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how’s it go and everybody it’s Devin
Howard today I’m telling you all about focus groups groups can help you earn a
little bit of extra cash finish out without spending a bunch of time at work
or doing a lot of tiresome work you can participate in focus groups online or
you can go to a testing facility if you have a few spare hours every week and
answering some questions sounds like something that you could kind of enjoy
doing then focus groups are definitely for you all right so first what is a focus group
if a company has a new idea or product but they’re not really sure how the
public will react to it they’ll often conduct a focus group so usually this
process will involve selecting people who fit a certain criteria maybe it’s
based on age gender income and then they’ll bring them in or get them online
and ask them specific questions so this requires selecting a certain group based
on some sort of criteria like age or income and then they’ll ask them
specific questions like how they feel about certain features how much they
would pay for something like this during a focus group attendees are encouraged
to talk about the product or idea or service with the other people there so
that the company putting on the focus group can kind of gauge the discussion
about it you’re encouraged to express your opinion ask questions it’s pretty
much just you being yourself and letting a company know what you think about an
idea or a product the results from focus groups are really important to companies
because it offers insight as to how the public will react to a certain product
or idea if they’ll buy it and if they would use it all right so the results of
focus groups are really important to companies because it offers them insight
into what the general public thinks or what their target consumer thinks about
a certain product or idea there are a variety of focus groups available you
can find focus groups that do market research for certain products or
political campaigns academic studies and other topics and because the results of
these focus groups are so valuable companies are willing to pay for your
participation so I know what you’re probably thinking now how much can I
really earn well I’m gonna tell you there are many websites that promise to
pay some pretty big money for your involvement in a focus group but before
you get too excited listen to this so if you see one that
pays $200 for a session it’s probably because the group is especially complex
or they’re looking for a very specific person to become involved in it so most
of them will not pay that much money in most cases you’ll earn five to 20
dollars per focus group and you can earn between $30 and 200 dollars for more
complex studies the amount of money you earn can really vary depending on who’s
putting on the study so it may not sound like a lot but if you’re going to be
putting away you know 60 extra dollars a week
that’s your groceries sorted right so it’s a good idea to get involved just to
help cover some smaller costs alright so how does a focus group work so when you
first apply for a focus group you’re going to have to provide some basic
information and then answer a questionnaire about the company or the
product or your interests if your answer is match what they’re looking for you
might get a pre-qualification call just to talk with you on the phone during
this phone call you’ll be asked to dish additional questions they’re going to be
kind of testing out your honesty so if your answers match what this what the
company is looking for you may get a pre questionnaire call and just to make sure
you’re answering honestly sometimes the questions will be the same as that
questionnaire you took before so it’s important to just answer everything with
authenticity if you’re selected you’ll receive instructions on how to complete
the focus group study it may require doing a project testing out something
going online they can ask you to do a variety of things but if you’re not
doing a focus group online you may actually be asked to go somewhere in
person and it’ll be some sort of testing facility you’ll be given a nametag yada
yada yada you’ll go into a room with the other participants and then a moderator
will lead some sort of discussion about the product or service or idea whatever
they’re testing the purpose here is just to gather everybody’s opinions and sort
of moderate the different conversations that are going
on at the end of the focus group you’ll receive payment it may be a gift card a
check or even just straight cash all right so obviously we all want to earn
some decent cash from in getting involved in focus groups so here are the
companies that pay the most the first company is field work field work is one
of the best marketing research companies out there they have offices in Atlanta
Boston Denver Dallas Seattle San Francisco their focus groups usually
lasts between one and two hours and they’ll pay on average 75 bucks so if
you break that down that could be 75 dollars an hour or 32 dollars an hour if
it’s for two hours that’s pretty good wage all right the next company is focus
group comm focus group comm organizes focus groups for a wide range of
companies and products and services all you have to do when you sign up is to
complete your online profile and then you’ll answer a little bit of a survey
based on your answers you may be asked to participate in in-person focus groups
online questionnaires and online focus groups you may also even be asked to go
hop on a phone call these studies pay between $75 and $200 and obviously you
can complete them online you can even complete them via webcam all right the
next company is mind swarms mine swarms does market research for companies and
products so their application process is a little bit different so to apply for
their studies you need to create a video think of it like a video profile you
have to answer seven different questions the questions are just going to be all
about you so it’s going to be really easy to answer
then they’ll review your video and once that’s done they’ll recommend you four
different focus groups different studies so that you can start participating it’s
all based on whether or not you qualify but you can also apply to participate in
different studies and if you’re picked then you’ll get paid 24 hours after you
complete it the company pays $50 for every survey and
– posited straight into your PayPal account so it’s super easy next up we’re
talking about respondent respondent is just like the other ones they conduct
market research and consumer research online companies post their projects and
then users can join the group or the study studies can be conducted online or
in person and you’ll get 50 dollars for 30 minutes or $100 for an hour all you
need to do to sign up is sign in using your social media accounts and then you
can start applying to surveys and getting involved all right next we’re
talking about 2020 panel 2020 panel organizes focus groups and they pay
between 50 and 300 dollars the company is interested in different respondents
opinions about a certain product or service this one’s cool because all of
the research takes place in an online chat room so it’s kind of like an
in-person focus group except everything’s digital
you’ll be paid via PayPal or you’ll receive tango gift cards all right and
the last one is user interviews user interviews organizes online and
in-person focus groups like the rest of them the average pay for completing a
survey is $50 but some companies will pay up to $200 you’ll have to sign up
using your facebook login or your LinkedIn login and then the platform
will notify you about projects that you qualify for based on your social media
profile before you can participate you’ll have to complete a short survey
before you can be involved in the study so it’s a little more involved than the
others but the payoff is great so focus groups are a good way to earn a little
bit of extra cash but it’s not something that you should rely on for your entire
income based on what we found a lot of the times participants will not be
selected over and over and over again for different focus groups so it’s kind
of going to just be a you know focus group your focus group there it’s not
something that you’ll really be able to do every single day I
recommend signing up for every single one of these websites that way you have
a lot of options and a lot of opportunity to be earning some extra
cash by doing online or in-person focus groups I want to know what are your
experiences with focus groups have you been able to earn some pretty good cash
do you rely on it to make to supplement a good portion of your income let me
know and as always if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe and give
it a like and then don’t forget to check out our other main money-saving videos
on money-saving tricks calm thank you


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  2. I was once paid $250 for to participate in a focus group for college students. I spend about 4 hours in person and did an online survey. Pretty easy money.

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