How to Build & Design a Website : How to Make a Banner for Your Website


And of course, we have to put our logo. This
is the company’s logo, KK Kator, that we wanted to use. The next thing, is we want for our
banner was our soon to be links. Soon to be links that we are going to use for the banner
and this is going to be for the home page, for the private page, also, for the contact
us page. The contact page the gives you the address and everything else for the company,
as well. Around that we put another design for lines to kind of separate it from the
other content that is going to be on this particular banner. So, as you can see, now
the next part and the last final part is the slogan. Clothes for the art, that’s our slogan
right there, but also we added some other things to it. As you can see, it has a white
background for the wording and as you can see the logo is red. So we put our stroke
in, there’s our stroke. So we wanted to reverse what the logo is from what the wording says.
Clothing for the Art and that’s it for making our banner.



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