Internet Uses & Tools : How to Check Hotmail With Outlook

Internet Uses & Tools : How to Check Hotmail With Outlook

Hi, my name is Tod Amazeen. I’ve been an Internet
business consultant for fifteen years. I’m going to show you how to check Hotmail with
Outlook. Outlook is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. With which I
have no affiliation. First open Microsoft Outlook. Then click on tools, scroll down,
select e-mail accounts. Now select, add a new e-mail account. And click on next. Then
select http as your server type. And click next. First enter in your name and then your
e-mail address. This is your Hotmail account. Click down on user name and you’ll see your
e-mail address should be auto populated. If not, simply type it here again. Click in the
password box and type in your password. Just see over to the right that the http mail service
provider is Hotmail. If for some reason, this isn’t selected as Hotmail. Simply click on
the down arrow and select Hotmail. Now click next and now click finish. You see now that
Microsoft Outlook Office connector needs you to click on the transfer button. In order
to make the connection to your Hotmail account. We’ll click on transfer. And then we’ll click
on o.k. There you see in this message, that we need to close and then re-open Outlook.
In order to connect back to out Hotmail account. So I’m now going to close my Outlook. And
now we’re going to re-open Outlook. Then you’ll see in the left hand pane, that my Hotmail
account now appears.
You’ve just learned how to check Hotmail with Outlook. I’m Tod Amazeen.

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  1. lordsofkoble says:

    I just got a message saying hotmail no longer allows you to connect using outlook on free accounts 🙁

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