How to Make Money Online-Easiest way to make passive income online in 2019


How to make money online. So this is the question, how do we make money
purely from the computer? Now, if you’re watching this video, I’m sure
maybe you, if you’ve read some books on how to make money online or you’ve, you’ve watched
some youtube videos, you’ve seen some facebook posts from some other people, all, everybody
has their own method or, or maybe you’ve, you’ve attended a webinar or something like
that. But the real question is how can you earn
a living, make an income? Yeah, purely online, just by, just
by your work. Now this is something that I’ve been researching
for years and I’ve been able to, uh, I’ve been able to make millions of dollars online
in the last few years and I recently bought a house in Malibu for me and my family with
zero employees. I don’t have anybody working for me with,
with no inventory, with no clients. I don’t have to hop on calls. I don’t have to go to any office or work purely
without anything else other than a computer. Now there’s a real way to make serious money
online. Let me ask you a question. Is, are people going to continue buying things
on the Internet? Think about it. Are people going to continue buying things
on the Internet? Of course, every day, more and more people
are not only getting online, but people prefer to shop on the Internet rather than shopping,
going into stores or going into, you know, wherever driving and parking and all this
other stuff when you can just purchase online. So the trick, the trick is to get in between. The trick is to get in between people’s purchases
and the stuff they’re purchasing. If you can find a way to be in the middle
between purchases that are already happening, you can make a lot of money,
a lot of money online. So there’s only a few things that you need
to make money. And really you just need an audience. You need an audience of people to reach on
the Internet and you need a product that people will pay money for. That’s all you need. And once you have an audience of people on
the Internet, and there’s very easy ways to do this, and I’ll talk about this more in
a second here, but you can insert yourself in the middle and make massive amounts of
money like I have online. And you don’t need to be the person that owns
the product. You don’t need to be making client calls. You don’t need to be, you know, you don’t
need to be, uh, showing up at an office or managing people and all these sorts of old
world ways of doing business. All you need to do is get
in between stuff that people are already buying online and insert yourself in between these,
the money flows that are already going through the Internet and you make a part of it. Now. That’s what I’ve been able to do. I’ve been able to make millions of dollars
online and a, before I explained my, my system for doing so, which is very simple in a second. Uh, I think it’s good to give you some context
of kind of how I came into this industry. So, I don’t know how many people here have
read the book, the four hour work week. Uh, but I read this book back in 2009 called
the four hour work week and it talks about how you can have location freedom and time
freedom by starting an internet business. Okay. And as long as you can make money online,
you can be anywhere you want in the world and you can’t, you can be anywhere you want
in the world and you can do it anytime you want because the internet doesn’t care when
you work. And I said, this sounds great
because my passion in life has been traveling the world. I love traveling. I’ve been over 50 countries. Uh, once I started figuring this out, I didn’t
figure it out immediately though. I figured it took me four years to the four
hour work week, took me, you know, four years of just failure. And I’ve taken a million courses online trying
to figure out what is an easy way to get started. I don’t know any technical stuff. I don’t know how to program. And that was a big problem at first because
I needed to find something where I could make money without having to program, without having
to deal with clients or calls or showing up at an office somewhere, managing employees
because again, I knew what my goal was. My goal was freedom. My goal was the freedom to travel and do things
on my own terms and I knew to get that freedom I had to learn how to make money online to
figure out how to use the internet computers and insert myself in the middle here. Okay, this is where I need
it to be. So the basically the way my system works,
the way, the best way to make money online is what I call affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you can insert
yourself in between what people are already looking for on traffic sources. People are using Google, instagram, facebook,
youtube, pinterest, linkedin. People are using all of these online portals
every single day using all of these places to find and and and on. These places on these sites online, people
are finding products to engage with or people to engage with or different things. This is how people find what they’re looking
for, Amazon, et Cetera. Now it’s very easy to get in between them
and their purchase and make tons of money purely by working from the Internet. Now I’ve prepared a free training for you. We’re doing a free training this week on how
to do this on how to make money online and grow a massive business and make over make
millions of dollars. My best year has been $3
million. So you can make massive amounts of money if
you just learn how to do this. And what I’m going to show you in this training,
I’m going to give you a live demonstration of exactly what I’ve done. I’m going to show you students of mine who
have been able to make over seven figures applying the method that I’m about to teach
you. And you’re also gonna get access and you’re
also gonna get access to a free course. I’m gonna give you a free course on how to
do all of this. Okay? So there should be a link somewhere for the
free training, uh, to sign up for the free training video right below or somewhere on
this page. But basically you’ll get to see a live demonstration
of how I make money online. And then you’ll also get to see students of
mine who’ve been very successful. And a, you’re going to see
everything it takes to implement this system so you can make money on the computer getting
in between online purchases people are already doing and make money and all of this without
any clients. No one knowing phone calls without having
to show up and work a job that pays you an hourly wage. Uh, and without having to have inventory or
make expensive investments and things like stocks or real estate that are, you know,
or without gambling, you know, which a lot of stock trading or cryptocurrency investments,
you know, one day they think they’re hot but they just get saturated and you can end up
losing lots of money. So I’m going to show you basically just how
to make money online and do an in getting in between products that people are already
buying and just getting a small commission or getting a chunk of that money for yourself. Now what you can do, I’m
also going to show you on this training how you can make big money, big commissions. So without even getting a customer, without
even having people spend money, you can earn one thousand three thousand, even $10,000
in a single commission without having to, without having to talk to anybody, without
having to make any phone calls, without really even having to get people to pay money initially. So you can do all of that very simply. And I’m going to show you on this training
how to do it. So years ago I had a mentor that showed me
this actually after my four years of failure, uh, trying to learn how to make money online. What I finally ended up doing was I ended
up sneaking into a mastermind group of marketers here in Hollywood, California. We’re in, we’re in Venice beach, California
right now, by the way. And I snuck into this mastermind
and we’re all the top marketers in the world war. They paid anywhere between 50 to a hundred
thousand dollars each to be a part of this group. But I snuck in and I met one of the most prolific
marketers in the industry have made tens of millions of dollars just just with, without
any employees, with, with, with total freedom. Like what I’m talking about now, I’m not talking
about creating a business with lots of employees here. I’m not talking about having high paying clients
and having to do sales and, and you know, managing management calls. I’m not talking about having to be salesy
and doing a network marketing company and not talking about making, you know, gambling
and real estate or stock trading. I’m talking about purely online and I asked
him what I should do because I said I’m, I’m in marketing, I’m struggling. What is your advice? And he gave me some simple advice every few
weeks and I’m going to share a lot of that with you on this training that I’m hosting. So there should be a link somewhere around,
maybe it’s below this video, but basically you can click there and sign up for my free
training and how to make money online and how I’ve been able to create multiple millionaires
who have just applied this system in their own, uh, you know, and created their own online
income. So I look forward to sharing that with you. And at the very end of the training, the free
training, I’m actually going to give you access to an entirely free course on how to make
money online as an marketer. Okay. You’re going to get access to an entirely
free course on how to do all of this. And I’m going to give you all of the tools
that you need to learn how to make money online as an affiliate marketer, purely working from
the Internet. Again, no clients, no inventory, none of you
know, no, no phone calls, no, you know, no stock, expensive stock trading or real estate
stuff just purely online. So I look forward to seeing you on the, uh,
on the live live training that we’re hosting this week and make sure that you attend and
you stay all the way to the end to get access to your free course and the other bonuses
that I’ll be offering on this call. Thanks.


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