Ink Cartridges Are A Scam


Okay, there’s a story. Flashback almost a decade ago, I’m working at an unnamed telemarketing centre as a “technical support assistant” for an unnamed computer company’s laptop division. Y’know when you call customer support and nine times out of ten the person you’re connected to is from a different country, and you can’t understand them, and they can’t understand you? I was that one time in ten when you’d reach somebody from the States and actually get the help you needed much faster. And you might have noticed – if you’ve ever had the misfortune of ever calling into technical support – that they spend around 20% of the time actually fixing your problem and about 80% of the time…trying to sell you stuff. That’s because they’re trained to. The tech company you purchased that laptop from also needs to sell other products to stay afloat, often times overpriced mouses, backup drives… Antivirus software is a big one because it’s easy to get computer-illiterate folks to buy into; Anything to make an extra buck while trying to fix the broken thing that you’ve already shelled out many for. So anyway, one day, I’m sitting at my desk, getting yelled at by an irate customer from Georgia and a note comes across my computer’s alert system. Every few weeks the manufacturer has to liquidate old products, because they’re about to get replaced by new models, and it was our job to try to sell these old products at full retail price to customers unaware they were about to go on sale. A bit shady, but par for the course. The Georgia dude eventually hung up on me and a second later I was connected to a woman in Nevada who had a really simple question: She had just purchased her laptop and she didn’t know how to install her word processor. I quickly walk her through the process, chatting her up to see if I can sell her something, and I learn that she’s about to head to her freshman year of college. [Posh accent] “COLLEGE, you say? Well, dear madam, have you a PRINTER to produce HARD COPIES of all the ENGLISH ESSAYS you’ll be writing?” (I…didn’t actually ask her like that.) “Oh, I…hadn’t thought about getting my own printer.” “WELL THEN, I can order a model this MORNING and have it delivered RIGHT to your DORM on the MORROW!” So I pulled up our internal store page and accessed the printer section. So, a quick little ditty about that page: When I, the tech agent, pulled up a product I was presented with two prices, one in red and one in black. The black number was the retail price: This is how much you would sell the product for over the phone. The red number was the manufacturing price: In other words, how much it cost the company to make that product. Now, why did it tell us this figure, I have no idea. I think it had something to do with the fact that the bookkeeping folks used the same internal system as the retail folks? I-I don’t know, I’m sorry, I get distracted a lot. So I’m scrolling through the different printer models and talking to the girl about all the various features that each one of them offers and at the bottom of my screen I catch a glimpse of replacement ink cartridges and my jaw drops. We were selling packages of standard capacity multi-colour ink cartridges for $59.95, and the cost of manufacturing? 23 cents! I was stunned. I mean, so stunned that I put the Nevada girl on hold and called my supervisor over. I pointed at the screen and asked him, “is that really the cost of manufacturing?” He took a glance at the screen, laughed, then nodded, “yyyyyyyup.” I looked at him in disbelief. “That’s a total scam!” And he said, “Eh. What can you do about it.” Which leads us to today. Today, I am doing something about it. So this is an ink cartridge, and inside of it is printer ink, the most expensive liquid in the world, right behind king cobra venom, scorpion venom, Chanel number five, insulin, and mercury. So first, some disclosure, I’m only gonna be hating on inkjet printers like this one. Laser printers get a pass. This is my mom’s printer. This is about the fifth one that I’ve bought this week. It excels in two areas: Number 1, the ink cartridges always need to be replaced, and number 2, it’s always broken. Seriously, this thing worked for like a hot minute and then I started getting the good ol’ white lines everybody and their cousins probably experienced. I called up technical support myself and the first question they asked me was, “have you replaced the ink cartridges recently?” So let’s talk about the wonderful scam of ink cartridges. Here’s the inside of one of these babies. Pretty easy to manufacture, just some plastic bits, the ink goes here, but they market for about 50 bucks. Now the line that we’re fed is simple: “Ink cartridges are expensive because ink technology is expensive.” HP reportedly spends $1 billion annually to develop printing technology, but what really has changed about these fellows in that time? Actually, not much. Like I said, plastic shell filled with ink. Turns out all that technology is housed in here. Ever notice how these cost usually cost the same amount as these? Doesn’t that seem insane? Well, what if I told you that it was all in the design? You might not know it, but most printers are sold at a loss, and the money is made back from the cost of printer ink. This is a marketing ploy known as the “Razor & Blades Model”, where one item is sold at a low price in order to increase sales of the complementary good, which is often a consumable that must continually be resupplied. In a nutshell, “give ’em the razor, sell ’em the blades.” The ploy here is, “give ’em the printer, sell ’em the ink.” Mark up the price of the consumable, and before too long, the printer itself is paid for. But, turns out the methods used to recoup those costs haven’t always been so noble. Right, so tonnes of ink cartridges are manufactured with this little chip on them. Printer companies like to tell us that this little thing’s purpose is to “monitor the quality of the ink!” “The chip lets you know when your printer is running low on a particular colour!” “The chip can facilitate firmware