1. Alia Jackson says:

    This song had no business going THIS hard. I didn't stick around long enough during the end credits so I never heard this song until it got put on Netflix. Wooowwwww I was definitely missing out.

  2. YourLordAri! says:

    ok so this is a grat song but is no one gomma talk about how they basically copied the same beat of all the stars!

  3. 마크 제이슨 베베로 추아 says:

    Wreck it ralph Julia Michaels – in This Place

  4. Emily Sweet says:


  5. Kurogane says:

    Septembeer 2019 anyone?

  6. Karolistx says:

    Great song but i prefer the Karol Sevilla's version

  7. FaZe_Fish says:

    Her voice is not that good at all good lyrics and song voice nah not good but good job disney on the film i love you.Rich Moore you are great guy and the best amazing film

  8. Bendy arms says:

    This is a great song

  9. G37s_ _ says:

    Who else is in love with Vanellope even though she’s a cartoon

  10. nazimovitch hadji says:

    You know something's wrong with this world when you see that despacito has 4 billions views and this masterpiece only 2 millions

  11. Oralia Bonilla says:

    I am addicted to this song

  12. sylas chase says:

    Took me hour to find this specific song couldn't find the darn thing thanks appreciate.

  13. sylas chase says:

    Because it's not cold slaughter Race.

  14. sylas chase says:

    It's called in this place. spent over an hour looking for

  15. dudemang says:

    Trump 2020 campaign song.

  16. XxMoonshineXx Gacha says:

    Who else just sat there waiting for any extras at the ending?

  17. vgvg .s says:

    I did come from movie ralph 2 🌚

  18. Justin Lim says:

    who came here from Ralph Breaks the Internet? XD

  19. Nia Georgieva says:


  20. Pâmela Marques Ueda says:


  21. Mild Sanchez says:

    Karol Sevilla
    Julia Michaels

  22. joseramiros says:

    it a smooth song

  23. BG royale jet says:

    Actually that was the best song i've ever heard in a animation movie

  24. Ponciano Casas says:

    This song deserves more views

  25. Lawsin says:

    Vanellope def has the best princess song.. hands down,

  26. Aylin Guarniz vallejos says:

    esas casiones feas

  27. Олег Львович says:

    Шикарная песня для супер-мультика!!!

  28. Chay Round says:

    I feel this song should be called 'Slaughter Race' than 'In This Place', the amount of times she say Slaughter Race in the chorus….

  29. mixell piksell says:

    Вокал супер😍😍😍

  30. aniyah Parker is the best says:


  31. Benjamin Lahoy, Jr. says:

    I honstley sing this song a lot I LOVE THIS SONG!

  32. Chris Gaming says:

    Cool video

  33. Leticia & Alejandro Pérez says:

    Vanellope, you have to discover Mario Kart.

  34. mara gallegos says:

    Stop stop that's my song Don't even put it

  35. Fun Fun says:

    This needs more views ❤️😍 come on guys you can’t be that lazy !

  36. Jasmine Toledo says:

    In this pace you are great 👍

  37. Jasmine Toledo says:

    I ❤️ you i

  38. LOLEX GAMING says:

    Disneyworld make me want to go there who with me if that true

  39. Kauan Gabriel Gacha says:

    Luiza-Portuguese Brazil

  40. Clouddi says:

    I love the glitch sound it’s like my favorite part

  41. Kristina Radovic says:

    In slaughter race ralph sended the insecurity virus


    Meaning of the song ? Other than slaughter race ?

  43. Kizz Channel says:

    I think SARAH SILVERMAN should Sing this song

  44. 10animallover10 says:

    Very cool song 🙂 Normally, I don't like that techo whatever sound but in this song, I do like it 🙂

  45. Abdulrahman Alaufey says:

    I heard this song on a music channel that was designated for kids and I was like wtf. I mean what makes this absolutely beautiful song for kids?? Now I know.

  46. MegatSF says:

    Who came here after the end credit?

  47. loony TT says:

    Um just wondering what the fuck they put in this song I literally cant stop listening to it

  48. Karolistx says:

    Who Came Here After Watching Karol's version ?

  49. Лиза Тригуб says:

    Аааа, невероятно, я влюбилась в эту песню! 😍🔥

  50. Lonely Girl says:

    The moment when you miss someone, listen to this song and start crying 😞😥… Such a beautiful voice and I love this lyrics😍❤️

  51. HomieFFM says:

    2:46 reminds me a little bit of charli xcx, would be cool if they do a song together 😀

  52. Daniela Flores says:

    I lote this song. One like, one,like. 👍

  53. Paul Kosa says:

    Why hasn’t this been made into a video game???

  54. Juanzilla64 says:

    How do you find more songs that sound like this one? What is the specific genre? Much appreciated!

  55. Imran Abdul Rauf says:

    Its an amazing track. Great work Julia Michaels!

  56. Brodux says:

    I am now 14 and listening to Disney songs like this one makes me really realize how fast u really do grow up. When I was 2yrs old my favorite movie was cars. When I watch that movie sometimes i almost start to cry because of how much I use to love that movie.

    Comment what ur favorite movie was when u were younger.

