How To Get FREE Home Internet – The Deal Guy

How To Get FREE Home Internet – The Deal Guy

Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite.
For those of you who are subscribed to this channel, you know you get a huge deal from
me every day. None of these are paid products and if you watch me here versus USA Today
or your local TV station, I cater to you first because you are the most important part of
my cheap life right now. 100% free internet… that’s what I want to discuss. Right intern
Jeannie? Who wants free internet? Everyone! We’re going to interview before I show you
how this works! How much do you pay for your internet? Around $50. You’re right on par
with the national average which is between $50 and $80 when you break from your other
services or cable. Are you happy with your provider? Being a college student, I wish
it was cheaper. Is yours wireless or do you have cable/ DSL? Mine’s wireless. Perfect.
We did not even stage this! What I’m about to show you is not for people who stream or
are constantly on Netflix or Hulu or watching every Sling TV episode. The service is called
FreedomPop. They have different paid packages but the amazing things is for those of you
who just want to try this, just buy their home modem which is a 4G connection and not
available in all areas but if it works in your area as it does in mine, it delivers
speeds of around 10 MB per second up to 12. And you get 1GB of free data every month.
If you want more flexibility within your data use, they have a 10GB cap package. Let me
show you how it works and just so you’re aware, this is in fact my condo, not a paid product
test from FreedomPop, I’m not making a dime of commission on anything, that’s my wedding
album by the way. I have in fact on my own purchased a Freedompop modem which I keep
behind my couch which is working great and this is the modem, there is only one thing
I have plugged in to the back and that’s a power source. It has two ethernet ports in
the event you want to hardwire to another device and this often confused as a cable
jack is actually an auxillary antenna port if you needed to give this an additional boost
which I do not. The modem itself is on right now and we will test the speed. Even on their
most basic free package without paying for or compressed data, let’s see the speed I
get. Even the upload speed is a little bit better than the Time Warner package default.
Amazing what you get for free. In terms of Netflix, You get great HD quality and absolutely
no streaming or buffering issues. I also tried it with SlingTV and it works great. Now back
to the studio. I’m very happy with what I found. Hey, intern Jeannie, how amazing does
that look? That seems awesome! For those of you who are interested in the free offer,
my only complaint is they try to charge you for all sorts of add-on services like compression,
virus protection and notification services. Just sign up for the straight service, I wouldn’t
add anything and you might be very happy. The cancellation is easy to do but you do
need to reach someone by phone. The phone number to cancel and the sign is right under
this video window. Jeannie? Any closing words? Definitely subscribe to the Deal Guy Channel
and please like these videos!


  1. Sarah Byng says:

    @The Deal Guy ….. Is this available in Canada?

  2. celeste glick says:


  3. Janet B says:

    I have been wondering if Freedom Pop was legit. Thanks for the review!

  4. Mr H says:

    My kids could use this for netflix and their phones. Did I mention its free interweb.

  5. Joanne Springberg says:

    Are you going to bring your wife on the show?

  6. Rochelle long says:

    Re: Freedom pop cool! I'll look into, however we have like twelve devices so I'll have to check it out

  7. mary lou Ribbeck says:

    wow, i would love to save $

  8. PBS #007 says:

    could you do one on cloud storage ?? thanks

  9. G S says:

    You didn't the phone number to cancel.
    The free plan is only 500 MB / month now.

  10. Ryan Testa says:

    Like the haircut

  11. Ula Baldwin says:

    I had asked about home security in a different video, but can you also include home automation (i.e. Alexa vs Oomi vs Phillips) and best deal to start with home automation. I have apple, but interested in Alexa, but confused on what I need to get started on a budget (saw a three pack of light switches for $300! what can you find?)

  12. Paula Aquino says:

    cut the cord,ty pluto great ,firetv next thank you matt!!

  13. Madhav Musle says:

    I want to know about outernet potable solar lantern price

  14. Sarasota Florida Concierge says:

    OMG and all we get is Frontier DSL crap which is like dial-up. Going to try it but hope it's free.

