Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2019? TRUTH REVEALED

Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2019? TRUTH REVEALED

You know why Amazon sellers are going to die? Like they are just going not exist in the
next 10 years. So many people say that I’m killing it
on Amazon. I’m making a fortune and making a killing. That’s what a lot of people said when they
were in the affiliate marketing space 10 years ago Not that it’s dying off but the competition
is so fierce that a lot of people are jumping ship to something else. And that’s exactly how I see Amazon sellers
are going to be like in the next 10 years. The reason why is because when you’re selling
a product on Amazon, it’s all becoming a commodity. Commodity that people are comparing on price. And when you’re comparing amongst pricings
for a product, sooner or later it’s going to be a race to the bottom. And it sucks because you put in so much time
and effort in creating your own product, your own brand, yet it’s being pushed out by these
China sellers. There’s no way you can compete against China
sellers when it comes to listing your product. Because not only do they have a tremendous amount
of resources to sabotage your listing if they really want to, but they also have no morals. They are all black hat and don’t care about
being blacklisted at all, which is the reason why if you’re only competing on Amazon, sooner
or later you’re going to be pushed out of the game and out of business. Not only are you competing on price, but you’re
also competing with the host, Amazon. And there’s no way you can win when you’re
competing against the host, Amazon. Right now they have more than 76 labels under
their own name, because of the fact that they see all the stats, because they can see exactly
what is selling and what is not selling. They’re in all the sweet spots. Sooner or later in 10 years they’ll dominate all the major
categories. Currently they’re already selling diapers. So just think about it. If all your eggs are an Amazon basket, how
dangerous is your business? How volatile is your business? How reliable is it? When it comes down to it, you really need
to look outside of Amazon and treat Amazon as a platform that retails your product. Not treat Amazon as a business. So a lot of people have that mixed up and
turned around. And that’s the reason why they are in such
a dangerous position to be cause they see Amazon as their only way of doing business
and that Amazon is their business. But in reality, when it comes to business,
this is only a platform for you to sell your product. So instead of viewing Amazon the only platform,
as your business, you should really be focus on building your own brand. Your own business, your own platform. Your own email list. This is where the money is at. This is where you actually make an impact
because you get to control the messaging and experience that your customers can experience
your product. For example, being set up on Shopify, you’re
able to control the customer experience from beginning to end and market to them however
you like. And on top of that, you now truly own a brand
which you can sell on different multiple platforms, whether that be Amazon, Ebay, or any other
site out there. Walmart. You have the ability to create a brand that
not only competes on pricing but also on the quality of the product, your brand story which
at the end of the day allows you to charge a premium on your product. It’s when you’re able to control how people
perceive your product. So having your own platform allows you to
do that. Which is the main reason why you should work
outside of Amazon so then now we understand this insight of the fact that in the next
10 years, Amazon is going to squeeze you out of business. What should you do? You should start creating your own website. Start having and putting out content that
is amazing, that gives the world and your customers value and in exchange start crafting
the story that you want to tell behind your product. And as you’re able to build this business
and as you’re able to build outside of Amazon, now you have the asset that sooner or later
you’ll be able to outgrow your listing on Amazon. That’s what your business is worth even more
for buyers you can eventually sell. So having your own website and platform allows
you to have so much more control when it comes to the experience you want to deliver for
your customer, whether it be showing a specific ad for them or whether it be sending them
an email sequence that nurtures them and being able to provide them value and value before
you actually run different campaigns to them during the holidays. This allows you to be able to control the
cost at a much lower rate and allows you to be much more sophisticated with your advertisement
after pixeling them. Whether you have an abandon cart campaign
or a campaign that nurtures and tell them about your stories and values, this is all
stuff that you can’t do when you specifically just hosting your product on Amazon. So having your platform may allow you the
flexibility to target your customer in a completely different way.


  1. Wilson K Lee says:

    Sorry about the poor audio! Had some technical problems but it was too late when I found out. Please watch with subtitles on.


  2. Michael Ng says:

    Totally agree with you about Amazon FBA. I stopped selling on Amazon about 2 years ago due to the reasons you mentioned. With all the dirty tricks and cut throat pricing, it was hard to compete. The final straw for me was when my supplier started selling my private labelled product on Amazon at a lower cost than I could purchase from them.

    I think more people should watch this video before spending $5,000 or more on a course that will teach them how to get rich with Amazon FBA. These gurus will not tell the uninformed the reality of Amazon FBA. I'm willing to bet that a lot of them have stopped selling products on Amazon and just selling courses. It's a lot easier 😄

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