1. salvatore4606 says:

    number 28

  2. You Know It says:

    No matter how great, how brilliant the song, some people will always give thumbs down, we call them cancer of Earth.

  3. Lem Chic says:

    In love with their voices ♡♡♡♡

  4. Partei Hmar says:

    I'm depressed but when I listen this song they're gone

  5. jimmyk apollo says:

    When I was Deployed with the Army in Afghanistan, I served an extended tour serving with two separate units. I spent 1-1/2 years in Southern Afghanistan.

    "I Run to YOU" was a very inspiration song for me. The words in the Chorus reminded me of the hardships of deployment, missing my wife & family and the thoughts of running into my wife's arms.

    "I Run To You" became a theme for my wife and I during this long deployment. At night, I would listen to this song over and over while falling asleep and dreaming of my wife..

    I just listen to your song on YouTube and I still get goose bumps.
    With all of my sincerity, with all of my Heart, Thank you Lady Antebellum for your wonderful and comforting music.
    jimmyK Presson Proud American
    jimmyk Proud Grandpa

  6. Andy Dibacco says:


  7. Katana Michael says:

    When lays become the truth

  8. Sabrina Tiozzo says:

    Alguem Brasileiro (a) em 2019 ?

  9. Bo Williams says:

    Did y’all know that Hillary tried out for America Idol and didn’t make it through? Some guy was watching the show and think the judges made a mistake and called her to come to the studio and that’s when she met Charles and Dave they were there working on something together and needed a female to sing backup vocals for a song they were putting together and she was there waiting and the guy said give her a shot and the rest is history.

  10. Charlene Nixon says:

    Love this song .run too you as long as i can…baby..

  11. Tanu verma says:

    So good

  12. Oscar camilo Ordaya Lazo says:

    Como llora el corazon………cobarde,pero FELIZ CON ESTA CANCION…………WOHHHHHHH

  13. Collin Baral says:

    I went from watching vehicle fails to this???

  14. Albert Jr Seidel says:

    so catchy

  15. madame a says:

    I love you guys when I was 3 I sang need you now at my uncles wedding and me and my grandpa used to sing need you now all the time before he died

  16. Jennifer Hall says:

    Still one of my favorite songs of theirs!!!! Love Lady A!!! ❤❤❤

  17. Moodhofar says:

    masih suka aja gue sama lagu ini wqwqw

  18. BIT BOTMAN says:

    falling in love with someone you'll never see in person happens only if you look straight in Her eyes on a big screen

  19. Carol Franks says:

    This song reminds me of my husband. It would play on my car radio every time I was driving up the mountain to home and him. Now, every time I hear it , I want to cry, he died shortly after this song came out.

  20. Lazy Baden says:

    A chain of goodness.. 😊😊😊

  21. Leandro Souza says:

    gentileza gera gentileza.

  22. jackson shockley says:

    This group is one of those miracle combinations. The universe scored a jackpot. So good.
    Check out Levar Kizer on YouTube (Love Queries) produced by Kizer Soze

  23. Max Oliveirah says:


  24. Sarah Abbey says:

    That day I ran to the people I knew best 😊😘 my brothers

  25. gaming holic TV says:

    I will to you first

  26. PnoyAllout Media says:

    Anyone here after Youtube Announce Remastered M/V?
    my favorite song June 19, 2019

  27. Вандышев Даниил says:

    Their voices compliment each others so well. Pleasant!
    Anyone here after Youtube Announce Remastered M/V?
    my favorite song June 19, 2019

  28. MuzikAficionado says:

    I run to L.A when I want non stop great ditties!

  29. joy csd says:

    open a bag of chips or order fries, everyone will run to you
    Amo essa música, a melhor deles junto com a "Just A Kiss"

  30. velin vitanski says:


  31. susana4028 says:

    Beautiful song!

  32. Amilou Regondola says:


  33. imperfectivnz says:

    lowkey a song of my childhood

  34. Emma Olivera says:


  35. Gretchen Cason says:

    I always loved Charles the hottest guy with the bread not. Dave haywood

  36. Marcelle Brown says:

    I’m hooked on them. The fun part is that I am starting to get my wife hooked as well. Lady A and the guys are magnificent and definitely part of the country artist that will be remembered in history. I grew up with parents that helped me to see the value in every type of music well except for Rap lol. My siblings listened more to Rap but everything from classical to heavy medal. I take great pleasure in adding them to my music list of driving music right. Keep going Lady A………

  37. mwangi phalis says:

    what goes around comes around… moral of the song….this is to humanity in all of us

  38. Joe Piervincenti says:

    How you doing you little fox? ; -)

  39. Mel WWR says:

    I love her hair!!!!

  40. kevin sakakeesic says:

    Hilary is beautiful…..

  41. Teresa Townsend says:

    u know u cant run from everything somethings stick forever and me and u have to deal with it… u cant always get away from thing at the time u want to at the exact time it starts to happen time u think u can so i learned that the hard way believe me its not fun its the worst thing i've done so don't get me wrong most of the time i do TRY to run from my problems but also there sometimes no place to run to its just how life works sometimes u want to run, sometimes kill urself, hug someone u trust and love, and all of that is sometimes unavailable so don't get ur hopes up if u think this song will give u a positive outcome its really just telling u, u don't always get the option to run from it just trying to tell u no comments pls thx

  42. Logitech Mimi says:

    She is soooooooo sexyyy

  43. Patrick O'Donnell says:

    This band is the best music that has come out since the late 90's.

