– What’s up guys? Hope we’re doing well. I’m Scooter Magruder,
this is Scooter Gaming and today we are playing
some Grand Theft Auto. I’m joined by the one
and only Jonathan Salmon, SalmonsDontDie. Jonathan? How goes it? – [Jonathan] It goes, it goes it well. I’m ready for some sumoing. – So here’s what we’re doing, we’re doing Sumo I. You’re like a Sumo
wrestler, but you’re a car. The object, knock the
other car off the building. – [Jonathan] They don’t call me Jonathan Peter Sumo for nothing. – No one calls you that. – [Jonathan] Get big. This car’s a monster we’re about to get our Paul Walker on. Wow too soon, or too late? – Wow, Jon really? Where are you at? (bullhorn blares) – [Jonathan] Coming for blood boy! (laughs) – Oh, you’re done.
You’re done. – [Jonathan] Almost went
straight off the map. – Get lit. Oh no, oh no! – [Jonathan] Oh back there with the hook. Told you, man. – Tokyo drift. I’m trying to drift like Rocket League. Oh, you’re done.
You’re done. Ahh! (laughs) Oh my gosh. I was just getting my
bearings first round. We’re doing best of three. Best of five. We’re doing best of five. I was just getting my bearings. We’re good now. – [Jonathan] Scooter,
what do they call me? – You’re going down. Oh wait, hold on, pause, pause, pause. Pause. Hello? Okay. Oh, swerve action. You’re done. – [Jonathan] Where are you? Oh my God. (laughs) – [Jonathan] Wow man. That was so trash. What do they call me? Say it. – I don’t know what they call you. – [Jonathan] Jonathan Peter Sumo. Oh my gosh.
– Oh, get lit. Oh, you’re done. Oh. (laughs) – [Jonathan] Oh, I went off too! Are you serious? That doesn’t count? You’re done, man. We know who’s real though. – Oh my gosh. – [Jonathan] What does it say? That you’re the loser?
Does it say “match loser”? – No, you know what? It was a good- It was a warm-up game. That didn’t actually count. That was a warm-up. Now you guys know the rules, okay? And so, we’re going to
play an actual match now. Now that everyone knows the rules. Oh, where are we? (bullhorn blares) Why am I right by the edge? – [Jonathan] Playing it out. I’m not speeding. – Get lit. Get this guy. Oh they’re done. – [Jonathan] Oh, oh, oh, oh. That’s alright, I’m just scared. Oh, look, we’ve got
one going down already. Oh my God! I’m gone. – Are you done? – [Jonathan] I fell. – Oh, this person’s done.
Get lit. – [Jonathan] That was on my own. Wow. Magruder, you’ve got it, man. – I’m getting lit. Can you see this? Oh, speed boost. Oh my gosh! Ahh!! (laughs) – [Jonathan] That’s kinda like what I did. I wasn’t expecting there to be like a sharp cliff right there and I was gone. (bullhorn blares) I’m letting you guys go first. Yes, Magruder, you see it. You see it. Alright, now we go because
purple got messed up. Oh, he’s already off.
Okay. Oh look, messed up. – Oh, get lit, get lit. Oh my! Oh. Oh. Oh my. – [Jonathan] Oh!
Look at me! – I am trash. Oh, Jon, you’ve gotta do it. Jon, you’ve gotta do it. Bait him. Oh, you’re done. I don’t know what you were doing. – [Jonathan] I can’t tell, like. I can’t tell. – Ride by the edge. Yup, just like- You’re done. – [Jonathan] Oh I’m in- No, no! No! (bullhorn blares)
– Here we go. I’m staying back. Okay, so much for staying back. I’m trash at this. I am absolute trash at this game. Jon, this is all you. – [Jonathan] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Let him think he has it. Oh, let him think he has it. Oh my gosh, this is like a Fast
and the Furious-like scene. Who am I? – Jon, remember your training. – [Jonathan] Am I Vin Diesel? – Absolutely not. – [Jonathan] Oh, fake out. – Oh, they’ve got you trapped. – [Jonathan] No they don’t. What’re they going to do? That’s cool. Jk. Oh, drift. – You won’t go- Drive on that- (laughs) – [Jonathan] I’ve got it though. I’m in.
Get lit. Maneuvers. They thought they had me. – Oh, get him. Right there. Yup. – [Jonathan] That’s so stupid! God dangit. That’s so dumb, it took no effort. – You had to do it. You had to do it. – [Jonathan] I had to
make a power move, man. (bullhorn blares) – Absolutely not.
I’m going for gold. I’m going for gold. – [Jonathan] You’re dead. Ohh! I can’t talk, I’m about to go off too but what was that? – Oh, it’s you again. It’s down to you, Jon. – [Jonathan] It’s just me?
Oh what is this? This guy just got out
of his car or something. – Jon, it’s on you. Why are you always the last one? – [Jonathan] That says a lot about me. Oh, drift. Oh, drift, fake out, sandwich. – I’m complete trash. I’m complete trash. This makes no sense. – [Jonathan] This is trash. Oh, get moved. – You know what you have to do. – Oh, get moved. Oh, get moved! – You know what you gotta do, Jon. – [Jonathan] Oh, get moved. Oh, oh, ramp off. – You know what you have to do, Jon. – [Jonathan] Oh, yeah, okay okay okay. – You know what you’ve gotta do. – [Jonathan] I hate it.
Oh, they’ve almost got me. Jk, rip. Go sleep. – You’re dead. – [Jonathan] You thought
I almost pulled a U? I can’t see. Okay here we go. – I know. (laughs) – [Jonathan] That’s not
what I wanted but alright. – Wow Jon. Really? I can’t say anything. (bullhorn blares)
Here we go. – [Jonathan] Oh, this
building is highly sketch. – Why am I in this? – [Jonathan] You’re off the map already? Your teammate’s done. – Dang it.
