Yeah… I’m BTS trash. Now, the thing is that I didn’t really know I was BTS trash. Usually that happens – or, sometimes, I don’t know if I’m the only who doesn’t realise that… I’m trash for BTS… You know what I’m saying? I did not know this. Because at first, with BTS, I was really hard on them. N- no- not –[‘No More Dream’ playing]Okay… okay, I see you killin’ it…[‘Butterfly’ playing]OH! Oh! Oh! WHAT? NO! Not ‘hard-on’. I was hard on them. Pause. God… I didn’t know what to expect, so I was like, you know what, it’s like imma be hard with y’all. I don’y know if I’ll accept y’all.[‘No More Dream’ playing again]Hmm. I mean, it’s lowkey fire, but I don’t know if I should trust… look, you a rookie group – I don’t know. I don’t – I – I don’t know. A rapper named Suga? Ho- hold up. V? What you talking ’bout, vagi-? Jin? You better give me a bottle of gin, that’s what – I’m just sayin’… Ihopethis MV don’t fail me! I got nothing for you, Jimin. You sexy. Then, after that, I was watching their next comeback to see if they were improving. Because I felt I was, like, some kinda father figure or something, I was like, “yo, okay, these boys, they went in, they lowkey lit, but are they highkey lit?” You know what I’m saying? I was looking at them, or watching them, uh, to see if they improved. And that’s what I did.[‘Dope’ playing]Okay. Okay. Y’all improving. Y’all improving. Still gon’ be hard on y’all. Just saying. Just – just saying. Do I got a hard-on? SHIT. Then, I made the big mistake of searching them on Tumblr. Why. Why?! WHY? BTS… let’s go! AH! OH! Ohhh… why would you m-make…? Who would make…? Hooold up, no, no, no… They literally have a Tumblr page dedicated to Jimin’s abs. Really, though? I mean, look, inspir- you know what, imma follow this for inspiration. Why are you biting your lips, don’t do that, what’s wrong with you. Jimin, with your nice-ass lips, PAUSE THOUGH, because I’m jealous of them lips! I want your lips to be my lips. ‘Cause I wanna do them… them lip techniques, you know what I’m saying, you got some lip techniques that I want. [sighs] Give me your lips, Jimin! What’s good, Taehyung? Huh? What’s good, V? You think you, wearing those bunny-rabbit ears, is gonna beat me in this staring competition?![intense-ass music playing]GOD DAMN IT And then, out of nowhere, I catch myself singing their songs! They planted the Bangtan bomb in my head and it went off at random times in my daily schedule.[sighs][singing]I need you, girl, 왜 [humming] get that body roll, though, JRE[singing]다시 run run run, [humming] run run run 뱁새![playing ‘Hold Me Tight’ from phone]Y’all need to hear this! My neighbours! ‘Cause BTS wants to hold you tight! They just wanna hold you tight![playing ‘House of Cards’ from phone]Do you hear this Weeknd ish? It ain’t even Weeknd! It BTS! I see you, homie. You liking this. But, to be honest, I accepted it, because… I didn’t know it. I was lowkey Bangtan trash. Then I realised I was BTS trash because I remembered their names so quickly. And, for me, if I remember the group’s names so quickly…[dog barking]If I remember your names so quickly in a group, I’m trash for y’all. J-Hope… ’cause he’s the hope to my life. V… he’s the V to my life. Suga… he’s the sugar to my life. Rap Monster… he’s the monster under my bed. Jin… …I would drink him up? I don’t know, I was thinking gin, with – nevermind… Jimin… I’d be jammin’ to some Jimin. Kookie… he the cookie to my life. Then, of course, when I had time out of my busy schedule, I sat down and if I was feeling me some BTS, I’d watch some Bangtan Bombs.[‘It’s Tricky’ playing]Okay… okay, you gettin’ it… They in unison, oh my god… The fuck?[laughs]Then, I learned I was a BTS hoe. Yes, I said it: a BTS hoe, a Bangtan hoe. Why? ‘Cause I kept on switching biases, I couldn’t choose a damn bias. I don’t understand. It was hard for me. Yo, Rap Monster, you know you’re my favourite, you spin them lyrics and you – hold up, hold up. Kookie! What’s up! Nah? Okay. You talented. That’s the thing. You very talented, but you know… hold up. Ayy, J-Hope, you know you the hope to my life! Don’t tell Rap Monster, though. Aight? Yo, ay, see you some other time, see – yo, yo hold up. Suga! What’s up! Yo, you know you my favourite rapper, right? Don’t tell Rap Monster or J-Hope, though. It’s our little secret, you know what I’m saying? Hold up. Ayy, Jin, though! What’s up, what’s good? You my favourite. But you know what? You know what’s even better? Hold up. Ayy! What’s good, Jimin! You know you got jams, though. Don’t believe what Rap Monster says. You smart. You loyal. I appreciate that. Know what I’m saying? Keep on going. And you know what, hold up. Ayy, V! Yo, you know what? You my fave. I like you. And imma stay here. You cool with that? But V, Taehyung, I like y’all. You awesome. You the bias. Waddup dude. But that J-Hope, though! I’m just saying, he creepin’, he creepin’![laughs]I don’t know. If I had a bias list – which I don’t for BTS, I just choose – J-Hope, with that1 Versefire… Homie! You insfire me! So I guess these are the reasons of how I realised I was BTS trash. And, I gotta say it, I’m BTS trash. Now, to all my BTS fans, the ARMY, what’s good – yes, I finally consider myself an ARMY – it’s so hard – I don’t know why it’s hard to call myself an ARMY, because I feel like I’m not worthy? But after time, after time, I’m like yo. I’m BTS trash! I’m actually proud! I like it! Hopefully this video relates to some of y’all, and yeah, like this video, share this video, and my question is that how’d you become BTS trash? Put it in the comments down below. I wanna hear your story. And hopefully I can interact with y’all in the comments down below. Remember y’all, it’s ya boy JRE, I’m BTS trash. Maybe I’ll do more videos of, uh, BT-uh, other types of trash because I’m trash of other groups too, like, I’m like how the hell did I become trash of this group and that group? Anyways, if you want more videos like this, like this video, share this video with your friends, share this video with the BTS ARMY. Hopefully we all can relate in the comments section down below because I don’t wanna feel, like, alone in this, you know what I’m saying? So, BTS ARMY, what’s good? I’m BTS trash. I’m JRE from JREKML. Yeah.[sighs]Bye![outro music playing][english CCs via amara.org by @gh_6351 on twitter, feel free to request more captions~] 뱁새![laughs][playing ‘뱁새 / Silver Spoon / Crow Tit’ from phone][laughs]I did say that I like J-Hope’s1 Verse, right? Yo, did you hear my version, though? Go check that ish out, though! How’d I become BTS- it just snuck up on me, I don’t understand, I don’t get it, I don’t…[sighs]I just had to make a video, it’s like a confession video! It’s not like I’m embarrassed about it, it’s just that I, like, I just wanna express mysel- this is my way of expressing, you know what I’m saying. Love you guys. I love all my sexy beautiful people. All right, y’all. Like this video, share this video. Subscribe. Bye. Subtitles by the Amara.org community


