How to send/receive encrypted email on iOS using a secure certificate

How to send/receive encrypted email on iOS using a secure certificate

Hey guys, Mike here today I have another video
looking at at using a secure certificates and your email in a previous video I showed you how to
sign up for free certificate and how to load it onto on your OS X Mail app. Today we’re going
to do it for the iPhone so that it will sign or send a signed email from your
iPhone and also be able to receive email they’ve been encrypt it using the
public key. So you’ll be able to read your cryptic email both on your Mac and
on your iPhone um, so before you know that couple with
the groundwork just want to do. in my previous video I sorta mentioned
how to do this, but I wanted to show you how to add your certificate to other computer
so lets say if you have a desktop and you’ve
got a laptop and you want to use that certificate on both computers so we do here’s the
inside of our Key Chain Access on OS X and we’re going to do is
tell it to import items and right here is my certificate so this
is what I had am export backed up out a Firefox
in a previous video so just tell to go ahead open it up and
now it’s gonna wanna know your password cuz when you export or you back up a secure a
certificate you have to apply a password for it so go ahead and enter in my
password and there you go so now we’re good to go
there’s my certificate everything’s all wonderful, right? So now
it is in my computer just look tip on how to do that so now
what we want to do is actually get this on the iPhone so we have that on backed up certificate so whatever you
exported out a Firefox previously you want to hold on to that because this is how
you’re going to to make this work, but if you ever do
need a backup you can always going to hear select your
certificate tell it to export items okay and then go through that process so
I think ours get another copy as you know the certificate so what we do is just take this our file
ever gonna put it into an email Iran email to ourself in New York wanna
will sign it right soul Senate and now we will all go over to the IFOP okay next before we show you the iPhone
hear in the background its dual tester something I want to do this email is Krypton group okay and now you can see it in
cryptid am gonna sign it so said to myself to show you how this is all going to
work out art so here is the phone am its open up my email ok it so here
are arm the to email they sent this is my
certificate right there you could see that’s loaded and then
here is the encrypt it and you could see this message in cryptid how to install a prophesy can’t read
that message that I just wrote myself its a first let’s go over here and we
will install it just click it and now it’ll bring in a new profile so
you can tell to install this profile gonna want my Penn on my phone okay now
that we have it will tell to install it install and now it’s gonna wanna have
their password that we and put on the certificate when we
exported it okay no talent next done and now the
certificate is installed so see if we can remove read my email
Rios this this is in cryptid it’s a pretty
cool right arts and I think no injuries when you go into the mail settings your
account settings we’re going to hear good on to advance
already on the bottom you have this option your go ahead
selected and here’s Rican turn on some more stuff so were Intel to go ahead and will
automatically sign over documents and I’ll tell to I encrypt by default
right so backup time rights let’s put in let’s go back
to your email inside the email let’s go in the same
cryptid now you can see you have a couple a new
options are there ways pop-up it shows you la check mark shows you that the
messages sign from that user and this the low block their the padlock tells
you that it was in cryptid sahnoun arm here’s a lil bit tricky part
so if you want to send encrypted messages from Ohio west I was a lil bit different then all
Western always 10 if someone sends you a signed document it automatically adds their public key
to your keychain when I what’s your take manually do this and lasts you’re right
the innate within an Exchange environment Microsoft Exchange
environment then I think the keys may be held with by the exchange but otherwise
you’re gonna have to arm install the certificates manually
the other people so let’s say you know I didn’t send this to myself
let’s say someone else and semitism email so I have to go in here and I can view
the certificate and then now I’ll have to install it so tell to install their certificate so now I install the
other person certificate and now we’ll do is we’ll just talk to
reply to this when it comes up arm now we can have
some options are so now ago this is a test and now you can see appear it is in crypt it so we’ll be sending
encrypted message back to me so tops & go back here’s the email I just sent and I could
say this is testimony could see that encrypt it so their guys that’s the way you can
install your Secure Certificate on I O ass and a how-to you’re basically
sin ti sebya you notice be signed and also be considered up to Armin
cryptid automatically again you have to install
that certificate out the other user before you be able to send them bankrupted cryptic email you can still
send a signed email just think ripped apart you have to install their public
key onto your phone so the guys hope is a
happier and send your email more securely through your iPhone I guess this might mean saying
the Mac thanks for watching


  1. ImpiantoFacile says:

    I really like your videos about protecting emails. Keep it up!

  2. Kyle Longhurst says:

    You sent your private key as an unencrypted attachment… That concerns me. Is there anyway to send your certificate to your phone without the unencrypted email?

  3. Slarty says:

    How do I generate a public key to send to someone?

  4. Viper Chick says:

    after watching your video, I figured out the missing step (last step you provided)… I didn't install the public key from the header on the emails. everything works great now thanks.

  5. Matthew Doty JR says:

    You have a key you said you had backed up and transfer to yourself from Firefox. Where AND How did you get that key in the first place???? You forgot to start off by mentioning this! Without this CRUCIAL information all of your steps are useless!

  6. Garth Titley says:

    Brilliant – worked perfectly. Many thanks

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