Is This Skill or Luck? | Foosball Academy: Ep. 4 (foosball tips)

Is This Skill or Luck? | Foosball Academy: Ep. 4 (foosball tips)

hey what’s up guys I’m Vincent welcome
to foosball academy every episode I will do an analysis on a shot a pass or
defense hopefully you will learn more about the strategy in foosball all right
here we go hey welcome back to another episode this is a two bar shot from week 13 for the two bar pull shot we set up the ball
between the lines in here however you could also set up the ball on the line
or next to the wall or any positions that you feel comfortable for any beginners I recommend to start off setting up the ball on the line and get
a feel on it basically it gives you an indicator for you to set up and also it
is easier for you to utilize different options off from this position If you are not sure where to start off check out my 2 bar pull shot video on the top right corner now. so when you got your ball set look for the gaps the common mistake is
that we tend to score but we never pass the ball to our partner if you are not sure where to shoot or pass clear the ball away in wide angle is always the best option In here the 3 bar is not covering the long hole 5 bar is not moving The goalie rods are not covering the 2 outer squares and it means that the hole in the far side is wide open however your opponent’s goalie might race you to the hole so let’s keep on watching wait what is that so is this skill or luck all right that’s it for this episode don’t forget to subscribe my channel like this video
and I will see you again next time


  1. VM Foosball says:

    Did you see that? let me know your thought.

  2. Raghvendra Mishra says:

    I think the power in the shot is part of skill. He couldnt have scored if the the shot did not have enough power or speed. So yes, skill for me

  3. GrubWarp says:

    good stuff

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