hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
channel if you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today I’m
going to do something a little bit different today we’re gonna do a come
luxury shop with me for brands I’ve talked trash about so today we’re gonna
give them a chance okay we’re gonna go I’m gonna go have a look at their stuff
might even try some stuff on give my opinions of what’s in the stores right now
from these brands that you know might just change my mind guys if you’re new
here my name is Cassie I’m a self-diagnosed luxury addict
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family when are we going to rehab never we’re not you’re not gonna find us there
it’s just not gonna happen are you ready let’s go Loewe is a another brand that hasn’t
exactly stolen my heart not adverse to it doing so you know like I could get
down with a logo tee see like even this pattern wouldn’t really tickle my fancy
oh you see like this was fine and then I saw that and I was like oh god you’ve
gone ahead and ruined it what is that really okay you know when you’re just not meant to be yeah Loewe and I are just not meant to be I’vefound Chloe Chloe Chloe okay here we
have Chloe as I mentioned in my hottest bags video not opposed to their belt
bags I feel like they’re finally being trendy is it still me no the ombre
however good morning afternoon and evening what a moment very cute
could get down with it those however can just full-on
die anyone else here for a brown and blue
color coordination love the color coordination hate the shoe what is this
no thank you okay let’s move on to the clothes oh you know what this skirt is
cute I like this blue because it’s kind of denim-y so I feel like you could do
a casual you can do a formal we could do all of the things that is also fine this
what is that this is a high-low skirt of sorts the shop assistant is suspicious
of me that also you know I wouldn’t hate I’m enjoying this kind of little
embossed I dunno know what that is they’ve got the little Chloe C’s on it
that’s actually quite cute oh oh I do love that though oh hello oh this is
just a lace lace t-shirt it’s got the Chloe all in it and this you see like
this I could get down we get a little black bralette underneath oh my gosh
she’s trendy she’s chic she’s almost street wear but she’s also extremely
classic love that okay Chloe can change my mind okay update I obviously like
messed up the railing with my movement of things and then the woman came and
like put it all back and she was giving me quite the look so customer service-wise maybe also Chloe isn’t for me I think she knew she didn’t even offer to
help me she knew she looked at me and she was like you’re not Chloe girl and to be honest I agreed Fendi however Fendi cannot get it
update Selfridges do not carry dolce gabbana interesting controversial is it
possibly because of the scandals honestly these can burn in a fire
kitten heel plus trap no this is not a life I wish to lead okay so this is
the problem I have with Louboutin is that this is just for lack of a better
word trash however I am seeing things that I
like here do we feel like they’re trying to tick too many
boxes as in they’re trying to make too many people happy okay so these
are the shoes I talked about it wasn’t yes because I’ve seen the the like pony hair
ones which are fabulous I had to go true to size but some people go half size down that’s like yeah thank you thanks I spoke about these in my hottest shoes of 2019 and I mean I am loving
them let’s not lie but like this is I mean but this is the point right is it
like is it too much obviously it’s too much I mean very cool right
like it’s like a I don’t even know how to describe this but I’m loving it
and you know what the gold is it just me or does the gold not actually look like
too much gold does it not look like it doesn’t look ridiculous
I love the style and the like height of it they look great with this outfit as well
dammit Louboutin you’ve got me back scarf tie shoe s are very cute also come in a nude and black was this necessary sea sex I mean it gets to the point I’m standing in
the doorway somewhere in the middle of the street I
have my gripes you know I hate when they like to look you up and down before they
answer you like excuse you whether I am dressed in an evening gown or
head-to-toe in Gucci current season or if I’ve wrapped up in my £10
sweatpants and a Victoria Secret sweatshirt I should be given the same
level of service you know and that’s really pissed me off
however you know what I changed my mind today about a couple of things Chloe
I can get some of the pieces can get to it Louboutin I’m on my way back let’s
be honest those trainers have my heart comment down below if there are any
pieces to you’re like I can get down with that I kind of like this let me know
like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already guys have an amazing
morning afternoon or evening wherever you are and I will see you in my next video


  1. Mohamad Saab says:

    oh my am i excited i already know you’re about to roast the life out of some of these brands😂💓

  2. Juan Ponce says:

    Finally another Shopping Vlog! Woo

  3. Janet Roberson says:

    Hello Cassie 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Janet Roberson says:

    Sea sex that's odd. Love the pink sneakers, and that lace Chloe t shirt.

  5. chloe james says:

    I just want to go on a shopping trip with you at Selfridges …..!!!!

  6. MsSince93 says:

    Makes me so mad when these luxury brands judge people and give them service based on how they look. I have two modes super fly or homeless looking lol there is no in between but that doesnt mean I can’t still drop some cash in their store

  7. Camila Macêdo says:

    where do i begin… the gold CL look like astronaut's style from the 90's, not my vibe, but to each your own 😉
    the sock- all over spikes tho… way too out there and i love it!!! it means very, very few people will have the "courage" to rock them and i will stand out! just how i like it!!! imagine them with a tailored cropped trousers and a simple white t!!!! what i look!!!!!!!

  8. Jordan Fischer says:

    Love you so much Cassie but who wouldn’t

  9. Equeen 75 says:

    Not gonna lie, the trainers look like they ripped off Jordans. They look like a mix of the Jordan retro 3 & 4.

  10. Christian Ezra Gache says:

    I get that too, when they just stare you from head to toe, makes me feel a little confused whether to be angry or sad.

