How to Make a Website – Step by Step


Hey, Guys, My name is Kashif and In this video,
I’ll show you How to build your own website from scratch Are you Ready to launch your website today?
Let’s get started… Lest See How People Build Websites in 2019
 As you can see from the graph, in 2019, the
most popular website builder is: WordPress which is (free) WordPress is the easiest platform I’ve ever
worked with, but it’s flexible enough to suit everyone – small business websites,
online shops, bigger organizations and so on… STEP 1 Get Web Hosting and Register a Domain
Name In order to set up your WordPress you’re
going to need two things: • Domain Name (a web address like
• Web Hosting (a service that connects your site to the internet) If you’re needing a cheap domain registrar
that has both great customer service and an easy-to-use interface, then Namecheap is
by far the best choice. With every domain registered on NameCheap,
you get WhoisGuard privacy protection service. I’ll recommend you to buy the domain from
here. All the links are in the description. • If you’re making a website for your
business, your domain name should match your company name. For example
My best advice? Avoid the weird extensions and go with .com, .net or .org Fill all the Basic Account Details
Check Your “Domain name again” and Finish Registration
and make the payment. I already have a domain in my name cheap Account
which is Now for Web Hosting, we will use DigitalOcean
Digital ocean is one of the best cloud hosting company in the globe.
DigitalOcean servers are known as Droplets – the smallest unit of a cloud server that
you can buy starting at $5/month. Just Go to the description of this video click
on the second link. You will be redirected to this page, If you
create your account from my link you will get free $50 credit. So go ahead sign up from
my link. You have two option one is prepaid and the
second one is adding debit card details. I Use the debit card method, it is easier
for me, You can use a prepaid method, I can show you.
How it works, so just recharge $5 into your account for one month
you will get 1-month hosting + $50 credit BECAUSE you came
here from my link. I can give you $15 more credit which can be
used for 3 months, if you follow me on Instagram. You just have to DM Me.
So you only spent $5 and got a total of $70 credit which can be used for 14 months
How cool is that? And I want to remind you that we are using
cloud-based servers. Now Its time to configure and set up our website.
We will use EasyEngine to create our WordPress website.
EasyEngine is basically a collection of some powerful and efficient python scripts which
help to automate the WordPress installation. Instead of using Apache as the web server
it uses Nginx which offers far better performance. Furthermore, We will enable Redis cache by
just adding a few extra parameters to the installation command. Now On the digital ocean homepage create a
new project Enter name give a description
and Create project. Click on “Get Started With a Droplet”
Choose Ubuntu Select a standard plan and select $5 per month,
you can revise this whenever you want, Choose a data centre region I’ll choose Bangalore.
In additional options check monitoring option. And rename hostname as WordPress
Click on create. It will take a couple of minutes. Go to the networking section.
And enter your domain Click on Add domain Click on A record and type @ in hostname
Select WordPress droplet which we just created and set TTL to 600 and click on Create record. Click on CNAME and type www in the hostname
and type your domain name here you can copy from here. And click on Create record. Now copy this nameserver and you have to paste
over here. Make sure all the nameservers are ns1, ns2
and ns3. Save all the changes. Its time to check whether our DNS is working
or not. So go to whatsmyDNS.NET
And type your domain and select a record And click on the search button. Here you can see both A record and CNAME DNS
is working properly. If you use windows, you have to install Putty
software for the installation. I’m on a mac, So I just have to use terminal. So all the steps applies to putty software. Open the terminal And type ssh [email protected] and your server IP address
from here. Press the enter button. And type yes. Here you have to paste password which you
got on your email id so go and check the email. Paste the password and press enter You have to create a new password so type
the new password and confirm again. And press enter. Now we are successful in the server. Here you can see two commands, First one is for installing Easyengine. And the second one is for installation of
WordPress Not only WordPress but also installation of
SSL, REDIS cache and setup of your email id. You by one command it will install all the
things at one time. So let’s start. Enter the first command and press enter. So easy engine has been installed. Now paste the second command. And enter. This error I got because in lets encrypt you
can see I put a dash, that’s why this happened. In the middle you will be asked for email
id, please enter your email id here. So here you go, our website has been successfully
created, Here are all the details to log in. Like id and password, I blurred this for obvious
reason. Copy all the details. Lets Check It is working. Lets check the speed Here you can see
the SSL certificate.



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