I Mailed Myself in a Box and IT WORKED! (Human Mail Challenge)

I Mailed Myself in a Box and IT WORKED! (Human Mail Challenge)

hi you ready to jingle your bears game oh hey gasp Jake here you can see there’s some what’s up can I have your autograph o course man where’s my ego but I’m gonna step guys what is up we are back and we are alive again dr. oz don’t gotta give her to dr oz pulled out i’ll get rid of it i’m chillin by the Christmas tree because it’s Christmastime Santa’s gonna be coming real soon and I feel like getting a little naughty today we are going to be doing the shipping myself in a box challenge I know you guys have seen that you guys have seen it on like almost every other channel out there young people shitting themselves in the box they going fedex purolator it doesn’t matter but today I thought you know what I’m gonna try it but here’s the thing here’s the thing i don’t screw around with you guys I’m not gonna like just make a video and completely lie to you so here’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna get a box I’m gonna get some food and we’re just going to go down to the store i’m gonna try and shoot myself in a box shit yourself in a box oh shit my i might shit my spell I gotta be like an astronomic they were diapers right like I’m in there for like a couple days or something or a day now I have to piss myself shit I am I gonna do we’re gonna go down to my office we’re gonna get some supplies we’re gonna get in the car we’re gonna go down to the local purolator i prefer i prefer pure later which was nice for 20 think will will handle me better let’s do ups write-ups I i know this guy Rory fucking greatest guy who works for ups he comes here every day is like the coolest dude did they got me UPS has got me guys that do it sorry you are not anyway that’s my boy he works for ups so you’re gonna take care of me so here’s what we’re gonna do guys we’re gonna get my survival package this is like if you’re going into the heart of of like Russia and you gotta survive in the wilderness except i’m gonna be in a box in a truck not in a third world country but let’s get ready let’s go downstairs and less shit myself ship ship share myself in a box alright guys so here’s what i’ve done i put together Jake’s cool package of survival items that you’re gonna need to survive in a box so here’s what i got all right now we live in canada it’s pretty cool in Canada that’s why I brought this nice comfy blanket this shit is so soft feel that’s like a baby’s ass and like a baby’s ass dude oh yeah that’s good that’s good we got the blanket alright next time next time i’m bringing my for PFA alright he comes with me wherever I go I do not leave without my little child benefit now we are going to drink and pretty soon but that’s pesticides report I want to spend the last few last few days that PFA has on earth with his father in the right Pepe love you I love you know this will eliminate having to drink water and also bring the entertainment PFA we’ll both be my entertainment and liquids he’s coming with me all right next up here’s the next thing all right you probably saw a lot of these videos they brought the snack bars they brought water they brought fucking granola vegan shit you don’t need all that all you need is a bag motherfucking rice ok so this will last for like six months okay so we got the right this is bad erasers shit’s legit the product of india and bring this in here and we’re going to eat this raw that’s alright we’re going to draw a little bit today and then last but not least in case it does get a little bit cool i got myself a little lighter yeah you probably shouldn’t be lighting fires in the box just keep yourself warm like a little campfire someone in the corner guys this is jake’s survival package this is what I’m going to need for the next three days two days one day I don’t even know how long I’m gonna be in this box where you going i I don’t know where where the most Fitbit is live girls countries with the hottest girls top 10 list sweet it sweden number one so you want me to ship uses yeah well we’re sweden sweden it’s where people violent sport pilot’s anyways from where he’s from okay y’all we gotta go to Sweden do you know we gotta go to sweet how much that’s gonna cost like a couple hundred bucks all right you can you send me to Sweden I’m gonna bring back one of these ladies alright guys so we are going to Sweden ship myself to sweeter I’m gonna pick up a swedish girl maybe one maybe two and I’ll bring them back if you would like a swedish girl put a like on this video I’ll bring you back one the last thing we need is a box which is also something i have not prepared for so we might need to go to the garage and look what we got because i don’t have very many box way 5,000 like if we don’t find out elevate second I’m 2 l’s later I would kill a mother Safety’s on how do you feel ready to smack that like but you better smack that you describe what you want to share videos from Miami I don’t care where does because for your information guys if you’re curious what I look like that’s what I look like I got this box I don’t think you’re gonna fit in that’s not what do you mean figured out walls look shit that box is not big enough this box is not big enough alright guys so we are on the way to my local UPS store i filled up the back with everything we don’t have a box which I’m a little bit worried about I’m a little scared that they’re not gonna have a big enough box so I’m hoping no because I mean it’s ups that you’ve got a ship stuff as big as human beings so we’re gonna get in there we’re going to talk to the guy we’re going to make sure that he’s got a big enough box will tell them that we want to go to Sweden and we’ll just do it go you got the right you got this dog here we go yes the boxes yeah okay so i was like we’re biggest walks out of the race yeah 24 inches cute little bow when you get out of work yeah like it’s like that I have something around that yeah okay i’m going to put this food Casey what I know where look up while it’s going to be an out-of-work totally work maybe your money work it could stop in though she like here’s the thing we’re looking to ship a person yeah i don’t know like this just a little too small i think that’s the biggest I got the base you got ya rest i don’t know i think you’d like some ice invented water in that ship with you thinking about shipping and no me oh yeah no I can’t do that probably more than the wait what’s the weight limit I’m like a hundred and lets you watch us crude 75 will be honest a little lovey so if we got like like a smaller person you think you’re not just the weight limit so do possible should present no you get like a like a midget or something right ok russian what is that a midget hug don’t follow the supplies and everything no because he’s been like weeks of planning I know even playing this for literally like two weeks because it’s like a big thing now on the internet everyone ships themselves in boxes to I ever ever ever has been doing it so we want to try it yeah yeah so it’s a weight issue that’s the main thing Big Island see this point this work yeah we tried yeah you should just try it okay that I get up I can use to you guys right is that i can ship through you guys what alright guys so I’ve been in the box now for a couple of days as here’s my boy BFA ok you excited to go to Sweden PF back it’s really excited for the Swedish girls and meatballs we finally convinced ups to ship me to Sweden you might also be asked me to take how you filming this we were also able to squeeze a camera crew inside the box so that’s that’s pretty good we’re on our way to sweden now stay too so far everything’s good mpf here holding in here guy 40 here because it i think we I think we just made the Sweden 00 sweded pull wooden stock paper we made in Sweden buddy we go we did it oh boy oh boy time to get us sweetest girls oh well Guys looks like we did it looks like I successfully shipped me and kept it in a box all the way too sweet it officially arrived so thank you guys so very much for watching this video on my blog p.m. we’re gonna get some swedish meatballs some Swedish tail you know what i mean but thank you guys for watching this video be sure to smash that like button down below and I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video


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