Introducing Firebase and AdMob by Google


man: Launching a great app
requires dedication and vision, but growing one takes revenue. How about
a monetization solution tailored specifically
to your app– one that has
rich and engaging ads, one that works with Firebase to give you the insights
you need to grow, and one that uses mediation
to connect you with networks all over the world? Well, that solution is AdMob. Trusted
by more than 650,000 apps, AdMob offers developers
everything they need to implement first-class
monetization strategies. And when paired with Firebase,
it’s even better. AdMob is included
with the Firebase SDK, and its APIs are built to make
adding banners, interstitials, and video adds to your app
simple. Plus, AdMob
automatically selects the ads that pay you the most so you can sit back
and watch your revenue grow. And as your business grows, you can benefit
from AdMob’s advanced features. Say version 2 of your app
has a slick new design and now you need an ad format that fits naturally
with your content. With AdMob’s native ads,
you can create CSS templates designed specifically
for your user experience. We’ll style the ads to match and display the result
in a native ad view that fits your app like
they were made for each other. And it doesn’t stop there. AdMob helps you earn
in-app purchase revenue too. AdMob can determine
which of your users is most likely
to make a purchase and target those people. They’ll see an ad you designed, and they can make purchases
right there. Now, with your app’s slick
design and in-app products, it’s become
a worldwide sensation. But how can you make sure you’re maximizing the revenue
generated by each user? With AdMob, you can connect
to ad networks around the world, bringing even more advertisers who will complete
for your impressions. And because
you’re using Firebase, you get access to free
and unlimited analytics. Imagine a big-time blogger
in Tokyo posts about your app and overnight your Japanese
audience quadruples. With Firebase Analytics,
you can easily spot the trend and then switch
to your AdMob settings to tweak
mediation configurations or start a campaign
targeting your new fans. That’s AdMob with Firebase. It’s as easy as you want
and as powerful as you need.


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  2. Can I single ads units( Bannner,interstitial ) in multiple apps . Or Make the mulitple ads units ( Bannner,interstitial ) for multiple apps .Please give reply.


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