updates to improve performance!” All of this is baloney. The chip is designed to get you to spend more money. For example, say you’re running low on cyan ink. The chip will tell the printer to stop operating, Even if every other colour type is full, until that single colour is replaced. But here’s the rub: A lot of the time the chip says you’ve got low ink, you actually don’t. False low ink notifications are really, really, common. In fact, the next time you get one you might find that if you take the cartridge and perform a little techno-voodoo to reset the chip, you’ll actually have plenty of ink still inside. What gives?! Imagine if your car’s gas tank had a chip inside of it that forced the vehicle to stop operating completely once you hit half a tank. There would be rioting in the streets because as a consumer, you should have the right to drive that sucker until it’s bone-dry and then refill it at your convenience, right? Well, what if like cars, I could refill my ink cartridges after they’re empty? OhohohoHO, the chip is designed to prevent that as well. Many printing companies designed their chips to detect when the consumer was attempting to refill a used cartridge, and it responded by – you guessed it – disabling the printer completely. In fact, just last year, a major court case over that very issue between Impression Products and Lexmark went all the way to the top and the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the little guy, reaffirming a consumer’s right to repair and modify products after they’ve been purchased. It makes no sense that something like that had to go to the highest court in the land, but in the printing world, exploitation of consumers is the rule of the day. For example, did you know that many printers purposely mix a little cyan ink into every black and white document you print? That’s right, wile you’re thinking, “hey, I’ll just print black and white to save my colour cartridges”, printers are designed to use a bit of colour without telling you, and as we’ve mentioned before, if even one of those cartridges registers as low ink, the entire machine is disabled. [Crowd goes “oh”] Oh, but the companies say this extra little bit of colour gives it a “purer black”. [Distant] “That’s not how it works?!” Oh, and whatever you do, don’t try to circumvent any of these things or if your printer breaks, attempt to make any repairs, because most manufacturers will void your warranty the second you start tinkering around in the internal components. And believe you me, they’ll break. Again, and again, and again. Printer heads will be misaligned, dirty, damaged, dead-on-arrival, and for every diagnostic you run, every test page you print, you’ll be using up those lovely ink cartridges more and more and more and more. You literally get to pay to make sure the thing you’ve already bought still works on a regular basis. Isn’t that great?! Yes, no matter what company you go with, all of printers suffer from the same eye-gouging issues: The ink costs too much, it always needs to be replaced, the printers always have driver issues, wireless never works, the interface on every model is impossible to figure out… Personally, I think it’s time we said enough. Enough with paying a ridiculous amount of money for a product that costs next to nothing to manufacture, a product that doesn’t work half the time, and the other half when it does work, it’s restricted by the manufacturer to make sure you can’t get full use out of it. A product that changes yearly. A product that is designed to stop working and force customers to purchase another product, even if there’s nothing broken about the product in question! Take this thing, for instance. This is my mom’s printer; she uses it to print letters. It wasn’t printing them right so she went out and spent 60 bucks on new ink cartridges thinking that would fix the problem, and after struggling for a day figuring out to install the bloody things, she tried printing the letter again, but the problem still wasn’t fixed. I got to hear about it over the phone. So then I drive about half an hour to get the printer and take it home where I waste the rest of the new cartridges’ ink to run a bunch of inconclusive diagnostics to try and figure out why it’s not printing correctly. By the time I determine that the printer has a common yet for some reason unrepairable hardware issue I discover the cheapest option is to just order a replacement, but I CAN’T order a replacement, because they update their printer models each year, so now I have to go buy the new-and-improved model, and I can’t use the old ink cartridges in this new-and-improved model because the new-and-improved model uses a whole different ink cartridge type, so I have to spend another $50 on these new-and-improved ink cartridges (which, it turns out, just have a slightly longer piece of plastic on the inside) and by the time I get this new and improved printer ready, I discover the new-and-improved printer’s drivers aren’t compatible with my mom’s computer, so I’ve got to go on the printing company’s obtuse website and use their auto-detect tool (which doesn’t work) to try and find a driver that IS compatible, and in order to locate the compatible driver by hand, I have to determine if she’s using a computer that runs on a 32-bit operating system or a 64-bit operating system, which many of you at this point may realise, is not the kind of information that moms usually know the answer to, so by the time we figure THAT all out, and get the printer working properly, we’re left with an obvious question: Why is this still a problem in the 21st century? We shot a CAR into SPACE. I’ve been waiting to do this for a while… [Sighs] That felt better. We can do this, people. Together. Share this video today, and start a revolution. Tell these companies that enough is enough, we want affordable ink, we want printers that work, and we want printers that last. Think I knicked my cheek. Thanks to these Patreon backers for their continued support. Do you want to find more content like this? Then…look harder. I dunno.


