I am not competition for your social media marketing teams.


This is Loren Weisman and this is another
brand precision marketing short video. Today’s video theme is around the idea that
I’m not trying to step on, take over or replace the people you have in marketing,
PR, or advertising. This is a major misconception. One off, I don’t want the job. Second off, it’s much more fun in the ideas
of strategy to look at what you don’t have, to look at what you do have that might need
to be revamped slightly… Or add pieces that are there, but that haven’t
fully developed. I came from a background in music as a drummer
and a music producer. I did a lot of session work and ghosting work,
so it was that kind of thing, I come in around the back, help clean up,
fix it up, and get out of the way. I’ve taken that same concept over to brand
precision marketing. When it comes to social media, I’m not trying
to replace your social media team. I’m trying to help them step up a little bit
more with algorithms, with these templates, with different ways to format. Even the psychological aspect of differentiating
what’s being created, so that the people that are going to read it, click through and convert,
not just the like, not just the view, not just the friend, not just the follow, not
just the share, but actual conversions to revenue. I’m not stepping on your marketing person. You could have a publicist, and this again
becomes an area where you’ll be able to step up information for them to strategize aspects
about earned media stories, different backgrounds stories about you, revamping aspects of your
bio, your tagline, your one-liner. That can be material that can fire up your
publicist to different options they might not have been able to use before, or it can
inspire them to create stories. When it comes to any kind of advertising campaign… I’m not trying to tell someone, “don’t advertise
here, more here, do this!” They know, they know what they’re doing, or
hopefully you have someone that knows what they’re doing. But to look at and re-strategize ideas on
what could be used where differently, or has this stuff been vetted, or what are you seeing
in conversions? It’s sort of like this, you know, this audit
of sorts which allows you to audit the effect of the people that are working for you. And, yes there are certain people that when
they hire me for a couple hours, they end up firing some of those people, but I’m not
trying to take that position. I’m trying to make sure that you are streamlined,
so you can save the time, save the money, save the hassle, and build the conversions
for whatever your strategy… whatever your business is or whatever your
brand is. So I am not stepping on anyone. I’m not trying to compete with anybody. I’m not trying to take anybody’s job. I’m trying to help the social media people,
the content people, your website people, and anybody else, step up that much more for you. More information about me, brand precision
marketing, and everything that I can do from sitting down with you, in front of you for
an hour or we can do something over a month or two at lorenweisman.com


  1. your totally correct. I think this is necessary. Because people dont want to read anything. I certainly want to learn more effective strategies. Class anytime?


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