  1. Yoshino Shu says:


  2. Floppy Arms Here says:

    I guess I'm not trash because I don't like bts

  3. Antonia Smith says:

    you are so spot on!!! i want to share bts music w the world.

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    In January this year I got a little into BTS (not enough to even remember their names)
    Few months later I went to trending page (which I never do and idek why I did it but I'm so glad I did) and I saw "BTS fake love"
    I was just there like "ok everyone is talking about them so let's see"
    The choreography, concept, their voices, the VISUALS
    And I came on the day it was posted and I was like
    "Yo tf is going on in here"
    So I went to Wikipedia, read the facts names everything and I started watching interviews
    My man Namjoon damn he instantly became my bias (look have a bias but be a hoe for the whole group😏)
    It took me few hours to remember their names (only like FUCKING 3-4 hours) and I got basically sucked into the fandom
    Long story short, I got every joke, saw thousands of cracks, downloaded every song, started learning Korean (it's damn hard I can't do it I tried so that I can watch with no subs on)
    In June I found out that they'll be having world tour and I wanted to buy the tickets
    Little did I know it was harder than finding jimins jams
    In August, they had comeback, and it was my first comeback ever
    I stayed up whole day and night to be there when music video comes out, streamed the whole day, didn't sleep whole night either (cuz we had to break 24h record, and we damn did it , I'm proud)
    I was up for about 55 hours and when I first heard "I'm fine" ….
    I cried so damn much, part of it cuz I was really tired, but the other part were all the emotions
    And "Love myself" omg kill me
    Like "I was looking down on myself, I wanted to end it all but you were there, I was not alone. You showed me I have reasons, I should love myself"
    Damnnnnnnnnn right in the feelings
    They are amazing, they deserve the world, and only best things, I love them so much, I wish them success and fame, much love, and we'll always be there for them 💜💜💜
    I (J)hope I'll be able to go to their concert once but until then I'll support them with all I got
    Today is also Namjoons birthday (12.09.) and happy birthday to one and only brilliant, adorable genius god of destruction, Kim Namjoon
    May you live happily, and never change 💜
    You are perfect the way you are

    If anyone is reading this, have a nice day/night
    I 💜 you
    And remember

    "You nice, keep going" ✌

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    And on BS&T me and my sister who cought our eye was jimin

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    The first song I ever listened to was RUN. I remember putting it on endless loops, and listening to it almost every day on the bus ride to school.
    Then, I discovered the music video.
    oH mAn.
    I can tell you almost immediately, I was hooked on Namjoon.
    I literally obsessed over him for hours, his voice, his talent, his looks.
    He is still is my bias today, and I'll support him and the rest of the boys for as long as I can,
    because they are my hope.
    My world.
    And my love.
    Same with ARMY!
    I've met so many great friends, and it's all because of ARMY / BTS.
    I'm seriously thankful for all that they've done.