  1. Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers.
    “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

  2. If HP are spending a billion dollars in research, but selling printers for $50…. well I suspect you can do the math to see where they need to make some more money. I used to service HP Printers, mostly the designjets A1-A0 size plotters, effectively the same principle as desktop inkjets. However to say the technology hasn't changed because the cartridge is a black plastic container is like saying cars haven't changed since the model T because they have 4 doors. Ink research is required to stop things like blocked nozzles, as newer tech has managed to shrink the size of those tiny holes the ink also needs to reliably flow through them in a consistent manner, the smaller the drops, the harder it is to have consistency in printouts. when your dealing with drops that small things like ambient temperatures can have drastic effects. Also those tiny droplets can't dry out on the printhead, because again blocked or misdirected ink flow will occur. I'm not saying that ink is good value for money. But the technology has certainly come a long way in both quality (dots per inch / colour matching), and cost of equipment. When I was servicing Designjets they were easily $5000USD, and it was worthwhile for HP to keep a stock of parts globally for those printers. Several parts would wear out (by design) and they needed regular maintenance. As the technology improved HP no longer needed to train technicians, or keep a stock of parts, the new HP Designjets are all plastic, if they fail under warranty they are so cheap HP replace the whole unit (not the ink , lol).

  3. You have no fix? So you just told us what we all probably figure? Thanks for wasting 12:15 minutes of our days. You made a video to tell us the sky is blue.
    So there is more ink in the cartridges, but we're told there is not. Why would the makers add more ink, boosting cost, just to leave it behind and induce people to buy more cartridges? They wouldn't. They would just short the cartridges.

  4. I bought a simple, laser, monochrome all-in-one for black and white printing, copying and color scanning for about $125. That takes care of about 85% of my needs. For the occasional color photo, I send it to the local drug store, and for the occasional color print on paper, I use my local public library which maintains quality color laser printers. Printers in my opinion are becoming less important, due in large part because most of us share digital documents to be seen on a variety of screens.

  5. Just get the cartridges refilled, by a professional. An independent one.
    The printer will complain but last I checked that can be overridden.

