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hey guys spend with passive automation calm thought it’d be a good idea to talk about legendary marketer I’ve been hearing legendary more and more in the past few months some of you might have been hearing about it as well thought it’d be a good idea to kind of delve a little deeper and talk a little bit more about what legendary marketer is kind of walking through some of the things that it provides also wanna check out some of the reviews that are online there’s some good ones there’s some bad ones it’s actually funny because I actually read a blog post recently that was all about legendary marketer and as I read it that’s like ah there’s some really good stuff then when I got to the comment section all the comments like yeah a legendary marketers of scam is the worst and the author of the blog was saying yeah I agree I can’t believe they’re doing what they’re doing so what had happened is you know last year she wrote a blog about legendary marketer that was negative and channel these negative comments that were showing up but then she then legendary marketer actually made some changes with this affiliate program with some other things that so she changed her mind and so she went and changed her posts but all the comments were still showing up as negative so now it was a positive review of legendary marketer but all the comments were still negative so a legendary marketing there’s a lot of misinformation out there for a couple of reasons one a lot of the reviews you see online are biased a lot of the people that roll most reviews are biased right you try to create an unbiased review but a lot of people who have negative things to say about legendary marketer are with wealthy affiliate and it’s kind of their way of saying hey will that Philly wealthy affiliate is better another thing that’s problematic with looking at review online is a lot of times they’re outdated and because they were relevant the past Google keeps them as relevant but soon hopefully Google find out they’re not because they have bad information about pricing about legendary marketers affiliate program and stuff like that so for those of you who don’t know what legendary marketer is let’s jump over here real quick this is smart business trends they’re talking about legendary telling us what it is it’s good table of contents and what is it it’s a complete training program for online marketers and entrepreneurs and Dave sharps wanted to created it and how I learned about legendary marketer wish to a couple of guys one Nathan Lucas freedom influencer on YouTube and then Jacob Harris as well actually are two of the top you can actually see through some of the top affiliates are nathan is the number one all-time affiliate okay and then Jacob’s number five so that’s how I learned about legendary marketer now what I did and what I’d recommend you guys for not if you don’t know anything about it something they offer is a 15 day business challenge it’s really good super good I click up here and see basically what they do is they’ll give you a day one and it talks about the secret to building a high ticket high profile business online and I took notes every day I could go through that I might do that in a later video talking about I need stay in the challenge but each day you watch the video and then then they say is locked and I think of the first couple days unlocked but then you speak with a business coach on the phone next week all you set up appointment and they talk through them some things and they’ll also upsell try to upsell you on blueprint for one of four methods of making income online either an affiliate marketing blueprint a coaching and consulting blueprint a events and masterminds blueprint and then there’s one of the run I can’t think of but there’s these bundles basically they walk you through how to have success and build a successful business online now people in the past didn’t like legendary because they they reference the fact that a lot of these materials were teaching people how to sell legendary and that’s not the case anymore I actually signed up to be an affiliate and the affiliate training is down here how to be an affiliate in the past you just have to buy a higher ticket product like an affiliate bundle the cost of that is twenty-five hundred dollars so you don’t have to do that anymore in the past you did you can apply once you’ve finished the 15 day challenge being affiliate and it takes anywhere from a week to two weeks to be approved now I kind of talked to my coach I was a little pushy hit just saying hey I’m living at this training I really want to apply it so I applied and I even asked my coach hey can you reach out and see if they can you know push this process a little quicker yeah I don’t think she did but I have a pretty big email list and some things in my application that I was able to submit I actually got proof within one day one business day now do not expect that I don’t pass the norm I just got lucky but I will tell you that the affiliate marketing training within legendary marketer just them helping you set up the stuff on the affiliate side to get your funnel rolling collect emails set up an autoresponder just incredible like if you don’t know anything these videos will step-by-step help you know about what to do you know you basically click on click on one and there’s video lessons and there’s some downloads okay but that training is provided by that I think you see it’s a Wetzel Wetzel he does a phenomenal job even talks within the trainings like look some of the stuff might be hard for you just pause the video go do an essay and come back and it’s everything from me we’re talking about setting up a sales funnel talking about all the terms of affiliate marketing what they mean talking about