How to Get More YouTube Viewers


here we go what’s going on guys it’s
Brian from BG media innovation and I got a great one for you here today so lately
I’ve really been into like the science behind YouTube you know the backend SEO
and the tags and stuff because I really wanted to kind of delve in and find out
a for myself how you know to really get more views on your on your each of your
videos you know how to get more subscribers to your channel and really
find out you know tips and tricks that I might not have known when I first
started out that I could you know then relay to you guys I really think it’s
gonna help my channel now and obviously if you’re getting into the content
creation game and a lot of my students and followers are this will definitely
help you out as well so you have to ask yourself let’s just go ahead over to
YouTube really fast to get more subscribers and views you know how do
you do this now I’ve talked about this in other videos before and I’ve done you
know a lot of this in my content creation course when I talk about
YouTube and this is something that I’ve obviously known for a while you know the
search bar is crucial the search bar is king whatever people are typing into the
search bar is how they’re going to find you obviously we all know this so then
it begs the question you know how do you identify the best keywords and the best
search terms for your videos when you go to tag them and how are you gonna you
know basically go back into old videos or you know whether you’re creating a
new video and basically optimize your tags to get the most potential search
results and you know ie videos and more videos and or more views sorry and more
subscriptions to your channel and you know for the least competition on those
keywords and basically the answer to that is you know something that was
pointed out to me by one of my students actually and thank you if you’re
watching this his name is Carson so a big appreciation goes out to Carson he
turned me on to this this basically Google plugin it’s a chrome plug-in
called two buddy so I’ve been checking it out and it is phenomenal they bring
there’s literally some cool cool features in here that I’m gonna be going
over in the next couple weeks with you guys that are gonna blow your mind now –
buddy is free you can upgrade your service which I might end up doing just
to kind of you know see if it’s worth it and then I’ll relay that to you guys
obviously but there some really cool free features that I
want to go over with you today now this video is obviously going to be tough
titled how to get more YouTube viewers now how did I come up with this how did
I come up with some of these tags no granted this is literally the first
night that I’ve been going through this and I it just blew my mind so I had to
relay it to you guys because I really think that it can help you out
but how did identify these as good potential tags and good potential search
terms and I’m definitely gonna throw all these on my video and my video is going
to be called how to get more YouTube viewers not how to get more YouTube
views not how to how to you know rank videos on on YouTube search results how
did I identify this while identified it with two buddies so I’m gonna go through
the process with you really really fast right here I have two buddy basically
pulled up and I’m gonna go into tag explorer now you can simply download to
buddy to your Google Chrome browser it’s a plugin and you’re an open up tag
Explorer and this is going to literally blow your mind because it blew my mind
and I thought I knew a lot about YouTube so let’s just go down the list if you
don’t know I kind of come up with video ideas you know throughout the week and I
had one of the next videos I have to talk about is the title basically is
should you just pump out content like Gary Vee says and that really goes into
I won’t get into it too too much in this video because it’s got I have you know
an in-depth kind of idea of what I want to talk about in that video and that
might be one of the next videos I create but basically I have have ideas of core
of not courses sorry I’ve course ideas too but I have ideas of videos that I
want to create in the future that kind of you know pop into my mind and I write
them down so I can remember to kind of go over them you know for you guys and
so let’s just go through the process of how I might identify tags for that video
remember it’s should you just pump out content like Gary Vee says that’s what I
want my title to be so let’s kind of see you know optimal tags and optimal titles
and and stuff that I should throw in my description to basically SEO my video
out and get the most view view potential and subscriber potential for my videos
um you know with the least competition possible and you’re gonna use tag
explorer to do this so hopefully you guys are here by now if not pause the
video you know download it really fast it’s not hard and we’re just going to go
through the proud so I’m gonna start typing in you know
potential search results that might land me or somebody in in a viewer position
on my video you know what might they be typing into the youtube search bar that
would land them on a video like that and remember it’s should you just pump out
content like Gary Vee says so we’re just gonna try uh how about a lot of content
and one of my one of the things that I’ve learned too is like all these were
all these were kind of they’re a little bit more longtail longtail keywords if
you don’t really know are you know basically more than two or three now all
these are pretty much three but they’re not like one or two words which are
short keywords that you know have a really really high search volume so what
I’m basically saying is you want to identify good ones that are somewhat
long-tailed that don’t have as much traffic but have low competition and
then you’re probably gonna want to keep about two three you know good good ones
that have high competition but I like to call them my home runs so these are my
these are my you know my sure things my single is my doubles that I know we’re
gonna get me traffic because there’s not that much competition and there’s a
decent amount of traffic going through them but I want a couple heavy hitters
that I could potentially rank for basically I call that my home runs and
these heavy hitters could potentially rank me but I definitely know that the
majority of these are gonna be ranked and I’ll show you in future videos you
know more on to buddy and more on how you can see your stuff ranking it’s it’s
you know stay tuned if you want to see more of this hit the subscription button
I got a lot of content to go over because this is stuff is really really
cool so this is a poor one you’ll see here it got a sixty nine to ten it’s got
decent search volume but high competition so we want to avoid that and
you’ll also notice here that this kind of suggests tags that are similar to
that you can go and literally see down here this stuff I’ve been typing in here
so let’s let’s try another one like a garyvee post videos I don’t even like that was terrible that
was sounds good now it’s a longtail keyword not that many people I don’t
even know how I just came up with that to be honest that’s so random but if I
were going to let start a new word document here and it probably would be
better to do Excel because you’ve just that’s probably makes a lot more sense I
don’t know I just didn’t do that in the first place but I’m human guys and I’m