  15. Sarasota Florida Concierge says:

    WAIT A MINUTE HERE FOLKS! This alert I was given was it was just uploaded. Well, it's over a year old and when I did hit the link, it says the offer is Expired. Sad but I needed this as I am laid off and can't afford cost of current DSL crap from Frontier.

  16. Marian Dexter says:

    Please keep coming up with great deals. Sometime soon, I would like to win something.

  17. Mostafa Mohamed says:


  18. Stephen Kellogg says:

    This is awesome! Thank you, Matt & Crew!

  19. donald wilson says:


  20. Theresa A Melvin says:

    I love this guy the way he demonstrated the products and explains everything you're getting, love this guy

  21. CAROL LINN says:

    Cheaper is better.

  22. Karen Haywood says:

    I will sign up, thanks Matte

  23. Mary Eshbach says:

    Hmmm . Free internet ? Such a deal!

  24. Charles Evans says:

    1st u say not 4 streamin then at the end of video u mention Netflix n Hulu. u say u can buy a bigger package with more data. and u say Customer service sucks n their they hard 2 reach if u want 2 Cancel. WTF…….

  25. Danny S Hodges says:

    Matt you have some good deals, my wife saids some seem to good to be true. 🙂

  26. MR. BANKS says:


  27. Carol T. E says:

    Free internet, great share.

  28. Sue Caldwell says:

    That looks great!

  29. susan montana says:

    Love free internet. too bad I do not live in one of their areas.

  30. MaquiNando says:


  31. deb patterson says:

    I'm confused u had different price PKG so it's not completely free is it?

  32. Jose Garcia says:


  33. David Saxton says:

    love the floor in ur condo

  34. Chris Kross says:

    It's called go to mcdonalds

  35. Amber Westrup says:

    deal guy is killin it

  36. Shannon Conley says:

    If it's free then why are they charging?

  37. Clyde Sconce says:

    Nice! Good info!

  38. Susan Kay says:

    I wish you could offer a bright mood light please.
    I love your deals!!

  39. Luis Moran says:

    I thought u said free not a one time fee tf 🤔

  40. Michelle Jones says:

    Awesome i have been looking to replace Time Warner!

  41. J.D. says:

    U can buy the simkit for 99cent! and also fully free monthly plan.. But for 32bucks you get unlimited tlk txt, and i think 2? 3gb.

    I pay $30 at cricket for unlimited tlk txt,1GB! For 2 more bucks def worth it!!

    I have 2 more months til I can UNlock my phone with criket. I plan on doing that. I already bought and have the freedompop sim,they even sent me a fully free xtra sim kit.. just without a #,But i can assign a fully different #,get another unloked phone and just say for back up put it on the free plan..


    But Im a Gamer and BIG TIME movie streamer. I use Crappylink AKA CENTURY LINK as my service, THEY ONLY OFFER 6MBPS DOWN IN MY AREA!! IM ONLY 1 MILE away from Main central office!! Also not 30feet from me they can get at least 10Mbps!!

    Not only is that BS!! ABOUT 20 FEET the opposite way CRAPPY LINK has I guess their sever?U know the Silver Huge Boxes u see only Tech field works messing with??

    And THE WORSE PART, Do I actually Pull 6Mbps? HELL NO… I'm lucky im getting 4.65! Mbps. When I first signed up I was AT LEAST Pulling 5.25Mbps, Out the blue it drops.

    I have had field techs out here days at a time, an 1 guy was ready to say FUCK IT, IM HOOKING U UP SO U CAN USE THE SERVICE BOX RIGHT HERE, INSTEAD OF HAVING U ACROSS TOWN, THAT WAY U CAN GET 25MBPS,AND I'm not even going to let them know,So U will still only pay for the 6Mbps,Which was awesome, He 1st called and tried to negotiate to put me on that section,

    Well due to An engineer ,He was told no. So ,He knew he had been out to my house several times to give me new CRAPPY ROUTER/MODEMS,Due to the fact they seem to just SCREW UP YEARLY, I have been with them since 2014,Have gone through 5 Modem/routers!!! Always give me the ZYXAL PK500Z(CRAP) DSL. mODEM/ROUTER.

