Learn how to manage track organize your banner campaigns across WordPress sites


as with any business you run various
marketing ad campaigns but what’s the return on your investment
how do you know you’re getting the message out there and is it working for the CM ad changer can help you manage track and provide
reports how your advertising campaigns are being run this
latest tool from creative minds developers of quality wordpress
based plugins turns your WordPress site into an ad server on the CM ad changer
clients includes basic connection information to retrieve campaign intelligence from
the ad changer server the end changer server includes a
campaign management panel and statistics modules that shows how a
campaign performs by managing advertising campaigns across
several WordPress sites at the same time the CM ad changer makes controlling and
overseeing online banner image promotions easier
than ever each campaign can manage unlimited number of images and banners
utilize your banners within your site by rotating them in random order or even
have been targeted with unique URL’s measure conversion and count impressions
have your matters use shortcode to insert banners in 2
posts and pages while supporting debug mode there are
two levels of services with SIA manager the premium model has additional
features including a client plugin which can be installed for remote access
logs for statistics and geolocation and customize parameters
updates days domains clicks and impressions
visit our website at plugins.cminds.com to learn
more about the ad changer tool and how it can help you manage your
campaigns plug into your creativity


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