learning just like you so I wanted to share this to you sorry if this isn’t
like high production quality on this video it’s kind of like a tutorial but I
think it’s really really cool and I think you can get a lot about you out of
this so basically how I know that this is good other than the fact that it says
it’s very good is that it has a decent amount of search volume only 20 roughly
average is about 25 searches I guess this per month I’m not even sure
but it’s got low low low competition and I got a 77 which is pretty solid so I’m
gonna keep this as one of my good tags hopefully I’ll bring my video some
traffic now let’s type in how to because this is basically this video is gonna be
talking about like more subs more views you know and more traffic because I’m
not gonna get into the specifics of why I want to do the video because that’s
the entire video but basically it’s it’s the dilemma that I came to of you know
I’m trying to pump out content because you hear over and over on YouTube that
you know you got to pump out content you got to pump out content you you know you
should post every single day and with everything else that I’m doing you know
all my courses all my you know all my consulting all I just build a new
website and that’s I’m gonna make a video on that too so with all that other
stuff it was a weighing a lot on me that I that I wanted to create a YouTube
video every single day and kind of you know with all the upgrades and make it
basically good production quality and I felt like my you know with with that
onus on me of a video every single day on top of everything else that I was
doing that it was you know basically hurting my production quality so I was
sacrificing quality for quantity and I didn’t really like that so that’s
basically the onus and the in the the summary of that video that I’m gonna
create but this is why I’m searching for tags for that so I just what kind of
want to go through the process of what I might search for now see here Gary
Vaynerchuk gets a lot it’s 83% probably gets a lot of traffic but it’s probably
very bad because it’s probably very very very competitive see a lot of
high traffic a lot of competition not a good not ideal that might be a potential
heavy hitter so we could throw that in as like a heavy hitter maybe but the
chances of ranking for that are very very very low let’s try how to get more
subscribers for and just leave it like that let’s see that
and remember tags are potentially see this gets a lot it’s a lot of search
results relative and it doesn’t have that high competition now I’ve done this
for a you might be asking yourself you know why where does this where these
coming from you know how am I just typing stuff in like this and and you
know that’s so random why would I not fit fill that out well I’ve been doing
this for about an hour too now because it’s literally been blowing my mind and
I’m kind of interested in it and I start to notice that you when it’s the same
thing when you’re tagging your videos and like you intentionally might tag it
as like a misspelling so if like you were tagging YouTube subscribers you
might tag YouTube subscribers without like a a space in between or you might
type tag YouTube subscribers with like a a an O instead of the instead of the a
there so that like like this almost because someone might potentially type
that in wrong now obviously you know that’s not ideal but it’s just the idea
behind it so I’ve been doing this for for literally about an hour I know a lot
about like search SEO and search results so that the chances that somebody is
going to be typing in an obscure thing like that is a lot higher than you might
think so let’s go back to whatever that was how to get more subscribers for that
was good I’m gonna keep that that’s a good tag and I’m gonna throw Gary Gary
Vee over here is Gary Vaynerchuk or something like that I’d only not a
spells name obviously love Gary Vee but I mean if you know how to spells name
more power to you I could guess but I probably would have
been way off um so let’s just post that in there it’s not what I meant to copy
but whatever all right moving on we’re just gonna find like one or two more I
just wanted to give the idea behind this and kind of show you the the potential
of this and how you can rank this and rank videos now clearly this is for
YouTube but you could use this for Facebook ads in my opinion you could use
this for for Google or Bing ads we know that YouTube is the second you know
biggest search engine in the world behind only yes you guessed it Google so
a lot of the search results and search terms that that YouTube sees is are very
similar probably on Facebook they’re very similar to that on Instagram
they’re very similar to that on you know sites like like Bing and Yahoo and
obviously Google too because Google owns YouTube so this is a very great tool not
just for YouTube it’s relatable across the board if you’re running Facebook ads
and you’re trying to find you know longtail keywords that are profitable or
even for Amazon we all know that I’m on Amazon and I do a lot of amazon products
this is there’s so much marketing potential here an SEO you know back-end
keyword research tool here you know it’s it’s immense so that’s why I’ve been
doing this for out an hour – it’s blowing my mind I wanted to bring it to
you guys let’s find one more good one right here and then I’ll end the video
because I think this is really cool and you guy I want you guys to download this
you know it’s it I’m telling you I’m telling you so I’d love you to download
this you know comment down below and let me know what you what your thoughts on
it are and then you know we’ll go from that let’s see let me think how to get
about more traffic to YouTube let’s try that so that’s poor poor traffic to my
video that’s good
all right I’m gonna take that one so success we just found three of them you
can see how fast you can really do this if you you know you’re not running a
tutorial you’re not you know trying to teach it but there’s so much potential
here guys I just wanted to bring this to you because I think is really really
cool I also want to apologize for the little ohms and ahhs I’m trying to get
better with that you know the pauses in the videos I know it kind of it kills
the production quality a little bit just lost you too buddy but uh you know
there’s another uh about like I said I’m learning I’m getting better this is only
about my 85th video or so I really really really appreciate the support I
love you know the cotton the community of like-minded learners that we’re
building here if you like this content if you’re excited about learning more
about this because I’m literally gonna be pumping out a ridiculous amount of
YouTube – buddy content because I think this is
so cool subscribe hit the subscribe button hit the like button – it really
helps the the the channel grow and obviously me rank my video higher if you
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don’t know what I’m doing wrong I’ve been slow slowly seeing some dislikes on
my videos here and there and I I don’t know what you don’t dislike about it so
if you do dislike it please just comment let me know where I can improve like I
always say this is our channel it’s not my channel so we’re all in this together
you know with that being said I’m going to end the video here I really hope that
you guys liked it comment and subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one



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