  44. Greg Nulik says:

    I think we could all use a bit (or a lot) of this right now, you know?

  45. Spotted Dog says:

    ⚡️so i run to you! You re the only one I run to!

  46. alain tuyco says:

    it doesn't feel like it is 10 years ago. 🙂

  47. Raquel Gonzaga says:

    2019 and I still loving this music.

  48. Dejan Jerič says:

    best music….greatings from Slovenia

  49. Robert Harvey says:


  50. Connie Lee says:

    Timeless 💙💙💙💙💙

  51. IRON MAIDEN says:


  52. Ilovetosingem says:

    Oh Dear, this is perfect, that's how to do it. Singem.

  53. Iener Borges says:

    This song reminds me of 2009. Great times!

  54. Angel Fallen says:

    Come. And Run to me. KOCHANIE 😘 Kocham Cie

  55. Maria de Fatima Teixeira Godinho says:


  56. Joe Casanova says:

    Lady antebellum I run to you

  57. Ajen Studio says:

    is this country, pop, or rock?

  58. Rochelle O.S says:

    A beautiful song with an important message. This band never disappoints. 🤗🌍❤🌎❤🌏❤🎵🎼

  59. Camila Freitas says:

    Amo tanto essa banda!❤

  60. R.J. Johnson says:

    Kindness: Pass it on…

  61. Maria De fatima says:

    Il love your voices is beautiful your musics

  62. Maria De fatima says:

    Iove Charles Kelly

  63. dennis hart says:


  64. Sally Ok says:


  65. Christina Johnson says:

    Love it just saying

  66. 꿀벌 says:


  67. HR 3 MILANO says:

    Love this song…

  68. Maggie Donovan says:

    Amazing song with a amazing positive story and beautiful person,love you guys so much here from England 💋💋💋

  69. Maria De fatima says:

    Beautiful músic !!!

  70. Ashley Ngo says:


  71. becca conrad says:

    I love the acts of kindness they show in the vid. more than once my family has had someone be so kind. just recently a woman paid for groceries when our pay card had an issue. some ppl can be so cool.

  72. Nicks !! says:

    Not trynna be an ahole okay
    But that dude who plays no instrument
    dancing dumb
    and looking stupid

    He has a nice voice yeah

    But he is annoying AF!
    Bc he plays no instrument!
    Learn drums or base guitar, man!
    Stop trying to upstage the lady!!
    As much you think you are..
    Bro, You aint the pretty lady!!

  73. Jader Amarante says:


  74. Sharon George says:

    Chain reaction of goodness 💖💖

  75. Zitho Majozi says:

    I'm here September 2019

  76. souza Souza says:


  77. Bilal salik says:

    im watching first time after 10 years…. beautiful voicces

  78. haesti sujita darma says:


  79. Sameer yaris says:

    🤫🤫🤫🤫 keep smiling… keep silent please… they're all my favourite singers… they're different best wishes for your team.

  80. Sameer yaris says:

    2019…… keep rolling… keep smiling always…😁

  81. erdbeerfee25 says:

    bleibt doch lieber so wie seid. ist mir ps ohne lady besser. gibt es bessere zb stevie nicks

  82. nicholas ng sing kwong says:

    song telling of essence of love

  83. nicholas ng sing kwong says:

    paroles delicates et charnelles

  84. Ian Yehimbari says:

    October 2019

  85. Tom Pierce says:

    Lady Antebellum you rock, I love listening to your music

  86. amir alipour says:

    لعنتی خیلی خاطره دارم با این لیدی انتبلوم😢😢

  87. Queen Pink says:


  88. Aiza Guevarra says:

    I Run To You – 3rd of October 2019. Never gets old

  89. Curtis Brey says:

    The whole song takes on a new meaning if you think of it as worship music

  90. nicholas ng sing kwong says:

    lois lane's song for superman kal el from krypton

  91. nicholas ng sing kwong says:

    amorous heart sensuality beating

  92. Fancy Pants says:

    How do they have so many ❤️

  93. Daisy flower says:

    I have run, run really fast from this world, I have run looking for him I have found strangers, all around, strangers lookig at me in desbelief, people laughing, people scaring me, people absorted in their cellphones and their twisted minds. I run truly looking for him, I wanted him to save me from them all. But he was not there. They played so wrong, so dirty, so bad, they hurt so much. When I run, I just want to find him at the end, but I am not running anymore. I am not even listening to those playing, this world is going to a disaster and no one can stop it.

  94. Lenae K says:

    Chloe kardasian is dat you 🤣🤣🤣 jks

  95. Madalena Pedro says:

    Adoro essa banda!! I run to you amo essa música!

  96. jocelyn tanguay says:

    j adors,,,wow,,,xx

  97. nicholas ng sing kwong says:

    hilary scott is eternal beauty

  98. Joanne Gelgot says:


  99. luispaulopires100 says:

    Nossa q mulher lindissima, e ainda por cima canta pra caramba!!!!🤗🤗

  100. Sherry Heppy says:

    My mate Mick and I liked this band, we're never herd this before but when We saw the music and herd it on that place they have live band's in America we loved it, thanks guy's 👍🍻👀🥂🤓😁

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