How to use mail merge in Gmail?

How to use mail merge in Gmail?

Hi guys this is Harish Bali from Do you want to send personalized emails? Or is your requirement to email for official
or personal use? Now do you want something that’s free
also and a mail body should have possibility of adding multiple variables? if the answer to all these questions is Yes,
then you are at the right tutorial. I’m going to explain you how to use mail merge
in Gmail. There are three good to know reasons why you
should use Gmail mail merge. First – It’s free and you can send upto 100
emails in a day. Second good reason is you can send mails to
a group of people in one go Third reason is you can use multiple variables We will talk about this and much more. So when can you use mail merge? If there is a function at home Or there is a party There is an official meeting There is a college festival or just about anything for which you need
to send bulk personalized emails. 3 Things which are needed to do mail merge First is you need the message that you want
to send which is quite obvious Second thing is you need email ids in group
a in gmail Well you need the mail IDs but in a group
is important. Third thing is you need a reliable app that
can do this job for you. Let’s get going This is the draft message that I have prepared
for the purpose of this tutorial. Keep the To field blank. Enter the subject garden party this weekend
in this example This is the first variable I have used, Hey
First name If you look carefully the first variable has
been mentioned with the less than equal to brackets. There are two brackets before and two brackets
at the end. Then I’m throwing a cool party this weekend
at my farmhouse. I’d like you to come and have some fun together. All of our friends are coming so I expect
you too, this weekend (Saturday) at Time. Now again this is the second variable and
before the second variable and after the end of the second variable there are two brackets
which are less than and equal to sign. What can happen is you can send invites to
various people for different timings which I will show you when we actually go and draft
the message. I have prepared a test folder for the purpose
of this demonstration and these are my four friends. You can have upto 100 because this
app allows you to send 100 emails in one go in a day. So, this is the second thing which I wanted
to show you. Third thing what you need to do is open Google
drive. So there are two ways. One is open a new tab and type another way is click on this button and go
to google drive. it will open in a separate window. Once you are at Google drive you need to click
on create button and go to spreadsheet. Spreadsheet will open in another window. The addon that I’m going to use for this is
yet another mail merge which is a reliable app Click on addons Since I already have yet another mail merge
installed on my Google docs so I will not need to install another one. But I’ll explain you how to do it in your
spreadsheet. You will not need to go to Get addons Once you are on this sheet, the similar window
will open Click on yet another mail merge Enter So, in my case it is showing manage because
I already have it here but in your case it will show you an option to install. Just click on the option and it will automatically
install on Google docs. Once you install yet another mail merge Go to addons again and you’ll see Yet another mail merge the
way I’m seeing it here. Then click on start mail merge This is showing working Yet another mail merge If you are doing it for the first time it
will ask you to authenticate and from the next time it will show similar window like this Select the group in my case the group name is test and click
on import contacts. So the contacts of the group will get imported
here. With the full name, first name, last name OK and the email address and the company. Now I click on this particular D column and
insert a column here. and mention time. Now what is more important to look here and
understand is if I mention time as time with T as small. This would be wrong. It will not work. I have mentioned with T capital in my subject So I must enter T capital. Now if I want my mail to go as 5PM then I
should select this particular column go to format number and check the plain text option and write 5 PM here let’s say I want to invite the other person
at 6 pm then 7 pm and 8 pm this is just for the purpose of this demonstration
that I am entering different names This is my own mail ID [email protected] so, what I’m going to do next is click on addons again. Click on Yet another mail merge and then click
on start mail merge You will see Yet another mail merge is checking
it out the message. This is the subject of the message. You can write the Sender name here Let’s say my friends they call me Rocky So, I click on Rocky and click on Send email You also have got choice to send a test mail
before you actually send it to the people. So let me click on send Emails All emails have been sent and can you see
this notification all emails have been sent the date and the
time and there is an email sent notification which is coming and this is my hotmail inbox
and there is a one mail that has come Let’s check Okay can you see the sender name as Rocky. This is the subject garden party this weekend. Ok let us check out the details. I’m throwing a cool party this weekend at
my farmhouse. and the name first name that was addressed
was Hey Hari Okay Let’s go and see Hari, that’s right Other thing is I’d like you to come and have
some fun together. All of our friends are coming so I expect you too, this weekend (Saturday)
at 6pm. So, the time that I have mentioned was 6 pm That’s also right. Hope that’s fine and the image is also looking
great. I hope you guys have enjoyed watching this
tutorial and it makes lot of sense to use Gmail mail merge for official and personal
use. Do subscribe to this channel for more tech
related stuff. Thanks for watching.


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