How to make money online with Money SMS app?


would you like to earn money
automatically by doing nothing start earning money with the money SMS app now
download the app from Google Play and sign up connect to the internet and run
the app and wait for an SMS from us we pay 2 cents per receive test of the SMS
that we send when your balance hits the minimum withdrawal
amount you can withdraw your money via one of the supported payment gateways
such as PayPal would you like to earn more you can share your referral code
with friends and receive 30% of their withdraws we also have bonuses for new
users register now and get 25 cents on your balance or sign up with a referral
code and get 50 cents download money SMS and start earning money now


  1. It's a nice app, but it's going to take around 75 days to be able to withdraw. Still nice because you get money by doing NOTHING.

  2. very good I use and Every day I receive 3 to 2 sms of test if someone has not yet registered and want to use my reference code I will leave here

    code: 51EFAF2689

  3. Aceasta aplicatie Money SMS e cu adevarat, e super ,nici eu nu credeam dar chiar plateste cu adevarat!!! cod de inscriere 8B3443793 pentru cei ce doresc sa faca bani putini dar adevarati,nu sume mari dar false.Succese va doresc la toti cei care ma sustin. Am primit plata pentru a 3a oara pe paypal. Va recomand!!!Cod 8B3443793 pentru 0,50€

  4. Looks great. Is it possible to use one account on multiple device with different phone number. I got multiple smartphone?

  5. As at 26-Jan-2019 I've received 17 messages, but you've only recorded 3 "in the last 30 days ". Therefore you have paid those 3. Why is this?!?

  6. MoneySMS.

    Téléchargez le ici sous playstore

    Si n'est pas disponible sous playstore
    Alors téléchargez-le sur le site apkpure lien


    Les instructions sont vraiment faciles.

  7. Приветствую администрация прекрасного приложения!😚🤗
    Мой брат зарегистрировался и только начал вводить мой реферальной код, как программа сама прервала и продолжила дальше работать не дав набрать реферальной код.
    Я считаю что это БАГ, помогите пожалуйста решить эту проблему!
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  8. Para aquellos que no les aparece la app por play store, aqui les dejo link
    Y este es mi codigo 8569ADC1AA

  9. No iam new supporter buy iam stay somali so not available all the paypaly bitcon all this I get 2Euro but I never take money I dont know this app is fake

  10. For those who haven't started yet, this is valuable knowledge,I'm learning bit by bit,I've made money with your techniqueswe can all have success if we take action before turning on that Netflix,

  11. esto es una estafa 😥 estaba a punto de acumular mis primeros 2€ y después de todo el tiempo esperado así de la nada la app no me muestra los mensajes recibidos ni mi saldo me quitaron todo lo que tenía sin ninguna razón

  12. Use this code: ADFAA85D8 Use the code when you register and you will receive an extra 0,25 EUR. Have a nice day everyone! :=)


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