International students at Hartpury University and Hartpury College

International students at Hartpury University and Hartpury College

England is a great place especially for
an equine person like myself because there’s so many opportunities. The
education that Hartpury gives us is so unique it would be really awesome to take it
back to Canada and be very qualified because there is no such qualification
in Canada so you know you’re really at the top of your game if you have
something like this. When I originally thought coming to Hartpury, the facilities
just looked outstanding and, I’m from Zimbabwe, and I needed to be somewhere I
would be supported in my riding and I’d be able to move up in the levels. They give
you amazing support on your riding side and also you get to further your education
doing a degree at the same time. I chose Hartpury because it was a faster
program – I could get through it in a year because you can do your dissertation in your
first year if you choose to do so. I chose to bring my horse here as well because
you just don’t really get better than Hartpury. The facilities are fantastic. This is a therapy tool; they fill it with water
to certain heights and they can affect the way the horse’s
gait moves. So the therapy centre uses it as a tool to help rehab horses. The
high-speed treadmill is used as a therapy rehab program. We can also use
it as students, If we book it, we can use it for research to do our dissertations
and theses and things of that nature. Last year when I did my companion animal training and
handling module. we got to come to the Animal Care Center and we got shown how to handle all the
animals properly. They have all sorts of different rodents, like dagus, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles like snakes, different types of
lizards. I’m studying animal behavior and welfare. It’s a really enjoyable course with lovely tutors. I’ve had the same two tutors for most of my courses so I’ve gotten to know them really well. And because our classes are quite small, the tutors get to know us personally. If you want to do any course pertaining to animals Hartpury College is a very good place to come to. I’ve made a lot of friends so Hartpury College is a social place. And also it’s a very good learning environment because the atmosphere is very quiet and it’s very easy for learning. We do so much in our classes. We do a
lot of practicals and we have a lot of lectures where our lecturers are
really knowledgeable and eager to help you out if you ever
need it. The quality, the facilities in the library are very good. You would want to go to the library because you wouldn’t want to depend on the books you’ve got. I think I’ve
been getting a very good education from Hartpury. I’ve learnt so much, the
lecturers are very helpful, and the fact that everything is also practical based
as well helps my style of learning. I’m studying A-Level Maths for the maths, psychology, and business studies. There’s several reasons why you want to come to Hartpury. If you want to study in a peaceful, conducive environment. The people here are very helpful, the staff are excellent, great
teaching facilities. I’m from Zimbabwe and I’m doing farm mechanisation. It’s a one year course that is exactly what I was looking for. It covers all of the areas I wanted to learn about. My tutor is very good and helpful. The equipment is top of the line. When I first got here, I didn’t know how to use the equipment since it’s not what we use back home. It’s great. I made a lot of friends. I live in the
international block so I’ve got friends from all over the world now, which is really good. I
like the people, too. We get to like hang around with friends in the kitchen.
Now we get to do barbecues almost every day. The course I do is sports business
management. The staff and lecturers and the tutors are very kind
and very helpful. Here you can enjoy not only enjoy your life but also enjoy
study, enjoy making friends enjoying life. There’s always help available here. When I came, I had a lot of help from the International Office, setting me up with bank accounts
and everything like that. But in the end it all works out and you figure it out yourself and you progress into an accomplished adult.
I was able to get a scholarship to come over here and study and also play rugby
and turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I met people from England and asked them about
Hartpury college everyone said it’s the best place to go for rugby. This is the
best rugby college in this country. I took a sports therapy modules throughout my programme. I took sports massage which was great and you get to learn lots of different techniques. Everyone in this block is from outside the UK. And there’s guys and there’s girls and so happens that all my
best girlfriends live in here and we’re getting a house together next year. Penfolds – you can go though if your friends have a chocolate bar with hot chocolate you know coffee, tea, or something. It’s a good place for chilling out. They do events here up at Legends’ for under-18s very
often so we get to go and that’s why I said the social life is very good.
Every subject, every lecture, they help me a lot. Even the rugby coaches helped
me a lot so I find it very friendly and very helpful here. Every second I enjoyed the people here The staff, my tutor, every tutor. Great. I love it, can’t really beat it. It’s great. Good experience here. It ‘s a very good. You know there’s
only one way to find if Hartpury is right for you, just come, because it’s awesome. I would tell you to come, definitely. Everyone’s so friendly that you don’t really feel the transition as much
as I suppose you should. Hartpury’s really special. The people, the community, they’re really close, everyone knows every day It’s just an experience and a half, really. There are so many different people just pursuing their own passion. We already know what we love
about life and we’re here to really live it to the fullest and we’re here to follow a
dream. It’s a great place to come and meet people who
have the opportunity to be successful and if you want to take on that
responsibility yourself and really take what you want from it, then it’s a great place to be.


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    cant wait to start playing rugby for hartpury!!

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    If you weren't jumping massive could you still go

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    I will be going to hartpury equine collage

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    What happened to all the horticulture?

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    How much are the fees to go to hartpury

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    International students from Jersey and Isle of Man, which are part of Great Britain….

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