How to Access Internet Native Banner (INB) from a Mac


This video was created by UNC Charlotte’s
department of Information Technology Services. In this video, you will see how to access
Banner INB using your University Mac computer. You can access using multiple browsers but
this example uses Safari. First, open Safari and go to
Click the BANPROD link on the left If you do not have Java installed, click Missing
plugin and select More info Click the Agree and start free download to
download Java Once the download is complete, select it and
double-click Double-click the icon for the installer and select Open
Enter your password and click Install Helper In the installer, click next but be sure to
unselect the yahoo option When the install is complete, click close
Close the tab and the download tab; then go back and enter
Select the BANPROD link again from the left and click Trust when prompted
When prompted, click Do not show this again and click Run
Enter your University information and then click Connect For more information about IT Services on
campus, go to our website at


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