[How to] Online Marketing for Insurance Agents


independent insurance business marketing
how to avoid cold calling and paying for expensive and bogus online leads by getting online
leads using Google’s free tools You will learn five things you can do
today to grow at your leads online explore
free tools that work explode your business and increase your sales Reveal the tops way
to have customers reaching out to you Hi, I’m Cinnamon McCann author entrepreneur and marketing specialist
and in this video I’m going to show you how you can get
more leads for your insurance business by using
Google free tools to get your business on the
first page of Google search result People don’t have limited choices are to where they spend their money before people went to the yellow pages for things they needed. That is no longer the case if someone looking for something in
insurance field they type in what they’re looking for
city state and zip code so if you’re business doesn’t show up your customers won’t find you. the insurance business is very have
competitive you have a bunch of other agents that
sell the same product its all about who gets to the customer
first and creates and great customer experience so that you can get repeat
business you want your potential customers to find you before your competitors let’s show you
how to do that the first one is from submit your domain website address to
Google and what you can do this by going to
Google dot com forward slash webmaster forward slash tools forward flash submit url. Second you wanna set up a Google Places profile this is also known as the Google My
Business profile now here we’re looking at insurance
companies in Washington DC area and these are Google profile pages and
as you can see the Google profile place show up before
the organic search for self and they also stand out. Now there are some strategic things you can do include four very important thing the first thing on your keywords your keywords the words that you want to
be associated with then search as it relates to your
insurance products and the words are actual customers would used when
searching for such products you can also use this to differentiate
yourself between other people on your industry and what
type of insurance products you would like to sell in addition the keywords you can add
pictures to your Google Places profile you can include pictures of your friendly staff, loyal customers, get creative videos will also help increase your
Google profile page and it’s a awesome way to introduce
yourself and develop a relationship with the client before you even meet them you can even use video of your customer
testimonials reviews are heavily weighted with Google the
more rulings you have the better show up in Google Local Search so if you
have a website and a Google Places listing you can
potentially take up two places on Google search results next set up a Google Plus account you
may think I have a Facebook page for my insurance
business. Do I really need a Google+ page remember you’re doing this for the search
ranking and the more listings you have with your business name or your name the more chances you will
show up before your competitors YouTube, Google owns YouTube and it’s the second largest search engine
and first largest video search engine so if you have your company name,
keywords and contact information associated with the YouTube video it will come up in search with your
website Google Places profile Google+ account and YouTube video
coming up now you have four places to show up on
Google search this one I’ve promise your competitors
are doing and it’s easy and it’s free. Plan a Google hangout or Youtube Live event. this is the live event that you can
actually do using Google’s platform. The great thing
about Google Hangouts or YouTube live events they also get searched very well in YouTube and Google Search When your customers see these four to five different results on the first page of Google do you think they are going to contact you or your competitors see how this works at all 100 percent
free so go, I hope you use this in your business
if you want to learn more or is you have any questions for free to
contact me


  1. Hey Cinnamon,

    Was wondering how often you use snap pack advertising.

    I do this for some SSI guys, and I'm about to put together a product that shows an agent how to due their own snap pack advertising and drop it off directly at the USPS office to get the lowest possible rate. All they have to do is buy data from their choice of source, thus eliminating the middle man ie marketing company just sending the job to a mail house. This is definitely for only for brokers who are at least marketing their entire state minimum, others wise the initial investment in the equipment is not worth it yet.聽

    The product will include, Mailer creation whether done through Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign (my preference due to quality). Populating the mailer creative with appropriately targeted data in the correct sort order for USPS bulk rate savings. Which equipment will allow for high volume (buying the wrong machine could spell disaster for people trying to get into this, they loose their high volume capabilities while still investing way too much).

    Tell me what you think.


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