How To Put Ads On Your YouTube Videos (Tutorial)

How To Put Ads On Your YouTube Videos (Tutorial)

hey what up YouTube my name is Hai J
Truong in this video I’m gonna show you How To Put Ads On Your YouTube Videos
all right so I’m not gonna try wasting any time let’s get right into it I want
to show you guys my youtube channel basically and I mean go from here
alright so bakes so there’s two ways you can put ads soon you get monetized you
know you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12
months alright once you do that you’re able to have this monetize this station
bun and in this video I’m just gonna show you guys if you guys want to have
more ads on your video you can if you your videos over 10 minutes alright so
let’s say I wanna put more ads on this video right here how much do small
youtubers make right you click on detail you go to the left and go to
monetization mm-hmm then what you want to do is click place manually right here
click on that and there’s no limits on how much as you can put after the 10
minute mark but um just just for like for viewer wise you don’t want to put an
ad every minute because how likely your people is gonna watch that and like
YouTube reward people for watch time so you want to have a good balance alright
I’m still trying to figure that out I thought every 2 minutes be good every 3
minutes to be good so right now you just gotta find the sweet spot I don’t know
much yet I’m still learning myself but so let’s say you want to put an ad
around the one-minute mark right and you you put the timestamp right there and
you hit 1 minutes that’s 1 minute right and you can just hit add brick on the
top left right here and it shows up this blue thing right here that’s
shows you the a breaker rain they automatically will might show up the
beginning and end if you have that as an option so like anywhere the blue blue ad
break is or when it’s gray this is just letting you know there might be a chance
of an ad right it’s not guarantee but there might be a chance so like the more
as you had the higher chance it will have ads and more likely you make more
money if people watch your ads so you just gotta find a nice sweet spot if you
just have like 10 freaking ads in the first minute I don’t think anyone’s
gonna watch that but uh if you do that good luck alright people might just
unsubscribe because of that if you don’t care that’s that’s another way make
money but you gotta have some kind of you have someone’s watching you to make
that kind of money right so yeah I’m not gonna add that right there I’m just
showing you guys how to do it and after that you want to hit continue I’ll
probably take this part off but you hit continue once you put the head and then
you hit save alright and that’s basically it how to add oh my god how to
put an ad on your youtube videos alright you guys have any question feel free to
leave in the comments have any other video ideas let me know trying to grow
this channel I appreciate you guys thank you for watching bye bye


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