  6. lets start a revolution
    we will figure out how to build our own printers, and produce our ink for free, and then teach everyone how to build printers
    printers owned by companies will be obsolete

  7. Gutenberg would not be happy about seeing companies defile the noble art of print. Please printer companies, honor papa Gutenberg.

  8. I blame the consumer…. people seem to think the retail price reflects the build quality. if they were to sell it with a reasonable markup cost everyone would think its cheap crappy ink.
    society is backward…. no way people in the eastern countries pay that much

  9. My take on the video is that it was full of facts with jokes and that we do not need to break our printers lol. I have been using cheap colour ink jet printers for very long time, I simply buy refill ink pack costs around £5. I refill my ink cartridges more than 4 times with one pack. My printer may last for 2 years or less but then who cares when I spent around £40 on the printer and £10 on ink refill kits in two years.

  10. u also didnt mention inkjet print head worn out by itself in time , i used canon original ink only and been repair for print head twice, its cost more than their new printers, they technician blame me for not printing enough, that runs on an original ink only. Total scam! wish can sue them.

  11. Arrg! he plural of mouse is MICE! "Mouses" isn't a word! (Why is it competent speakers of English often mess this up when it comes to the computer part?)

  12. My printer worked with windows 8.1 but doesn't work on windows 10. No support, "old" model. I just printed few pages on it. The printer and two spare toners in garbage….very green and ecological…..:-(

  13. After LED printer which doesn't work on Windows 10, I bought ink printer and after few pages it started to print only green (although black and other colours are still full)….

  14. If possible please invest in a Continuous Ink System. You can install it manually. While the upfront cost is the same as buying ink cartridge, you get more ink and it lasts a very long time. Bought an Epson, and replaced the sample cartridge with a Continuous Ink System that came with bottles of ink and it has lasted me for 3 years. Haven't refilled the tank since. I believe only specific models allow this but please do your research. Save money man, we out here just trying to live.

    And yes the quality of ink is just the same. Its better in my opinion.

  15. Or school and university don't use personal printers anymore because of that reason. That's 2,986 people Without personal printers. 2,986 people who are denying company's the money they USED to waste. That's a victory.

  16. So, in China (I lived there for 7 years – it was great) I bought a printer and then a special device that connected a special set of cartridges by tubes to an external reservoir. So you just had to fill the reservoir when it was running low. Worked great – ink was cheap. You will not find this in the States….

  17. my family had a hp print back in 00s, that was the exact problem we had.
    New inks always didn't work properly, last a few months, if I didn't use it for a while, ink got dry, didn't work.
    and it is still a huge problem lol.

  18. After watching this I looked for laser printer recommendations, found a lot of people were happy with Brother printers for personal use. I bought a used monochrome laser printer on eBay for less than $50 (roughly the price of ink cartridges). It's easier to use than any inkjet printer I've used (mostly HP models), has required no maintenance or upkeep in the few years I've owned it despite it being used from eBay. I should point out that I'm a student and I do print essays and the occasional paper for personal use but don't use the printer all that much. But this thing has more features than the old printer, like printing on both sides and much much better wireless support. Add about a hundred dollars and you can get a very nice color laser printer with all these features. Is it possible you'll buy ink 3 times at any point in the future? Get yourself a laser printer.

  19. I just found this but yeah. I've never in my life bought a printer because I've known of these very same reasons. Good on you for making it public

  20. I don't lose money but I do have an injket and I print basically for a fraction of the price. For a month I pay around 3£ equivalent of 4$ on HP instant ink and I get to print each month 100 pages of whatever size I want and whatever colour, I also get 200 page rollover which is nice. I save so much money this way but also save time because when my printer is low on ink it just requests some more ink cartridges and they get delivered to my door before the ink is finished. All I have to do is put the old ones in a little envelope they give and put it in a mailbox. That's it, and I save so much money. A year I have 3-4 sets of cartridges, equivalent of 80£ worth of ink from a normal retailer. In a year I pay 40£ for the same 4 cartridges. So yeah, use HP instant ink if you have an hp printer, it's amazing and it's cheap.

