How to Get RESULTS For Your Social Media Marketing Clients


hey what’s going on Tom and anybody else
who’s watching this if anybody is watching this today I’m gonna be talking
about how I’m gonna be getting results for my social media marketing clients so before we go any
further the most important thing and it doesn’t matter what business you’re in
you need to be delivering on the promises you’ve made to your clients so
you need to be getting results for your social media marketing clients otherwise you just won’t be in
business very long so like I said it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in
you need to be delivering on your promises and unless your name is Theresa May of course so the most important thing you need to be doing before you start
working with any client is you need to be on the same wavelength when it comes
to delivering the results and what results you’re gonna deliver so you
could be giving your clients more leads and more sales but your client wanted
more followers and more engagement on social media so you need to be on the
same wavelength so if your client wants more leads and more sales you need to be
delivering more leads and more sales and this brings me on to my second point and
one of the worst things you can do when you start working and where the client
is over-promising on what you’re gonna deliver you don’t want to be promised in
the world and only deliver in a small amount what you want to do is you want
to underestimate what kind of results you’re gonna be given and then over
deliver that’s gonna keep your client happy and to have here your client is
the longer you’re gonna be able to work with your client more money you’re gonna
make I want to be talking about how I’m gonna
be delivering results for my client now like I said the first thing I did when I
started working with this client is we both got on the same wavelength from
what I need to be delivering for this client to keep this client happy so in
my case this client wants more leads for his business the way I’m gonna go about
this is I’m gonna create a landing page which a landing page unlike a normal web
site is web page that is designed specifically for a certain action so if
you just start sending traffic to the homepage of your clients website you’re
not gonna get as many conversions as you would like
now conversion is result a desire result that you’re looking for so that maybe
leads email addresses or phone calls if you
just send traffic to a normal website the home page there’s too many links too
much going on so if the people come into your website can’t find what they’re
looking for they’re just gonna leave your page and that’s just gonna be
wasted money this is why I’m creating that a landing page they’ve specifically
designed for an actual and you want to be walking through the traffic so the
people come to your site you’re gonna be walking them through the process so a
landing page is specifically designed like I said for specific actions so this
may be email addresses or just phone calls in general so in my case my client
wants more phone calls we’re not collecting email addresses we’re just
getting more phone calls to our client so I’m gonna bring up an example of the
basic landing page that I’m using now this is one of the best landing pages
for local services local business services so this is the landing page I’m
gonna be creating using platform click funnels now this is not an affiliate
promotion or anything like that it’s just what I’m using because I know what
it is and how it works and it’s one of the easiest tools to use but any there
are plenty of tools out there that do exactly the same thing in creating
landing pages so again we’re just setting up this landing page for a
specific design so when the traffic first lands on this page is extremely
clear what we want them to do that’s either put in their information or make
a phone call now as you can see on the left hand side of this you can either
insert a picture or a video so I’m gonna do a video and this is just like I’ve
said it in a previous video I’m gonna create a basic script now let me just
show you what script I’m using in a second I’m just using the who what why
and how so this is the script created by Russell Brunson and it’s you’re just
introducing who you are what you have to offer why the customer or the traffic
would want this and how they go about getting it so it’s extremely simple who
you are through just introducing who you are or you have to offer so this could
be a free ebook or service or anything of the cut that
kind and why because from our wanted so you want to explain the benefits of this
and how they go about getting it so what what would they have to do to get it so
you’d either tell them to input their information or phone the number on the
screen it’s as simple as that guys this is script we’ll use them for my client
so it just come back now so we’re putting a video of my client going
through this script who what why and how and we’re asking our clients to call the
number on the screen we’re just like I said we’re just creating the landing
page that mimics the one in the example that I gave earlier so now I want to
talk about how we’re getting traffic to our landing page so one of the most
important things you need to consider it when creating a landing page and getting
results for your client is where this traffic is gonna come from so in my case
we’re gonna be leveraging underpriced attention so this is gonna be social
media ads and Google Ads so I just want to show you a quick chart that I’ve
created and this is gonna be the underpriced
attention charm so okay so I’ve created this charm called the cost of a for
attention graph so as you can see on the very right hand side we have social
media ads then we go down to Google ads and then we come over to the very left
hand side and it’s print TV press release and it just moves up like this
now most businesses work from the left hand side towards the right the best way
to go about it is like I said we want to be leveraging underpriced attention so
we want to be working from the right hand side to the left hand side now I’m
gonna be using to start with is Google Ads instead of social media ads the
reason I’m using Google Ads instead of social media ads is because you can
scratch an itch and what I mean by that sorry what I mean by that is that you
couldn’t specifically target what somebody is searching for so when
somebody searches for this service that my client provides we’re
gonna be one of the top search results in Google for that so we know what these
people are searching for and when these people are searching searching for this
service they’re more than likely to be looking then actually need help
instantly now with social media ads you’re targeting you’re creating as best
targeted ads as you possibly can but you can’t specifically tell if these people
do your show in this ad to are in dire or in need of that specific serve
service so that could be roofing electrician plumber anything like this
you’re just showing this ad to specific a targeted audience and this they might
not need like I said this service you provide but with Google Ads you’re gonna
be able to show up here in Google when somebody needs this service so I just
want to show you again this chart like I said here’s social media ads now this is
the most under priced attention right now Facebook ads and other social media
ads this is the most under priced attention right now in the market then
it comes Google ads now Google ads used to be the most under priced attention
when it was 5 cents a click now it’s a few bucks a click depending on one knee
shirin and like I said it moves backwards like so but we want to be
leveraging Google Ads for this and the best way to build your business or build
your clients business is to start in one of just pick one of these two depending
on what business you’re in and what you think is gonna get either most amount
results like I said Google Ads is gonna be ours and we’re gonna try and build it
gets the point where I’m making it as profitable as we can so we’re spending
we give them $1.00 to Google and we’re getting $4 in return and then we’re
gonna move on to a different platform and a different form of advertising and
you want to get again you want to get it profitable and then you want to move on
so this is gonna be how we are getting results for
were built in a land and page specifically designed for a task an
action that we want this our traffic to take and we’re leveraging underpriced
attention and I’ll go into more detail in another video about this attention
cost of attention graph and how you can use it as a whole ecosystem but again
I’ll talk about that in another video because it’s kind of a tricky topic
again like I said I just want to recap so we’re gonna be building a landing
page that we’re sending traffic to for our clients to get our client as many
leads as we possibly can and that’s how I’m gonna be delivering results for my
client hopefully keeping my client as happy as possible and building a
long-term relationship with our client so that’s it for now Tom just like I
said just a quick update on how at the moment we’re gonna be getting results
for our client now again I’m gonna be coming back and
watching this in a few months time seeing if I can improve on anything that
I’ve said in this video but that’s it for now if I have any more updates I’ll
be sure to create a another video so – um I’ll be sure to catch you soon and if
anybody else was watching this and like I said I’m not too sure if anybody else
was but if they were please be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to
this channel I’ll see you later Tom I’ll catch you in the next video


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