Installing ODK Aggregate on Google App Engine (in 15 minutes or less)

2 for browser based surveys, rather than Android device based surveys. Both are part of the ‘ODK ecosystem’. Screenshot showing various blank forms on a live Aggregate server. Some are ‘live’ and some aren’t. ODK Briefcase lets you download finalized forms locally via USB cable. No server required. Demonstrating the same survey design / blank form being used in ODK Collect and then again in a web browser (Firefox) *Undoubtedly! See ‘Deployment Planning’ on ODK website for more details. You can also set a specific cost limit for your server – eg £1 per day Go for the main ODK Collect app – you will see numerous other variations that are built from this core version. * Actually 136mb Forms can be written in any spreadsheet software – see for more OAUTH2 Service Account instructions on ODK website to get Google Drive / Fusion tables access *Actually 30 days Showing where to find platform settings in ODK collect – this will be ‘’ your server


  1. After installing and trying to start working in the project ( a windows eith Hello, World appears. How can I log in into my project to upload my form?

  2. WHen clicking on the upper rigth corner on project a new windows with "Hello, WOrld" appears and nothing else happens….Can you tell why I can not access the aggregate page and my project?

  3. Hi Richard, do I have to create a server for every project? Let say I am collecting data for two different projects, do I have to create a server for the two project or can I upload two different forms in the same server? If I have to create server for the two different projects, will the web address be different.

  4. I am doing my PhD in Australia and I will collect data from Ethiopia/Africa and I am confused if it is possible to use Google App Engine as I have only observed very few continents while I am installing ODK Aggregate. would you say me something, please?


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