  57. Egha Maulana says:

    Hey a dollar store

  58. Swaffy - topic says:

    I just saw the movie a few minutes ago that's how ik this song and first off it was really good, and idk if sia, dua or this girl sounds good when he voice cracks

  59. Claudia Delatorre says:

    cuz you know that I love these falling wires dumpster fires bureing tries everything that I desire everything that I desire

  60. Claudia Delatorre says:


  61. Peter Franks says:

    I put this one up there with How Can Something so Right (Feel so Wrong Inside).

  62. Soom says:

    can't smash this like button hard enough

  63. Shaina Stouffer says:

    I freaking love this song

  64. keyahlandsman says:

    this song is so underrated its such a beautiful song

  65. meltingtearzz says:

    Am I the only one who cried at the end of Ralph Breaks the Internet?

    Just me?


  66. Dütti says:

    What kind of car?

  67. Naomi Bondas says:


  68. الزعيم Ali Prince says:

    One of Greatest songs in history

  69. Parabelliem says:

    Love this song

  70. Starlet360 says:

    Only watched the second movie now on TV and this song was at the end. I was like "I recognize that voice, but who is it? I know this singer." Now it makes sense. Julia Micheals ♥

  71. Sophie T says:

    I saw thid before rhe movie lol

  72. Lps Foxy says:

    all time fave disney song

  73. Nayh Alontrice says:

    Man I swear my kids watching Wreck it Ralph brought me here 😩

  74. giyo tomioka says:

    This song make me sad

  75. Karolistx says:

    Check out the spanish version


  76. Nina Grace Ricardo says:

    The power of music
    I kip watching this
    I think i will watch this a bunch

  77. Aline Lima says:


  78. Ari Email says:

    Never gets old..MY all time..Fav Song..🎶🎧

  79. sñøwy thë älíçòrñ says:

  80. Zagatho Gailardia says:

    The chorus sounds like something Kingdom Hearts would have in their ost.

  81. Tony Tay says:

    Her style is soo Ellie Goulding!!

  82. Tony Tay says:

    This song be perfect if she featured Khalid

  83. Eduar Ortiz says:

    Me and my little brother love Ralph Breaks The Internet 🎥👍💖😀😁💖💖💖💖💖💖

  84. dariusworld, soon to be closed World says:

    If I every get a muscle car and when I do, im gonna play this all the time I'm driving it

  85. Fantastic slime says:

    This song is so cool i love it so much i hear it every day and my little sis loves it to and she tells me every day to hear this song and i love the movie to

  86. 두부두부 says:

    I Don like BTS

  87. JOSEPH MURUDA says:

    I only need one subscriber to reach a million subscribers

  88. william Dich says:

    want that 1966 GTO

  89. الزعيم Ali Prince says:

    Legendary song

  90. Diamondheart says:

    I stayed in the theater just to here the whole song then I got home and went here.

  91. Brandon Bautista says:

    1:36 – 2:06

    This part is so dramatic, the voice glitches, the cinematic, Julia letting herself go, everything.

  92. Jorge Paz says:

    me encanta 😍 la canción de Slaughter race 😍😍❤️😌😭😘😅😢😂😁🥰😔😊😪😃🙏👎😀😃😃

  93. Clause Santa says:

    Looks like big sister & mentor Shank is singing for her little sister Vanellope.

  94. GemStojii says:

    This song is so addicting and I love it

  95. Shuvo Speaking says:

    Everything about this film is amazing! Loved Imagine Dragons song too. 9/10

  96. Johny Ridwan says:

    I love this song so much😍😘😘

    Andi love you julia😘🥰

  97. Dino's Gaming Channel says:

    0:02 Trains gender guy: I like trains

  98. Dino's Gaming Channel says:

    In this video this looks just like slaughter race

  99. M98 0WR says:

    I took the lyrics and tweaked it a bit to turn it into a 'real' song and renamed it 'Fall From Grace'. Tell me what you think!

    [Verse 1]
    What can it be that calls me to this place today?
    This lawless heart ballet, what can it be?
    Just like a little dove just sprouting wings to soar
    Should I walk out the door for something more?

    [Pre-Chorus Bridge]
    Now I'm flying, my spirit's climbing
    As I crawl through this far off maze (Ooh-ah)
    My body, my spirit aligning
    As I, as I…

    [Chorus/Beat Drop]
    Fall from grace
    Fall from grace

    [Verse 2]
    What would you say if it turns out, oh, that I stay?
    Would it be okay, here in this place?
    'Cause you know that all of these fallen wires
    Forest fires, broken hearts
    Is everything that I desire
    Everything that I desire

    [Pre-Chorus Bridge]
    Now I'm flying, my spirit's climbing
    As I fall back into your gaze (Ooh-ah)
    My body, my spirit aligning
    As I, as I…

    [Chorus/Beat Drop]
    Fall from grace
    Fall from grace

    I know I should go but
    I really don't want to yet
    I really don't want to yet
    Yeah, I know I should go but
    I really don't want to yet
    I really don't want to yet

    Hold me as I…

    [Chorus/Beat Drop]
    Fall from grace
    Fall from grace
    Just hold me as I fall from grace, ah yeah
    Hold me as I fall from grace, ah yeah
    Hold me as I fall from grace, ah
    Just hold me as I fall from grace, ah, yeah

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