I want to tell you about the situation here in Idlib

I want to tell you about the situation here in Idlib

Hello my friends
I want to tell you about the situation here in Idlib After the final agreement by stop the military compaign abit
Civilians is happy now despite the all sadness they have. They demonstrate a weekly from one month.
They are demanding Bashar Al-assad to step down about rule of Syria that he claims to be its president They never accept any thing
Bashar al-Assad displaced the people from their homes and prevented them from food
He starved children He used the all weapons, even the chemical weapons on civilians
He displaced Most residents of Syria after their homes were destroyed After all of this, the civilians get out from their homes and they refused to humiliate Most of them live in tents under the burning sun without any amenities. They lack the most basic rights to live
I hope from the all world and who can help them to insurance the food, drink, medicines, and building the schools for children.


  1. Euridice Egeo says:

    Sbarr sahbib ,dialik💜

  2. FATA KATAR says:

    Allah bless on you

  3. Paulina R says:

    take care please/cuidate por favor!

  4. a 3rd world pajeet says:

    May Allah save you from the illegal Assad government

  5. fabunbutaps says:


  6. Torben Laurberg says:

    those in idlib with the three stars on the flag are terrorists from isis, al-qaeda, al-nusra, al-mossad-da and al-cia-da – the real syrian flag only has two stars!

  7. SANDRO DE Castro says:

    Você não merece viver num lugar assim Muhammad Nagen… Deus te proteja e abençoe

  8. sonoki82 says:

    The agreement will succeed. With help from Turkey and the Gulf states, Idlib will be rebuilt and will be a liberated zone within Syria.

  9. JoJo Chinook says:

    #EyesOnIdlib #ProtectTheDisplacedPeople #AssadToTheHague #Justice4Syria Great reporting Mohammad. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing and stay safe <3

  10. Reza Majarally says:

    ✊❤️💪…🚥 London N15 🇲🇺 🚥

  11. Ing Van Breda says:

    Dear friend, I hope Syria will soon know peace, freedom and democracy. That's what the revolution is about. The detainees must be released. assad, putin and rouhani to court. I stand by all of you and we have our #EyesOnIdlib. Stay safe, my brave Muhammad 🕊❤✌

  12. Warda Shoaib says:

    What a beautiful place turned into ashes
    Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) said hold tightly to syria if there is no peace in syria there will be no peace in the whole world

  13. Ibrahim.m M-512 says:

    رحم الله المسلمين الأبرياء الأشراف

  14. Lilliam Humbert says:

    May the angel Gabriel be by your side ,salam

  15. bbygrlpt2 says:

    Is it a Shia vs Sunni war?? Arent both Muslim???

  16. Ana Ledesma says:

    God bless you❤❤❤

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