Ambassador Volker that “we stay clear.” (1:44:04) Mid-August: Taylor was concerned that policy of supporting Ukraine was shifting. (1:44:43) Aug 22 – Tim Morrison said “…the President doesn’t want to provide any assistance at all.” (1:45:06) Aug 27 – Ambassador Bolton arrived in Kiev, but did not discuss security aid. Ukrainians were not aware of the hold until Aug 29. (1:45:27) Bolton recommended Taylor contact Secretary Pompeo about his “serious concern.” (1:46:00) Russia was watching US support for Ukraine and would “love to see the humiliation of President Zelensky at the hands of the Americans.” (1:46:14) Taylor would not support such a policy. (1:46:30) Andriy Yermak contacted Ambassador Taylor “very concerned” about the hold. (1:46:39) A Politico story made the hold public. (1:47:00) Sep 1 – President Zelensky met with VP Pence in Warsaw. President Trump canceled due to Hurricane Dorian. (1:47:16) If the hold was not lifted by Sep 30 the funds would expire and Ukraine would receive nothing. (1:47:44) Sep 1 – Taylor received a readout of the Zelensky/Pence phone call. Pence was asked immediately about the aid, and VP said he would talk to President Trump that night. (1:48:05) Trump wants the Ukrainians to do more to fight corruption. (1:48:16) Morrison described a Sondland/Yermak phone conversation where Sondland told Yermak the money would not come until Zelensky committed to pursue the Burisma investigation. (1:48:53) This was the first time Taylor learned the security aid—not just the White House meeting—was conditioned on the investigations. (1:49:04) Taylor asked for clarification from Sondland. (1:49:21) Trump wants Zelensky to “state publicly that Ukraine will investigate Burisma.” (1:49:36) Sondland made a mistake…everything (not just a White House meeting) was dependent upon Zelensky’s statement about investigations. (1:50:12) “President Trump should have more respect for another head of state.” (1:51:03) Ukrainian officials were troubled by the inability of US officials to answer questions with regard to security assistance.(1:51:24) Sep 5 – Senators Murphy and Johnson accompanied Taylor to Kiev, where Zelensky’s first question was about withheld security assistance. (1:51:36) Zelensky should not jeopardize bipartisan support by getting drawn into US politics. (1:52:03) “…the official foreign policy of the United States was undercut by the irregular efforts led by Mr. Giuliani.” (1:52:40) Trump told Sondland he was not asking for a quid pro quo. (1:53:10) Sep 8 – Sondland said Trump was adamant that Zelensky himself had to be the one to make a public declaration. (1:54:06) Zelensky agreed to make a public statement on CNN. (1:54:15) Taylor was worried that the Ukrainians might give the interview and still not receive the aid. (1:54:33) Sep 9 – “…with the hold, we have already shaken their faith in us.” (1:54:57) Sondland: “no quid pro quos of any kind.” (1:55:08) Sondland: Trump is a business man…”pay up before signing the check.” (1:55:31) Taylor: “the explanation made no sense.” (1:55:47) Sep 11 – Taylor learned the hold was finally lifted, but he wasn’t sure why. (1:56:27) Zelensky was not planning to give the CNN interview. (1:56:52) Sep 25 – Trump met Zelensky face-to-face in NYC and also released a transcript of the July 25 phone call without giving any notice to Ukrainian officials “and they were livid.” (1:58:18) Trump cares more about investigations of Biden. (1:59:30) Taylor summarizes. (2:00:35) Two Ukraine stories.

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    8:05 top right corner speaks volumes about what this is actually about, still can't get over 2016 got to find something.

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    Jew theater, what a bore..

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    Shiff has those crazy eyes… he's a loon

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    🚨Ambassador Taylor sounded like a confused buffoon. Just proves we have plenty of people in government that may or may not even be qualified for the job. I think Joe Biden and his son are the only people that did a “quid pro quo”. The angry dirty sore loser Democrats and fake news liberal press are covering for them.

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    Starts at 35:57

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    How do I get a subscription to the irregular channels?

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    The House impeachment inquiry investigation began a public hearing in the second week, and the intelligence committee planned to hear testimony from nine other witnesses within three days.

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    Starting to re-think those reptilian conspiracies after looking at Shift’s crazy eyes. Damn!

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    Democrats were the party of Slavery

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    B4 hearings Democrats will vote guilty. Republicans not guilty.
    After hearings Democrats will vote guilty. Republicans not guilty.

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    Jim Jordon has been credibly accused of touching little boys inappropriately. People are coming forward, it seems like a lot of boys were targeted. People are calling for Jim Jordon to resign and investigated. What a monster. This is the representative that the republicans choose to speak for them? How many more Republicans are child molesters? I'll just bet Nunes is for sure. Very sick individuals

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    5:24:09 – 5:25:00 was the highlight of this hearing. This is comedy gold 😂

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    How is looking into corruption deep within a company that is hugely powerful in Ukraine a bad thing, and why would it be wrong for our president to ask that the new president of Ukraine examine corruption in conjunction with being given aid from the US? Is it wrong to ask that corruption be wiped out when giving handouts to ensure that the handout is useful? The ONLY way this would be abuse of power is if our president pressured another nations leader to fabricate dirt on a political opponent for political gain. As Biden isn't actually contending with Trump at this point, how could looking into his past actions when he was vice president be corrupt rather than a vetting of the swamp and their former actions?

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    Why was the comment section not open when the hearing was still going on? I wanted to leave a comment then but it was not open to do so then .I am going to scroll through the comment section now to see what kind of comments are on there now. I have already seen that C-SPAN channels are really left leaning and favor Democrats . Although it seems like once they get called out on it by people that phone in they try hard to try to make it look like they are neutral shortly after that. But they always wind up showing their true colors again .They think we are stupid

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    TRUMP 2020

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    Devin Nunes is neck deep in all of this shit. thats why he doesnt ask questions, and just shouts debunked conspiracy theories at the witnesses. the wrong answer could implicate him. I cant wait to hear what Lev Parnas has to say. you can only throw so many people under the bus before you piss off someone who knows your dirty secrets lol.

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    What about 911 and what the government can and do do at least trump is different and in a good way he’s true there false

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    The government needs to be destroyed the government is the problem there pedeos and are corrupt it’s the people who hold these assholes in place

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    Oh and how could I forget war ahhh killing our young boys for the government and they keep them going to war to die or at least ptsd till they kill then themselves it’s sickening

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    The system is meant to fail ppl r programmed

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    If trump goes more evil will occur believe me

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    56:00 he believes these people should serve the president but it is the role of our officials to serve the American people. Public office is a service position.

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    We need the Audio phone conversation between Trump and the Ukraine President otherwise NO one will believe the Democrat's accusation of Trump.

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    Can anyone find the point in the video (if it is in here) where Rep Quigley said "hearsay can be much better evidence than direct as we have learned". That is by far the funniest thing I heard all year and would love to share a link to it. I saw it live when watching and cracked up. But, can't find him commenting in here.

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    >turn the comments on
    > Autism Enters the Chat

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