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    Sorry this was so long 😅

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    No entendia nada pero me encantó aún asi vi dope y amé a jungkook wooowowo dije ellos serán ellos los que me atrapen y dije vamo a calarle papu y me vi varios de todo investige y me cultive tbién hasta que llego la canción que me hizo ser ARMY Spring Day

    sorry por mi testamento

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  80. Anh Thu Tran says:

    my story is:
    love music => looking for new genre => friend help=> new to KpOp => looking for first group to stan => interested in BTS act in INU => repeat song as daily route => "so good" => never jim-out.

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    What made me stan them : Apart from their great music, I'm really thankful for the bangtan bombs cuz it's really what made me know them and how great and funny as person they are 😭

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    HAHA i thought it was just me, who couldn't choose who the heck my fave is, among BTS but I simply can't! At first I just love their music I didn't wanna see a picture or video of them coz I don't want to be disappointed, as to what exacly??? I am not sure hehe! but as became interested the meaning of their lyrics I start searching for it & found the "color coded lyrics" showing who's singing which verse & from there was introduced to "dance practice vids", & bangtan bombs & behind the scenes, then onto the "who BTS is" & their MV's and everything under the sun about BTS!

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    Confession : I'm BTS trash too.
    – 2019
    I'm just late to it

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    For a long time I thought BTS was overrated and kpop wasnt worth listening to because thats what everyone around me said. This year tho I had a friend who was bts trash, originally I thought she was pathetic but she nudged ne a little into opening the door to start.

    Then very recently a video from another fandom I was in ised a BTS song (DNA), and while watching the vid I was like. "Oh, damn this pretty good- Who is– BTS?? DA FUQ?"

    After a while of curiosity i looked up DNA and watched the whole thing, and then below that was Blood, Sweat, and Tears so I clicked aaaaand…

    Yeah it all went downhill from there.

    First I fell in L.O.V.E with Jimin's voice and his appearance, mostly because I'm a big ass lesbian and he was the only male to ever make me feel THAT way before. Me of course was curious. I looked up his name and only his.

    Then I listenned to more BTS songs. Then I, over the course of a single fucking day, memorized them, every fucking name, and by the next day I'd memorized which name went to which face too, and pretty soon I was watching BTS crap on youtube until 3 am and telling Jimin he could shove a cabbage down my esophogas and I'd be ok with it.

    So yeah that's my BTS journey.

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    Its hard to choose your bias.

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    My friend loves BTS and she talked so much about them. So when I was alone and bored I decided I would watch a "BTS try no to laugh" and I thought they where really funny so I decided I wanted to know their name….. yeah every ARMY know happens next. So now I'm totally a proud ARMY who loves them so much💜

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  93. Bangtan is life says:

    I’ve only been into BTS for like five months, but I’ve never fallen so hard for a group/ band/ artist before! And it’s been lonely because my best friend doesn’t like them… I mean she doesn’t hate them, and she respects that I like them, but I want someone who understands me! Someone I can fangirl with.. it’s really hard sometimes!

  94. KpopBoy InLuvKpop says:

    well i became bts army threw watching usa awards show and that was 2017 and i was looking at the part where they showed all the people who passed away and there was a cute sexy guy who passed away in korea and i was like oh dammm who is he and why so i looked up his name and he was in a kpop group shinee but i didnt look at none of there videos so i moved on about my life so one day i was bored and went to my history and there was shinee i had to watch the lord i was like i like them but i had watch few time to get there name and yes taemin is my bias but i love them all so bts came up DNA oh lord V i feel for him right then V STANDS but i love them all and i do have rap bias as well Jhope and jin coming for me tho lord stop jin just stop it …..

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  96. Namjoon sold my jams for 3 dollars & a sprite says:

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    Me: Same , dude , Same

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    It all started when my friend kept on blasting me with bts memes and when fake love was released she was crazy about it I'm not even joking she was singing it 24/7. So I got curious and looked them up….and we all know once you jim-in you can never jim-out….i was immediately sucked into the fandom….now I can't live without them

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    👇make this blue

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