How to Get Your First Social Media Marketing (SMMA) Client with NO Experience (FASTEST WAY!)


I wanted to make this quick video to
talk about how I got my first social media advertising client. Hey guys! Roxanne Ray here. I wanted to make this quick video to talk about how I got my first social media advertising
client so this is not marketing in general websites email marketing thing
like that this is strictly advertising YouTube Facebook Instagram how I did it
so I had made another video where I talked about how I struggled to find my
first social media advertising client and it was mainly because I was a
perfectionist I made it more difficult than it needed to be so what I did when
I finally decided to kick the perfectionism to the curb is I went on if any of you don’t know what that is and decom is actually where
people post job openings and you can go on there and apply for a job anyway I
went on there and I searched locally for people who are looking for a social
media person right just social media marketer but really not marketer so I
think it would be like management or social media assistant or something on
those lines so I went in there and I searched locally for that job title and
I found a orthodontist that had posted for that and I said this is perfect it
would make the perfect first client because orthodontists and dentists are a
little bit easier to to service initially when you’re just getting
started when you’re just learning how to do social media advertising and so what
I did instead of just emailing them saying hey I can do this for you you
don’t need to hire someone I actually put a whole presentation together for
them and this is where a lot of people miss the mark they they don’t think
outside the box they just do what everyone else does right they they email
spam people they message spam people they just say me me me hey I like they
forget that it’s about the client it’s always about getting results for your
client and really showing them that you care and showing the value first before
you ever ask for anything in return so what I did is I actually went to their
Facebook page I went to their Instagram page I went to the website and I put
together a video critique or kind of like an audit
I’d only using that word audit I can’t think of a better word right now anyway
I went through and actually screen shared and showed my face and just said
hi my name is Roxanne Rae I do this for a living
I’d like to give you some free value right now I look through your website I
gave them some pointers about their website I gave them some pointers about
their Instagram account I gave them a lot of pointers about their Facebook
profile and I just said hey I actually do advertising and take care of Facebook
pages for clients and I’d love to do that for you if you’re interested this
is how you can get in touch with me and now I even took it a step further and
put together a landing page where I then put descriptions and gave a pros and
cons versus hiring an internal person to do this who doesn’t you know this is
like their job and they they don’t you know they’re I think the job is like 10
dollars an hour or something silly like you’re not gonna get anyone who’s gonna
drive the needle for you right inside us – pros and cons of hiring a professional
to do this for you versus an amateur I also went through and talked about what
I could do for them gave him sort of a synopsis and just said call me and guess
what the very next day that doctor called me and said can you come in
tomorrow I want to talk to you right away and we I wasn’t able to go the next
day so then we scheduled that I was able to go and did my presentation my pitch
and he signed up on the spot I left there with a paycheck and that was my
first social media advertising client who’s still with me today still driving
traffic to his his offer he’s still getting patients he’s still happy as can
be so as his staff I know them very well obviously because I’ve been working with
them for so long and it’s the niche that I chose to stay in so all of my clients
are dentists orthodontist or surgeons I have a couple of ancillary
clients that aren’t necessarily in that niche who came to me but that’s
primarily who I service and I love I do I wish other people understood the
freedom and the autonomy and just the the joy you get out of building your own
business and being able to service your clients and really having a true
relationship with them which is just amazing so anyway that’s how I got my
first social media advertising client and how maybe you can go and do the same
thing too so if you got value from this please comment below share you know any
questions share it with your friends and more of this value will be coming your
way. Y’all take care!


  1. STOP DOING FREE TRIALS!! There is no need to do a free trial to get paying clients. Comment below if you would like a copy of what I sent to get my first client!


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