  21. My hp printer works without colour cartridges and doesn't use any colour ink when printing black and white, but mine does have tricolour cartridge which has 3 colours in one.

  22. This goes against everything I experienced with ink printers. Yes, they do have occasional issues but those are easy to fix. Everything you said is opposite to what I experience.

  23. I have a HP laserjet 1020, it has been working for like 5 years plus, a guy in a corner shop refils the ink, i have no idea on what he does but i love him.

  24. This would have been a brilliant ad for and now I'm selling ink cartridges for $5 each and putting out my own printing that will not change each year.

  25. I often imagine being parked out the front of a printer manufacturer head office. I have a huge sized elastic tied to two cars and in the middle of that elastic is a printer that I stretch back and then release it like a slingshot through the office window. Better than this I have 50 of the printers that I launch through their windows. I imagine myself doing it for 'the people", and the world cheers for me in unison 😉
    Too bad its just a dream.

  26. NOTICE how they NEVER make transparent ink cartridges?????? It's 2019 and manufacturers believe we still need a chip to tell us if the glass is half empty or full smh.

  27. Fuck me, the SC ruled in favour of the consumer? That says everything about how truly despicable and anti-consumer this practice is, they're usually fine with regular screwing-over of normal people.

  28. Me in front of an inkjet printer in a store:
    🔹 Type « ink cartridges filling kit » on Google,
    🔹 find a good and well-stocked online store for this,
    🔹 check if there is a kit for this model.
    Great savings. 💰😋

  29. no compren en compumundo del shopping abasto jamas!

    compre la impresora multifuncion cannon G3000 E470 la abri pasando los 10 dias de poder devolverla, y resulta que no anda cuando presiono el boton para modo wifi. o sea……una cagada, una estafa.sin palabras, argentina , pais generoso.

    la impresora esta enchufada y durante el proceso de instalacion del software en windows 10 ni la reconoce conectada es un horror te dice que se detecto la impresora y despues que compruebe si esta enchufada o conectada o encendida y no hay caso peor compra que hice jamas.

    no se puede comprar una impresora que ande en argentina salvo que sea marca brother y laser y blanco y negro.

    encima llame al 0800 y me dan un nro de la garantia que n funciona al marcar.o sea…una estafa mas.

    olvidate de comprar una hp porque en el pais se fue la marca y no te la reparan con garantia!!!!!

    epson no compro porque la marca es tramposa y apenas cambias uun cartucho te estafa diciendote que el otro se esta por acabar o se vacion y no te deja imprimir mas nada ni en blanco y negro..asi que….!que pasa en argentina????????



  30. Joke's on printer companies, I only got a printer because of the rebate.

    It's just a printer; no scanner, copier, facsimile, or other whizbangdoodad. (it does have wifi, but I never really liked printing that way because…it doesn't like to work…but that's no problem because I print from USB anyway with it)

    It's a Canon brand, but don't let the brand fool you into thinking it's better than others or better than the ones the computer companies sell, I simply don't use it as often as the manufacturer anticipates (meaning that I have checked on the ink levels to find the ink has dried to nothingness rather than using all the ink). So, for me, sample size of one(1), the cost of the cartridges is "meh" and the printer functions great because it hardly gets used (I don't even think Canon makes cartridges for it anymore… checks …I'm wrong, they do). It's the PIXMA iP4300 btw. Uses a bulk black and CYMK cartridges.

  31. I used to work as tech support for a printer company, that job was so stressful, it is so satisfying to see that printer into pieces hahaha

  32. I actually work with a company that modifies printers for use in third world countries to print books and there are 2 other problems they have discovered. Most printers have a little tray below where the printer head rests when not in use. At the end of each printing it shoots a little ink in the tray to clean the head off. So this wastes a little ink. But that isn't the big problem. There are sensors in that tray and if you have your printer too long and it fills up it will just shut the printer down altogether. Another issue is that there are timer sensors in some printers that after having it for so long it will just shut down and the only way for you to keep using the printer is to buy a new key (basically a code) from the company to keep using it. Most people at that point would be forced to buy a new printer. Also, if certain companies find out you are modifying their printer for commercial use, they will attack you by legal means. It is nice though because there are some printer companies that actually welcome modifications and even give out plans on how their printers work.

