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I’m a huge fan of Seth Goden. I think Seth
Goden is a brilliant author and a brilliant teacher of entrepreneurs and so I’ve read
all of his books. Squidoo was a little project of his, so we have just added Squidoo into
the mix. We have multiple Facebook, both personal and business accounts, we’re on Twitter. Here’s
the big teaching lesson on social media stuff, is that if you don’t have the fundamentals,
what I just talked to Sean about, having a book, having something to offer for free,
having a way of making that trade of a little bit of information from them for a little
bit of information from you to them, then it doesn’t, you can go out and build all the
social media stuff you want, that’s chasing what we call shiny, glittery objects. So you
want to have the fundamentals. Part of fundamentals is, we believe, a monthly written and mailed,
not just emailed, but a mailed newsletter, having your book in place, having a database
like infusionsoft or some other marketing database you can segregate these things. So
I reading a bunch of Seth Goden and he said, “Hey, one of my projects is Squidoo. Squidoo
is kind of neat because you can post books from amazon, if someone buys a book, then
the money that would typically go to me for being an affiliate goes to a charity. So he’s
raised millions and millions of dollars by going to this thing and it’s just a cute little
thing. Now here’s the real thing. The real reason; once I go at it for six months, I’m
going to pass all of that content off to my writer, Colin Lynch, one of my writers here,
and we’ve got a new book. And if you read Seth Goden’s books, you’ll see that I think
all of them are compilations of blogs.


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