    So the guy says Im hooking you up down there, you will get 25 or more, and so they wont know we just cant upgrade the plan to u paying for 25Mpbs..


    He and I both get in his truck, hes actually teaching me a bit as he works, So Hes doing his thing, and almost had me connected,
    WHAT HAPPENS? ANOTHER CRAPPYLINK Tech field Supervisor happen to drive by, and asked what he was working on, did he need help etc, The guy knew he could not lie, i would not want him to,And risk his Job NO way!

    SO he just simple told them he was hooking me up to that certain service box(or whatever tf THEIR CALLED)
    The other agent knew me from working on issues with speed at my home before, and had to be aN A HOLE
    N Says Mr.__ Is connected through central the other way right? They actually Okay'd you to go ahead…

    Well to cover his ass, he just simple said, Well I didn't think it would be a issue and made more sense, hes paying for 6Mbps, Yet 30feet away from him they can pull 10Mbps, the guy is really getting screwed, hes not even pulling a 5.

    So capt @$$ hole, said Well ……. I understand ,How far along r u, Guy says about 15min maybe hes golden.

    Guy says well call it in and lets make sure ,we do not wanna piss any of the Engineers off or anything..

    So he acted like he sat and made a call.Already knowing the answer. Few moments later.. He gets out shaking his head,and says they wont let me…
    The man Is getting a crappy end of the deal and All It would be is 1 house from other direction on this,so he can pull decent speeds.

    Other Crappylink SUPERVISOR says, Well shit I almost wish I wouldn't have stopped, But I cant knowing let u hook him now.

    SMH….. So I live (Not bragging) But in 1 of the better neighbor hoods in my area, and cant get good service..

    1.THING GOOD,tHEY Say they have a 250gb cap(unlimited) Well I have streamed movies n played ,downloaded games non stop since I got this service never ever have i been idle back..

    WHAT SUCKS!! I PAY $65 A MONTH! thats with a Modem lease..Which I'm afraid if I buy a Modem from these fucks, and even though I have EVERYTHING,EVERYTHING Plugged through surge protectors, I have had lighting hit 3 modems,and fry them,Just the modem,NOTHING ELSE.

    To extend my WIFI, I used a 50foot Ethernet, ran it from my ISP Router/modem and scanned where they wifi from that started to get low but still good, i HOOKED up a neatgear Modem there with Ethernet,Then now that Modem puts off WIFI all into my yard,through almost half my home..

    I thought about buying those repeaters U just plug into the wall outlet and its suppose to carry wifi all around?

    But I gave this a try since I had it all laying around so gave it a try,works great..


  42. Chino Reza says:

    Nice 👍🏼

  43. Rochelle long says:

    you are correct!!!! their customer service is horrible!!!!!!!

  44. Steven Kokko says:

    that's pretty cool free internet! i was expecting some
    sort of weird powerful wifi signal grabber from your local starbucks a block away

  45. michael alvarado says:

    i get free tv! what? what do you mean i have to purchase a television set? i thought you said free tv!? what a maroon! LOL!!!!

  46. qbs4141 says:

    Good information!

  47. ANDREW says:

    Great information

  48. Kris Wiseman says:

    What do you recommend for people who stream(netflix, you tube etc….)?

  49. 我是龙Jay says:


  50. Gail Casey says:

    free wow

  51. Danny Greene says:

    Still looking for great deals…

  52. SALAZAR_U says:

    can I play video games with this?

  53. Stella Bertolette says:

    I'm officially addicted to you deal guy!

  54. Aaron Fantazii #AFLive says:

    They need to have Unlimited , I began to get Many many times but i know I use A lot of Media ! ! Companies like this need to be Unlimited and they would be ThE ComPetition Gawd ! Unlimited Plans DUH

  55. Desmond Freeman says:

    I drive semi trucks on my down time when it's time to rest or get ready for bed I like to watch a movie before I go to sleep is there an unlimited plan I do like Netflix I do have a TV in my truck I would love to stream some shows in my cab of my 18 wheeler

  56. Desmond Freeman says:

    can you help me in my situation thank you

  57. LISA SMITA says:

    There is no such thing as free internet. Borrowed… yes.