clickfunnels how to sign up for a free trial getting email set up and then email automations then getting a facebook gad set up doing facebook pixels trading a Facebook page and running running ads to to get more likes super super training like I was blown away and again this is completely free when you become an affiliate something I did want to point out if you go let’s see here go back here I just saw a video about this today kind of give some more information if you are interested in being an affiliate for legendary marketer there’s some good information down here if you go to the affiliate page let me make this a little bigger one thing you’ll notice again in the past you set the pay or buy some big-ticket item to be an affiliate now they have two levels of being an affiliate there’s the basic which doesn’t cost you anything and there’s the pro level you’ll see that you know most of the things you get under the basic level but the Commission’s you earn our lower obviously I guess not obviously but they’re lower you get 10 to 30% Commission’s whereas on the pro you get 40 to 60 percent and then as far as you being able to integrate your own autoresponder there’s some things you can do that are different there’s some advanced training now I wonder this advanced affiliate training I’m not sure if that’s what I just showed you and it might be and if you had to pay to get that training it’s completely worth it like super super good training you’ll have no questions I actually have not bought the affiliate blueprint bundle as far as how I set up an affiliate business and walks you through step by step but based on the training it took just for this affiliate set up with legendary I can guarantee that it’s incredible training yeah I just want to take it to something that I found phenomenal and one of these days I think it was I think in a day eight or nine they talked about email marketing him skills day maybe day ten copywriting this this is the one they might have done but there’s this really cool training on email marketing that blew me away just incredible stuff so people who say hey and legendary American it’s a scam it’s not a scam legendary marketer it teaches you how to build a business online gives you all the tools you need what the scam part is is it’s people who really don’t want to put in the effort aren’t committed aren’t wanting to publish everyday don’t want to spend the time to set up an email autoresponder don’t want to pay for click funnels don’t want to pay for it even email autoresponder that’s that’s the problem people who don’t want to put in the work you know they kind of give a bad name on the company so actually something that legendary did change this fifteen day challenge there’s a link to it it’s the top link in my youtube video below and I’ll say my number one recommendation to get the business started is to go through this fifteen day challenge they used to offer it for free okay what they were realizing is that when they offered it for free people would sign up and then they wouldn’t do anything and maybe do a day or two and then they get to a call of the coach and they would return the phone call or they wouldn’t pick up in the coach call and so they realized that they needed to change something to get some more skin in the game for those people so that they would be more committed so now they upped the price and it’s seven bucks I mean come on it’s seven dollars to do it I’ve actually to jump to my Engler all quick show you I’ve had I’ve run a few people through some funnels and you can see you have a new legendary marketing member you’re in a commission you show me Commission you have a new legendary marketer member okay so I’ve been able to have some success getting people signed up for this 15-day challenge and highly recommended if you were kind of trying to learn affiliate marketing don’t know where to start I would start with the legendaries training because they try to help you make money as effectively as possible you know there’s lots of ways to make money you can go do dropship team you can boot go sell sunglasses on on eBay or whatever on Amazon but this is high ticket stuff this is digital products this is make $1000 on a sale not make a dollar fifty alright so been really impressed with legendary again some of the products that are available too and this isn’t this blog post it talks about who’s it who it’s for you know the first day or two of the talked about value ladders the training this guy thinks the trainings are really good they are affiliate system is really good here’s a snap of the some of the leaders in the earnings supports great yeah so one thing you can sign up for and you know he has something she doesn’t like about consistency in the training modules were some there are audio versions available and some PDFs you can download others you can’t having to jump through hoops to get it accepted into the affiliate program there really there’s not much jumping it’s essentially you you buy a bigger bundle product and you’re automatically in or you just have to apply and not everyone gets accepted right if you say you know nothing if you have no followers and you have no even lists you might not get accepted and the reason is they don’t want people biting off more than I can chew and then you know putting a bad name on the company saying oh this didn’t work right they don’t want that and then the bad part three is you have to pay to unlock higher commissions but to be honest so I’m putting my brace on I don’t mind paying the 30 bucks a month because the training you guys incredible and the different tiers are a lot you know they’re worth it I would consider so he talked about the 15 day business challenge now Nathan Lucas let me jump over here Nathan Lucas he’s the freedom influencer and he basically gets a great