how often do people actually buy shit online?


Would you like to do my YouTube video for a quick question This role is not going so good Hey guys, so welcome to my channel where at H&M and behind the camera is valerie and Perisa so they’ll say hey to asking strangers Should we ask them right now? I don’t know man, we can’t be like in their zone You know I learned last time you guys saw that if you don’t get rejected just make sure they’re like The right person I think it’s easier if I had a friend You know that did it with me (Sad Music Playing) It’s quite hard. I might want to give up so we’re just gonna see how it goes Hey guys, so today. We’re gonna ask people in Portland Why they buy stuff online and the best part is you guys can ask the next question trying to walk backwards but if you guys like this video you want more make sure you like and Subscribe! ( Valerie & Teresa) (Fire intro music playing) Actually, no, they don’t look like a fun family. I see kids!! okay okay okay (Run Montage) Oh my gosh (Asking people to be on my youtube montage) This role is not going so good would you like to answer one question I have He does ahhh s**t, what’s the question? What’syour name? my name is Kobe all right kobe have you ever bought clothes online What’s your name? I’m Perisa (from earlier) So Perisa I have a question for you Valerie (from earlier) why do you buy clothes online? Sometimes what’s your motivation? was it like it was cool or you saw an ad for it? Where did you buy stuff I was like on amazon? I saw an ad for it on snapchat what was it? I think it was like this white tshirt Do you guys buy smaller stores or just Amazon ? smaller sotres? umm yeah sometimes no. how about you? yeah i do what would you say because you saw an ad or you just wanted to probably saw an ad Have you ever bought anything online? Yes. Clothes or just amazon stuff? Both Have you ever bought anything from an ad? or no you just ignore it? No we’ve never bought anything from an ad before or I haven’t You see all our Instagramers also wearing it, so you kind of want to buy it? it”s Kind of like all instagramers Do you buy clothes online? Sometimes do you ever like buy from amazon or some cool fresh new store you saw Yeah, I got a few apps on my phone like let go and stuff No actually no, it’s actually about lifestyles vogs, and business. I’m really interested in business myself really are you an entrepreneur? I’m trying to be I got a lot of dreams and aspirations Me too. I dropped out I dropped out! You did? Hey f**k do youtube instead Yeah man F**k it! Easy-peasy Alright guys for today’s recap. I think we all know that people buy from anywhere as a brand, or as a marketer We just know that people are motivated by two things, and it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Amazon or a small ecommerce store however people are motivated by convenience or Exclusivity so you either have to be one of those two things because everything in the middle is Commoditized so whether it’s influencer marketing and your really high-end brand or your Amazon with an incredibly fast shipping I think that’s gonna be the way for 2018 Just be one of those two things and at least have a good product as well Don’t forget that! I hope you guys enjoy this episode if you want your question to be answered To strangers from work and research let me know what it is down below, and if you like Friday ask Friday Videos let me know as well. I’ll catch you guys in the next one good bye What’s up guys, thank you so much for watching hold up If you could do me a huge favor give this video a like and hit that subscribe button to turn all my post notifications Now it’d mean the world to me, and I’d really appreciate it


  1. Your conclusion makes sense, good work! I tried to interview people on the street before, it was not easy; you did well! <thumbs up> 🙂

  2. I see you young blood !!! keep on growing and pursuing your dreams. Much love from pedy and joal, and the rest of rogers crew

  3. I love your videos! I’ve been trying to promote myself as a business and your videos have helped so much! Your drive and effort is evident in your videos!

  4. i shop online because most stores are buying online anyways and then charging 500% on items. I live in a tourist town and I can't afford to buy things in my town.


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