How to do Network Marketing Online / The Number One Skill You Must Learn


How to Do Network Marketing Online we talking about house gets a pass to
get rid of marketing and who have a local business or wide we’re told that a
couple of strategies and onto the show you against rational once school mafia bosses in order to take it with pocket
dismissal on so say check my friend was facing through network marketing or well it’s all over it Network marketing online if it comes because uh… out with the phrase
strategies as a whole bunch obsolete yes three eight cities for
example this is tools you need to do in order to
get back together so it is very complex boxing or more i did not going to look at both the not
it’s gonna take some time key piece of least three to six months nebo annual
about before keep yourself that’s fine how to do network marketing online happen expectations list expect these
together uh… too to happen straight away say keep yourself expect action three to six months alleged oracle sec now with a lot of marketing obviously his video that’s wrong to have no future which it is now the number two search engine so you choose cervical b_d_o_ seidman uh… we also have looking yourself pizza hut websites which we can
use classical watching uh… insightful lead capture pages these are all too conducted obvious couple concepts attraction marketing personal branding to these things you need to get your
head uh… polysilicon appears to be
everything just wanted to get so what we’re going to crack what we got for excellence packet is the
number one skill must must remember this it’s netspace okay so if someone is looking a business and i would have wanted on the internet they’re going to go to your decisions god costs they’re going to talk to you seven frags they got into artfully a business of cheap product rights or not say everything starts falling search static want their up what people are actually searching i kept us along ninety construction scenario one second when president stressed tensei rio ektu so what we want to be doing the first
thing we want to talk in his uh… too hopes keyword tool mccain so this is a free tool that you can use and this is basically
your first point of this is our first stop when it comes to keep that research or a so say for example we were talking uh… let’s go home business yes says a couple of things that we need
to look at uh… first thingies uh… we want to take these books only show i_d_’s closely related to my
tenants ok otherwise his command uh… you know you’ll see will be a
whole bunch different keywords you can’t use down there and she want to keep its
specific too and business right time now you can choose a country but because you know i’m a content market up uh… onlooker on colorful scale okay uh… now if you can use this for
pay-per-click marketing you can use this for content marketing so i remember keyword research is the
number one skill we want to get down uh… okay ’cause everything stops search so the next thing reside here matched odds they really need to know exactly what
that means at the moment but see how broad is ticked u_n_ aunty
that okay maturity zack and can you wanna find out exactly what
people talking uh… a talking in all right now we’re looking at and for
exact twelve thousand one hundred global
mon-fri searches for the words have business uh… now that is quite a lot of
searches you know the problem with that without search is that interfere lead to near exit come
once again have a lot of competition and number two you don’t know really
shorts akeli what’s going on in your prospects
maligned when they’re talking in hand business all they just kind of under-funding out what i’m businesses
other looking for a hundred business uh… you don’t know dot so that’s why you wanna go band something like this this is called
and loan title keyword phrase there’s more than two words work from home and business by deeds uh… home business opportunities pen-based business opportunity one thousand at-home business ideas for women work from home and business
opportunities income opportunity home based business
two hundred and ten or a uh… now the lower numbers low numbers of called a cold and below
and fruits under foreign together for okay uh… think about this if you had
one hundred pieces of content up on your blog each one of them getting off uh… one
lead today that’s a hundred late today that’s
phenomenal a cat scan that scope that’s called lead
prosperity which leads to prosperity in this industry all right so that this is the people
adwords keyword research tool bcs this is where everything stops this is
the number one thing you going to base your pads we’ll content he either video or blocking will pay per click ads going to be basic icing it or around the keyword phrases the people talking okay cheese space keywords knows a lot skills remember everything revolves renowned
search i can’t say if you’re if you’re into that i’ve got something really special to you uh… it’s a free webinars on the keyword research secret is only so much like you to go to the
official of the treaty but you can’t click that link to update you get a tax issues where that now cracking up at texas notes uh… ends evelyn all becky was research
including headshots where it adds to properties because it has too much competition is
not good reform keyword fiskars how to do network marketing online


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  3. Ha Love the hand motions bortha!
    However I think you need to work on your video communication skills, just keep shooting videos till you feel 100% comfortable, keep at it brotha 🙂

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  5. I totally disagree with keyword being the number one skill you must master..this is not duplicatable in my opinion..with long tail keywords and all that malarky..finding a problem that  your target market has then..learning a skill, implementing that skill, then teaching that offering value is the most important skill..and plus this will brand you as a leader.

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