How to Play Ping Pong : Pen Grips in Ping Pong

How to Play Ping Pong : Pen Grips in Ping Pong

There’s also another style of grip that people
use mostly in the orient and that is called the pen grip. You’re taking your paddle and
you’re basically holding it like a ball point pen. With your index finger and your thumb
on this side and the rest of your fingers backing up the paddle on the other side. The
idea is with this type of a grip is that you’re using one side of the hitting surface for
your forehand or your back hand. It’s a simpler shot, it’s probably more difficult for a beginner
to try to pick something up like this but a lot of kids over in the orient that’s how
they learn and they’re pretty good ping pong players. So like I said it basically cuts
out the fact that you have to use the other half of the paddle you’re only using one side
of the paddle. You can try that, experiment with it probably a little bit see if you like
it. I find it its more difficult for me just because I guess I’ve learned it traditional
style and grown accustomed to that over the years. I can play this way but it’s pretty
tough, you got to get used to really flipping your back hand around and if you’re wrist
isn’t used to twisting that way you’re not going to feel comfortable at it at all. So
I would suggest staying just with he old hand shake grip and go from there


  1. hammy bradstock says:

    wrong wrong wrong

  2. D.j. rabang says:

    "the orient"

  3. Gustavo Gondo says:

    You probably doesn't know nothing about ping pong or table tennis
    ,second,penholders are not just from the orient
    ,third,it's not handshake,it's shakehand
    ,forth,it's THE pengriP,not Pengrips because theres no 2 or more penholds
    ,fifth,you use both sides when you play with the penhold
    so,basicly you're just a somekind a "nerd" trying to show people that you know how to play ping pong,which is not true

  4. sexinthebathtubwith says:

    @akiragondo Actually, you're right, but some original traditional penholders use one side for everything. but it's rare now, cause that wrist hurts like a bitch when you do it with just one side.

  5. Gustavo Gondo says:

    @sexinthebathtubwith only if you hold it badly, to do the backhand you just need to curve your fingers, so your wrist won't hurt =D

  6. Dustin Nelson says:

    This is giving pen hold players a bad name. For all you shake handers out there, (not to be mistaken with hand shakers) *cough cough* most of us have proper grip, so our wrists shouldn't be hurting in the first place. And those using the Chinese grip, (and a few using Japanese/Korean) actually do have a crossover point because they use the reverse back hand. I'm ashamed of ev now. I think I'll stick to ping skills for a while.

  7. Glao na hÉireann says:

    @mastiksa14 OH YES You're so right….:-D

  8. Will Haver says:

    @oslo99 ik im Chinese and i hole The Pengrip and this man knows nothing hahahaha… u use both sides of the paddle..

  9. Toushirou23 says:

    Why are they called ExpertVillage??? They suckkkk

  10. Tim Sodelund says:

    WTF!!!!! And i agree with the orther penholders.!

  11. Marsel Mukhlus says:

    I find pengrip easier I started with it never found it difficult ??? I cant play any other way

  12. Marsel Mukhlus says:

    You know its bullshit when he is not asian 😉

  13. Mohammed Nimer says:


  14. Mohammed Nimer says:

    the best

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