How to send an electronic document – What is Signable?

We’ve come a long way since letters were delivered by horse and people signed with a feather quill. Jump forward to the 80s where fax machines were cutting edge but people were still relying on paper to sign on the dotted line. Whiz to modern-day, we have smart phones, email and apps. This enables us to send and sign things differently; electronically. We are Signable and we offer an awesomely quick, cheap and safe way to sign documents online. We send your contracts over email to the signee They sign them using our simple online software and it’s back in your inbox before you can say fountain pen. Along with full, legal authentication. You can upload your document from any device or location and signers can choose from three different options for signing. No matter what device they’re on. What’s more, you can sign up in 60 seconds No, ‘what’s the name of your first cat’s mother-in-law?’ Just the basics. We’re super scaleable, so there’s plans to suit the smallest, up to the biggest of budgets Simply cheaper, faster and safer than the than the postal service. We help thousands of companies just like you, everyday. Don’t let the future pass you by, why not give us a try?

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