Internet Trolls – The Musical

Internet Trolls – The Musical


  1. Lita George. says:

    I am going tomorrow morning at. school

  2. Maggie J says:

    When he started singing the Trolololololol song I laughed so hard

  3. Lisa Ertel says:

    King Troll 👑🎤

  4. Redkiller N says:

    hi AVbyte can you take contakc on me i have something ask for you

  5. foxys stop motion says:

    here's a vote who's your favorite character
    king troll
    old troll
    fat acne troll
    bald fancy troll

  6. Viktória Nagy says:

    As if it had been taken from a real musical, very professional!

  7. Tamra Leary says:

    You guys should make a musical about your own channel !!!!!!

  8. cheeto_ puff 957 says:


  9. darkanddustyy says:

    Awwww. I song about me 🙂

  10. dancing with u in the rain says:

    Cool! xD

  11. Zane D says:


  12. Shutter Authority says:

    Danm I love this! I keep coming back to this song every now and then. It totally deserves more views than gangnam style!

  13. EmeraldBG yt Fun says:

    trollface Quest is dat wat you are

  14. Kimmie Camara says:

    I love AVbyte, but I dislike this musical because it is very repetitive and I just do not like.

  15. The Great and Lovable Peridot says:

    This is how they see me? 😭😂

  16. Mirveka es Venes says:

    It is the best! Music is great, lyrcs and costumes and every shot. Great work!

  17. Novalee Korth says:

    yay internet trolls!

  18. Yara Bibo says:

    When I as a kid this fuckin scared me so much

  19. Crocodile Puppet says:


  20. Iwatchtheanime Nah says:

    The troll in the brown pants and top hat should probably learn how to tuck if he's going to splay his legs so much in fitted pants…I can't look away…

  21. Adam Sadiq says:

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  22. KitkatIsTrash says:

    i get trolled on minecraft hunger games

  23. Gala carrasco says:

    you should do a SHADY QUEENS musical

  24. ViceAdmiral Morgan says:

    Partij Denk ??

  25. DaT Predator 00Awoken00 says:

    i trolled 158 people on facebook

  26. Amelia_Daisy says:

    which is Chris villain

  27. Soccer love 652 says:

    This sounds like it would be on nightmare before Christmas lol

  28. Gloomy Fish says:

    I get the feeling they're trolls.

  29. Ryan Woolley says:

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the top hatted one looks like Jessie eisenburg

  30. {{Omg The100}} says:

    its weird but catchy ~

  31. MjOtaku says:

    troll leader walks in

    has flashback of joker from Black Butler

  32. Gladys Martinez says:

    it the clown

  33. Nadezhda Poslednaya says:

    Where is the FAT troll? (((

  34. FUCK YOU says:

    This comment section is fucked up……u wanna know why?

    Read more

  35. pizzab0t says:

    "deep in the internet where nobody goes.." WAS THAT A TRAP DOOR REFERENCE??

  36. Lita George says:

    I'm going to be. belle

  37. Cat_ep Pap says:

    They said the king of trolls and I immediately think: Rick Rijordan!

  38. Fuzzy Karma says:

    So beautiful QQ

  39. Michelle Ayres says:


  40. Aryan Saxena says:

    Basically, The Anarchist Anthem.

  41. MusicFeedsYourSoul says:

    Who played the troll in the yellow jacket?

  42. AaronThePerson says:

    they look like crooked hillary

  43. god memes says:

    This video is stupid why real throws one of them looks like a zombie

  44. Mrs. Rose says:


  45. Grace Seamark says:

    hey Rick Riordan must be there

  46. Jeremiah Duff says:


  47. Blue Frog says:

    Why didn't anyone tell me they made a theme song for me damn it!