– [Jonathan] I’m a monster. – I tried to knock out someone
who was on their way out. – [Jonathan] Am I the
only one in here again? My car is heavily damaged. – For some reason, my team is the only one
that’s not represented. Good job. – [Jonathan] It doesn’t matter. Watch me. ‘Cause clearly I’m going ham again. Oh look, Gymkhana. Oh my God, I’m almost going off my edge. – Oh you’re done. – [Jonathan] Oh my God, jk, rip. Ah, peace out. Oh, peace out!
– Get him. – [Jonathan] Oh my God, it’s so stupid. – Oh, you’re done. – [Jonathan] Oh, peace. Peace out. – Jon, you’re done.
– [Jonathan] He’s done. Oh my goodness. – Oh, you’re done.
Oh Jon! – [Jonathan] Dang, that
was a good push, man. But are you kidding me? – I’ve gotta stop sucking. This is not ideal. – [Jonathan] It’s not ideal, man. You’re looking really sad. (bullhorn blares) – I just can’t see anyone. – [Jonathan] Oh my God, he’s off the- That guy’s off the-
Oh, oh my God. Oh, orange is gone. Get him, Magruder! Oh my God, Magruder, sorry. – I’m driving away. – [Jonathan] Ah! Oh my gosh. – I can’t see anyone. – [Jonathan] Coming up
behind you, please chill. I’m right behind you.
– Oh, you’re done! Orange, you’re done! Get lit! – [Jonathan] Oh, I’m almost gone. Oh my gosh, Magruder, don’t hit me. No! Is it just you and me? It’s just you and me? – Ah! (laughs) – [Jonathan] You’re done, bro. (bullhorn blares) Orange. You’re the prime suspect here. Oh, Magruder, you’re
not gonna knock me off? Try me
– Jon, you’re done. – [Jonathan] Try me. Please try me. – I’m running. – [Jonathan] I’m going
off the map, oh my gosh. Your boy trying to push me off the map. Tell your teammate to chill. – Nope, you guys are done. It’s green’s time. Get lit! Oh, I’m out. Where are you guys at? I’m afraid to stop driving. Oh!! Dang it! Oh, green. Green’s still in. Jon, go for Orange. Go for Orange. – [Jonathan] No. I’m taking your man out immediately. I’m just gonna pin myself right here because I’m scared. Orange, you’re done. – Oh, you’re done. – [Jonathan] Gymkhana. Oh, he’s done. Oh, green’s done. Yo, your boy’s garbage, man. Uh oh, uh oh. Oh, power move? – Let’s go! Green, let’s go, Green. Oh, he messed up. Oh, get big! Uh oh. We’ve got a stalemate. We’ve got a stalemate,
ladies and gentlemen. Oh, what’s happening? – [Jonathan] Stalemate. Oh, ten seconds. – Is time gonna run out? – [Jonathan] Yeah, I think so. – What happens when time runs out? (ticker beeps) Where’s the area? – [Jonathan] Right there. In that corner. Woah! – Get lit! I’ll take it. We’re on the board. (bullhorn blares) – [Jonathan] Adds to
the frustration I feel. I’m in first person. – Oh gosh, get big. Get big. – [Jonathan] Wow. You know I’m orange, right? – Okay. I’m in it. Oh my gosh, I almost hit my guy off. Oh, get lit. Oh, I figured out- – [Jonathan] What? Why you’re trash? – Nope. I figured out this game. I figured out this game. You’re done. Jon, where are you? – [Jonathan] You knocked
me off a long time ago. – Exactly. Get lit. (Jonathan laughs) – [Jonathan] Oh, you’re done. Wow! – He’s done though. He’s done.
he’s gotta be done. (bullhorn blares) – [Jonathan] Yup. The stakes are high. I understand. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye! Oh my gosh, me and pink
are cleaning house! Oh man. I died. – Let’s go orange. – [Jonathan] Wow, you’re
rooting against me? – Get ’em, orange. – [Jonathan] Oh my God. Power move. Yes! Yes. Scooter. Match point. Match point. – Dang. – [Jonathan] Weight room. (bullhorn blares) Oh my God, I went off the map. Did you reverse? Dang, your boy reversed and worked me. – Get lit. Green team. For the win. – [Jonathan] Oh, purple lost. – I have no idea where
anyone’s at, oh my gosh. – [Jonathan] C’mon orange.
Oh my gosh, orange. – Let’s go, oh let’s go. Lemme get out of here real quick. Assess the situation. Okay, get lit. Oh, you’re done. You stop, you’re done. Oh, you’re done. Oh, you’re done. You’re done. You’re done. I don’t know what’s happening right now but I’m not gonna let him get down. Imma need my teammate to come hit him. Uh oh. Teammate, hit him. Am I on fire? Oh my gosh. Maybe if I just blow up, he’ll blow up. Bro, I can’t move. I can’t move. I can’t move! – [Jonathan] I hope you blow
up and it’s just 1v1 purple, I mean green and orange. Oh my God, don’t worry about him. Get away from him. – Oh, he’s done. – [Jonathan] These cinematic
camera angles are lit. – Oh, this is some bull. – [Jonathan] Did you blow up just now? Ah! (bullhorn blares) – And there you have it,
ladies and gentlemen. The victor Team Magruder. Green team. United we stand. It’s about time. If you enjoyed this gameplay, press the “Like” button. I make new videos every day. If you wanna see more GTA gameplay, leave a comment down below. And as always, No Jugamos Juegos. Throw me the alley. – I’m a grown man.


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