portion of his money from legendary marketer you’ll notice in all this videos you know you’ll talk about affiliate marketing how to make money online how many passive income affiliate marketing we’re gonna put you a Philly links if you click on that video of his just to give you an idea what he’s doing is he’ll tell you what the videos about and then his number one recommendation you click on it and what it is it’s a sales funnel that takes you into affiliate the legendary marketer so hey you want to work from home so I profitable profitable online business here’s a step-by-step blueprint yes I won’t access you put your email in then it takes you to him doing a video and talking about all the money he’s earned with legendary marketer and then he tries to get to sign up for the marketers Club now what the marketers Club is this product I have basically it’s some trainings now I’m gonna be honest with you I haven’t spent a lot of time in it I’m not super impressed I mean this is probably training you can find on YouTube right you can find this information on YouTube but you’d have to do digging and build playlists and stuff so Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank he’s on air and there’s seven videos and 48 minutes mark Harvard he’s there certain videos from him and he’s really big into video and getting in people’s faces as soon as you can Nathan Lucas is obviously big on YouTube as well so there’s some training replays that I haven’t actually watched this probably might be the meet in total value of it I haven’t watched these so I’m actually probably going to need to to watch that before I can say hey this is I don’t say it’s worth it but it’s kind of basic stuff and again maybe that’s just for me because I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for so long I think it’s basic to me but maybe to someone else like Nathan gives you the journey to two hundred and fifty thousand YouTube subscribers which now means you got three hundred forty-two so again maybe for you that’s going to be super valuable right Dave talks about how to sell how do you story so this is all stuff that I believe when you sign up for the seven dollar fifty big business build their challenge you can there’s upsell for access to the marketers club which I’m in and so this also looks like there’s live classes you can join as part of the marketers Club I probably should register for those so that actually um um yeah I probably should have I’ll register for that later to get my money’s worth so that’s probably what these replays are I gotcha okay anyway there’s got to be questions that you guys might have about legendary marketer please leave them in the comment section below I’ve been through a lot of the material pretty much any question you have I would really answer to two recommendations one I would for sure take the business builder challenge the link is in my description and this an affiliate link is that top link it says my number one recommendation I appreciate you guys signing up through my link so I get a commission off that but I’m still digging into all of a tear myself but I can vouch for that 15 to a 15-8 this builder challenge it talks a lot about mindset talk to a high-ticket attached about how to sell it talks about three three high income learning skills you need to have textbook email marketing really there’s a really good job talks about funnels and the reason for a funnel what you’re trying to achieve and a sales funnel so my next step with legendary marketer is I’m trying to get actually people through a funnel and I mentioned I have I was running some traffic and I’m running some traffic on YouTube I did buy some solo ad traffic ran them through a funnel so they saw the opportunity to basically get a business plan set up and they opted in and then there’s a short email for me and then there’s option for them to sign up for the legendary 15-day business builder challenge if they do opt in to learn more I then send them on a an automated sequence where they’ll get an email every day for 35 days reminding them about legendary marketer and how it could help their business I think I’m gonna stop there guys I probably you some more legendary marketer videos but I just wanted to take you out and show you kind of what the backend looks like again here are these blueprints if you click on it it just basically says hey for more details you know talk to your advisor you can’t really see much there there’s a good Facebook group they have again one thing that I’ve heard a lot of good things about is this traffic rolodex bundle and it’s a training on each of the different traffic methods like Facebook Ads Google Ads Bing ads I’ve heard nothing good about that so appreciate you guys watching this video if you wouldn’t mind clicking the subscribe button please engage with my videos leave a comment I promise to comment on anything that you I have to say answer any questions but for now this is my little legendary marketer kind of a fake use and more information no it’s not a scam I’ll just leave on that it’s some great information great training and if you want to start a business online that doesn’t just lead back to pushing legendary marketers products to people then I would highly recommend it there’s again here’s the the blueprint so you can get to learn how to start a business with affiliate marketing or by selling digital products or by doing events and masterminds or doing coaching and consulting you actually actually can can buy four bundles a bundle for each of those ways to make money online you can buy it for $2,500 get all four and you can then know how to set up a business using that business model so then our Cal passive automation I’m a stop for now we will see you on the next video guys


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