  48. jozef loschner says:

    I'm going to be the Troll XD

  49. L u c k y ! says:

    The makeup is hillarious

  50. Cool Beans says:

    this would be a great real musical TBH

  51. Lady After Eight says:

    Nice joke making the most soulless character a ginger xD

  52. тαуlσя вєтн says:

    Is it bad that I watch avbyte enough to know everyone under the masks?!?!?!? Lol

  53. Jordan Jackson says:

    I just love the different troll personalities.

  54. AMV says:

    Why is this not on broadway yet?

  55. cosmic candy says:

    The troll king and the short one are funny and epic

  56. Arturo Reyes says:

    look at 3:41 so funny

  57. S. Spyro7956 says:

    Thanks to me and my weird ass mind, I want some backstory on these characters and how they all met up in this mansion and why they have a king

  58. ya boy says:

    894 internet trolls

  59. jozef loschner says:

    I don't mean to brag but this troll thing should be a movie

  60. kingsman 2.0 says:

    2018 still alive 😂😂😂

  61. Valforwing Productions says:

    they all look like Carrionites!!!!

  62. Bunny Boo says:

    Who thinks the Troll King could play Thrandulin? (Legolas’s dad from The Hobbit) I cant spell that name!

  63. Tasha Webster says:

    Bellatrix! I found you!

  64. lilly-mae Clayton says:

    Wow brilliant

  65. Person Mcperson says:

    Who else thinks the one in the gold jacket sounds like Neil Patrick Harris?

  66. 4Qyeah [BRO TEA] says:

    мой гимн

  67. Vampirzaehnchen says:

    Why didn't you tell me you made a song about me? :,D

  68. Alexandra Mandell says:

    This is my favorite one!!! Glorious!!! The song! The actors! The set! The glorious regency costumes and crazy makeup!!!

  69. Papaya says:

    I love theatre.

  70. kokomomo6 says:

    The king troll is kinda hot

  71. Dogo Lover says:

    a pug im goning to be a pug………..

  72. The Ultimate YouTuber says:

    We are Anonymous, and we used to be trolls then we stopped thousands of criminals, so we be awesome

  73. Jokubas Asaciovas says:

    Wow i love it!!!!!

  74. Brendon Mother Fucking Urie says:

    This did and still does scare the absolute shit out of me

  75. KB Gamerkid says:


  76. Bonnie Vanderlick says:

    a baby i'm

  77. Kaiser DaShawn says:

    If this was a Broadway play I'd watch it twice

  78. agameplayer says:

    Freddy Krueger

  79. nico corneillie says:


  80. ELMO WELLO says:

    That's what most trolls look like behind their devices💜

  81. John Parven says:

    Tim Burton needs to see this

  82. Manuqtix Manuqtix says:

    North Korea to the United Nations

  83. GD Zodixc says:

    You Forgot About Me The Troller Of Trollers

  84. Salmaan Choudry says:

    So there letherface with a top leathers faces grandpa edwordsizzerhands without the sizzers something from the hobbit and some from of the joker

  85. TROLL MEDIA-2 says:


  86. Jill Black says:

    Complete con-troll

  87. gothic killerqueen says:

    Tracie barbie would fit right in lolXD

  88. Marlie Limb says:


  89. Mr.Wellington Von Duke III says:


  90. Elder One says:

    In the name of the holly god emperor "PURGE THESE HERETICS"

  91. Elder One says:

    Fun fact actual trolls are too toxic one building isn't enough for 2 trolls they'll end up killing each other. These guys must be lesser trolls.

  92. Tristan Oyerly says:

    Dodgers fans in a nutshell

  93. Tara Lemmens says:

    Why am i watching this again after 3 years 😂

  94. Unique Monique says:

    The troll king reminds me of Prince Charming from Shrek

  95. Elisabeth Hale says:


  96. Napcons Cruz/the sauces says:

    This is what got me into horror yep it was I saw this when I was 6 and it made me like horror so yeah

  97. SoZo says:

    they have nozes like ibrahimovich's ..does that mean he is a troll???.

  98. Darren C says:

    who came here from EB

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