  33. My printer died a few weeks ago. I wasn't going to replace it due to the ridiculous ink prices. Out of necessity, I began to search for alternatives. I did find that Epson and Canon make printers that store a large volume of ink and sell refills in bottles. Ink bottles are 70 mils for ~$14 for colors and 127 mils for ~$13 for the Epson I bought.

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  35. Oh lol, I thought it is only Russian market suffers from garbage printers. Turned out they scam all countries equally. What a fair world.

  36. Gave up on inkjets years ago, went with a nice color laser-jet. Prints super fast, no drying, no smudging, and it's cheaper than injket per page even if you buy new cartridges. But they are perfectly refillable. 😉

  37. Bueno, yo en mi caso, al quedarme sin tinta, decidí llevar mi impresora a un técnico para que modifique mi sistema de cartuchos de tinta por uno de sistema continuo y bueno; la única desventaja es que hay que imprimir constantemente a 2 semanas o la tinta se secará dentro del aparato, también el técnico le instaló un recipiente para el drenaje de la tinta que expulsa la impresora después de hacer varias impresiones.


  39. As I am working in retail I seriously disagree. I agree on that ink printer cartridges are waaaaay overpriced. For example HP ink is more expensive than human blood. Hp cartridges are expensive because of electronics in the cartridge. Lexmark had cheap ink but they discontinued consumer products. Cartridges that comes with machine are "preview" cartridges which have enough ink to use them for x amount of pages. The cartridges bought separately are filled to the brim, hence the price. And when talking abouit ink: if you do not keep it flowing it will dry up. Print something weekly and you're good for months. Don't use printer for a month? Well bad luck the cartridges are dried up so get new ones. And as for the features. Yes WIFI never works properly (unless the printer has it's own lcd screen and interface) but also who the hell wants printer far away from the computer itself? So why not just use USB? And as I work in the retail I am no salesman. I work as support technician and every printer is directly from hell itself. Main rule is: DO NOT BUY THE CHEAPEST ONE. This rule saves a shit ton of grey hairs from you and from the tech support 😀 And also in the video you have an epson printer which is the worst whn it comes to using one of many features. But when it comes for bad printing quality you just need to do deep cleaning which you can find from computer (for some r-tard reason this is not in printers own programs) this procedure clears pretty much 80% of the print quality problems. Rest 20% are faulty parts and/or ink cartridges.

  40. Actually adding other paint to black DOES work this way, it's called Rich Black and I can guarantee that it's a common thing in printing. Of course it doesn't mean you need it for house printers especially when you decide to use only black ink. Black ink in CMYK system is in fact a very dark grey and to make it rich black you want to have 240% coverage (100% K – black in other words, and additional 40% + 40% + 60% of CMY inks). Doesn't matter if you print text but in case of illustrations and pictures it makes a difference.

  41. Here's the solution:


    I don't even have a printer, haven't had one for over 10 years and don't need one. I deal with digital stuff exclusively. For the odd once in a blue moon times someone I have to deal with can't handle digital documents, I go somewhere there's a publicly available printer. (i honestly can't remember the last time that happened)

    So stop wasting your money, stop wasting trees, stop wasting all this plastic and ditch this digital stone age technology in the gutter where it belongs. Paper belongs in the past.

  42. I've just binned all my printers, chip resetters, bottled inks, can't be arsed with it anymore. Just take my flash drive to the library and print there. Not funding the world's biggest scam anymore. Sometime soon I'll figure out how to make a printer and scanner using the same stepper motors, axles, arduino controller as £D printers and make an open source printer everybody can use, without all the bullshit.

  43. That Tesla guy with the car is space is also a big hater of open-source stuff…i think a open-source printer company will do great…


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