1. amjed anver says:

    this video really help full. tanks

  2. William Pitzer says:

    I could not make this work in FireFox, but it did work using Chrome. I don't use IE.

  3. LJ says:

    so there's no way of doing without hacking the code…smh

  4. Mike Nixon says:

    It works in Firefix for me, shows in email preview, but when hit send it reverts.

  5. creative notch says:

    Yah! it works, thanks

  6. Penny Ma says:

    very very helpful. thanks. I new learn today.

  7. Cat MeNot says:

    What about Outlook? Thanks!

  8. Cat MeNot says:

    Awesome! Very step-by-step, exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!

  9. tchip Pat says:

    Very good indeed .

  10. Aldahil says:

    boring video

  11. Tanvira Anjuma says:

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  12. happinin says:

    thank you. i was wondering how the hell image links would work if i sent by email…. unless i hosted them on my server and used a direct https link that way? a concern i have about these free image hosting sites is, do the links ever expire?

  13. preeti darbari says:

    Hi Thanks for the video… it really helped me. Just a small question , when I create an HTMl with a certain Font say Exo family on pasting the code in the gmail the font changes. Why does that happen

  14. Ahmed Rashid says:

    you are robot

  15. Vlad Burlacu says:

    what is that voice text reader that you use?

  16. Kepo Oppa says:

    Nice one 🙂

  17. Timothy So says:

    is this text to speech lmao

  18. Hardik Vyas says:


  19. Sass ಠ益ಠ says:

    Do not do illegal work. 😲 Brute force, recaptcha will catch you XD

    Hey! robot you're just a massive package of 0's and 1's 😛

  20. Qazi Ikram says:

    Thanks for the tip, i did in gmail, all goes well but images are not showing 🙁

  21. Fishbird DD says:

    pink sheep

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    you are the best my brother …god bless you we learn from you a lot of 🙂 thanks thanks thanks

  23. ᄅ호ᅩᅥᅡᅢ노ᅮᅢᅧᄅ호ᅩᅥᅡᅢᄂ서ᅢᅡᄂᄒᄎᄂ ᄇᄃ퍼ᅢᅭᄉᄂᄐ츄ᅥᅮᅥᅡᅵᅢ says:

    brother how to make email notification using xampp phpmyadmin to get notification when we publish our website outsite……for example wordpress site hosted from home with email as contact….thanks brother

  24. LoganGaming says:


  25. Rohit Chandra says:

    share the code in comment section please

  26. X-ELITEACE-X says:

    you have to get a server i recommend bitnami to do the emailing

  27. Earthly Life says:

    The images shouldn't load. Can you explain how you got the images to load?

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