  58. STU O' NEILL says:

    How is that FREE

  59. Rubiks Craft says:

    Thats not 10 megabytes a second, thats 10 megabits a second, or 1.25 megabytes a second

  60. Barb Hall says:

    Been watching & ordering your deals for 2 years now. Please continue finding them for us.we really appreciate all you do.

  61. Peyton White says:

    1gb free data for phones . ? Or unlimited wifi

  62. Peyton White says:

    Unlimited 10 mb or 1 gig

  63. Embree Smith says:

    nice tie ..!
    WalMart ..?

  64. Harley McCorcle says:

    I like it alot

  65. Lance Baker says:

    "Inter-Genie" has managed to perfect the awful FRY VOICE so cherished by today's young women. At 00:57 "Mine's wireless" is so fried it sounds like she is dying.

  66. Lance Baker says:

    He asks "Is yours wireless or you have cable, DSL?" Dude, EVERYONE is wireless. The provider sends through either DSL phone line or cable. THEN we attach a Wi-Fi router.

  67. Lance Baker says:

    You cannot just try it to see how you like it. You have to pay $49.99 MINIMUM up front for their cheapest modem just to test it. The modem is just a NetGear Fuse THAT YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE!!!! They claim "50% off Launch Special", but the same modem is $45.00 from Amazon.

  68. Lance Baker says:

    I'm now seeing plenty of Youtube videos for FreedomPop, WAY TOO MANY TO BE JUST "LOOK WHAT I FOUND". What are they paying you to promote their service?

  69. Let’s Do Something says:

    Didn't give anything

  70. Tenzing Ngodub says:

    If the Internet is free then why would you cancel the service

  71. Coco Music says:

    10 megabits not bytes

  72. jim never says:

    If it is “free”, why all the focus on the “cancel” process.

  73. The Conaway says:


  74. locol malo says:

    Steal want one

  75. Michelle Brown says:

    Are you from Massillon, OH? We have MCTV also!!!

  76. Vanessa Morales says:

    Wow this is 2 years old! What I am doing here ? Oh yeah free internet lol

  77. Latessha Buchanan says:

    Wow, you look so different with short hair! Is this deal still valid 3 years later?

  78. Jose Santana says:

    I get 700 MB of free data with FreedomPop using the AT&T sim on a backup phone I have. Very handy for emergencies.

  79. Dale Benton says:

    free wifi for life time 🙂 mmm interesting think i mite change over

  80. Maxine Plaugh says:

    I don't have internet at my home will it work

  81. agthaog1986 says:

    no more need 2 b said 4 me. im done with fios 4ever

  82. Johnny Salgado says:

    Thank you so much

  83. terry waller says:

    1GB is useless.

  84. Stressy Porkrind says:

    You show how much it is per month so what is free I used 200 gigabytes a month

  85. Mickey Lavoie says:

    We need unlimited, do they offer that?

  86. terry waller says:

    I go through 3GB in a day. This plan is useless unless all you do is check email!

  87. Phead128 says:

    they def smashed.

  88. brother mike says:

    thats ping pong peggy from b porn movies lmao…..

  89. Scandal says:

    Wow if u get spectrum internet there’s plan that cost 15 to 50$ how is that expensive Its 30mbps no data caps

  90. llengford says:


  91. Michael Angelica says:

    Most ppl use multiple gigs in a day.

  92. Alberto Abarzua says:

    Yes sir I would give her internet for free but I would charge u 200.

  93. Where S Waldo says:

    ..I'd kiss em & squeeze em And…

  94. J Fulton says:

    You should send me yours lol

  95. carrie stine says:

    The deal guy .I can't open site for modem .no place to but it

  96. Rick X says:

    The link to their website says FREE for 30 days, then bills at $21.99… and showed NOT other options of free service as mentioned in the video… NOT COOL. , but then again this youtube video is from 2015 and here we are in 2019… an UPDATE would have been nice… This info is not oly outdated, but INACCURATE about current availability..

  97. Arnold Davis says:

    1 gb would be gone in a day

  98. Fleechy says:

    I pay 50$ for 2mbps i live in lebanon any help?

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