1. TutorialsNStuff says:

    not the idiot who says first

  2. apspfc says:

    @yoyodominos Lool

  3. SuperTer100 says:


  4. Scott Bass says:

    If I "redirect" to Gmail, will a copy still stay in my Outlook as well?

  5. RW Green says:

    In Outlook 2010, I see a Forward option but no redirect option. The difference is that Forward will send to my gmail as if I sent it from my personal email account (forwarded). All mail sent to Gmail will look as if it was sent from me, not the original sender. Redirect, if it existed, would push the emails to Google and in gmail it would appear to have been sent from the original sender.

  6. Farmer2492 says:

    How do i stop my outlook express sending emails to hotmail

  7. Sammy Rivera says:

    This isn't working for me. I followed the instructions exactly as shown in the video but it still won't forward any email to my Gmail address. :-/

  8. Jay Pham says:

    firstly , add new Gmail or Hotmail account : File -> New Contact -> Input your Gmail/Hotmail Address here . Then follow the tutorial steps . It works !

  9. Charlesetta Ramirez says:


  10. BaubleRob says:

    This would be great. If my work hadn't blocked auto-redirect in Outlook. The knobheads.

  11. Warren Butson says:

    So helpful thank you. Why is Microsoft so not logical or intuitive!!

  12. T Wu says:

    When I follow the instructions, it keeps saying to forward my emails from outlook sent to the specific account "on this computer". Does that mean it will only forward the email if i open outlook on the specific computer? 
    Outlook is the most retarded email system I have ever come across…. You would think it would be easier and understandable….

  13. Kuni Beasley says:

    Didn't work for me

  14. Pham dai trang says:

    My Outlook 2013 does NOT have the option “redirect it to people or public group”, on the forward one. Have they taken that away or is there some way to get that option in there?

  15. chris browm says:

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