    😅 maybe you can check out Burberry now?

  11. Jenny H says:

    Yaaaaaas i love these shopping vlogs

  12. Hasmig Mirican says:

    Always look forward for your videos. You are amazing woman 😘

  13. Wendy Irwin says:

    I liked the gold trainers and loved your commentary on customer service too!

  14. brinkerc1 says:

    Those trainers are soooo sick🙌🏼🤩

  15. Luxy4Life: Tiffany Norwood says:

    The sneakers seem like Jordan’s lol but I did like them on you! Now that steer top, I liked that a lot.

  16. Jane says:

    Finally a video lol 🙂

  17. Jane says:

    Those spikes on the sneakers 😬

  18. Jane says:

    The gold ones look good

  19. Jane says:

    Sea sex lol what the whaaaaat lol

  20. Aaron Esh says:

    you're hilarious and i miss you

  21. Ann Marie Korsak says:

    Love your videos

  22. Jersey1 says:

    So many youtubers have talked trash about the Chloe Marcie bag and now I want one – go figure! Sometimes the collections are good one year and bad the next. LV has dropped the ball too many times for me to count!

  23. Shawn Davis says:

    First l loved the shopping 🛍 vlog and you are so real and hilarious!😂 l do like Chole but, l wasn’t impressed with the lack of assistance from the sales associate. The trainers 👟 are not my cup of tea, but l again l loved the video makes me feel like l am actually at Selfridge’s. Thanks for sharing.😀

  24. Stephanie Gosman says:


  25. K Kouture says:


  26. Miguel Ángel García says:

    Loewe collection it’s just hideous. They are putting too much effort on the marketing campaign but sorry not sorry it’s just the worst

  27. PINK_GODDESS_747 says:

    Yaaasss, lets go shopping Cassie and take these lux addicts with us today….. Curious of the price of that pvc Christian louboutin tote….!!

  28. Auctioness on Twitch says:

    god i love selfridges

  29. Auctioness on Twitch says:

    do harrods!

  30. Michelle Kerrigan says:

    Chloe Lace Top. That’s about it. Thank you for sharing your shopping trip; lots of fun as always. It was disappointing to hear the lackluster customer service you were receiving.

  31. Cléa OTT says:

    Hey Cassie what you do for a living? no offense Im a new subbie just wanted to know

  32. miguel says:

    love u gurl, lit your video was the best part of my day

  33. Renato Juhasz Castiglione says:

    Gurrrllll…where to begin… I would have complained about the service, I mean don’t they tryna keep their job?…let’s move on to the goodies…loved the lace T-shirt as far as Chloe goes but everything else is peasant chic-are we going to the cornfields?-Nope not anytime soon! Gotta love the FF zucca prints but Fendi took it back to 1999 with those strapy kitten heels and yes they should’ve left them in 1999 LOL and The gold sneakers I wasn’t feeling those either…but going back to the Chloe lace top I could see you rock those with your Dior saddle bag darling! Muah!

  34. YotaStyle says:

    The Chloe lace top was really cute, I can see you wearing that and the sneakers you tried on looked good on you. I can't stand customer service reps who are snooty just because you might be dressed casually. This happened to me in Madrid, Spain we were traveling, not looking our best and stopped by Louis Vuitton and were outright IGNORED!

  35. JustDANTE says:


  36. Bianca Fernandez says:

    “This is not a life I want to lead.” 😂

  37. Josh Horsfield-Gibson says:

    I will forever love those Chloé ombré handbags, much more modern than the usual style and Loewe SS19 was/is a mess, but FW19/20 is low-key cute so maybe they are also back on the up-and-up

  38. Chai_luv_n_lux says:

    Girl!! You are too dang funny, I absolutely enjoy it. Thank you for taking us with you around selfridges. I see your iPhone strap, it looks cute on you.

  39. sonia menozzi says:

    I quite like the gradient chloé bag but I'm already tired of the C logo.. I find it somehow trivial .. 😓

  40. Arena Arena says:

    Am Peruvian but I remember being at that shop in Manchester. Expended a good time. Hope coming back soon to the UK

  41. EYEoftheneedle says:

    Hey, thought u might like this new bag from LV. The model number is M53692.
    It’s a denim new wave with multicolor embroidery.

  42. kshiftkometh says:

    Chloe is breaking the style code, you can't be street and ladylike at the same time, they need to pick one. It's like Taylor Swift. They need to stop.

  43. HI MY NAME IS JAJAHOI!!! says:

    "those, however, can just full on die"

  44. Cecilia Vu says:

    your shopping videos are so funny, I would love to go with you but then again we would probably get kicked out bc someone would have to pick me up off the floor from laughing with you lol

  45. Debbie's Dilemmas says:

    Really like the Louboutins. I think they had just the right amount of gold. Also 100% agree with you regarding sales staff. Nobody should ever judge a book by its cover right? You could be dressed in sweats and own a multi million dollar home, own a business, drive a rolls, etc. You never know. Plus the fact everybody whether they can afford it or not deserves the same amount of attention and respect. If I was judged like that I’d take my business elsewhere.

  46. Susan Marie says:

    It’s like that here in the states! Especially the Gucci stores you have to dress nice or if your not they look at you in a bad way!!! Lol…your right though they are stupid with people that aren’t dress rich…

  47. Beatn03 says:

    You are HILARIOUS- I can not!! I had to subscribe hahaha

  48. Dixie Smitherman says:

    Did you get the CL gold sneakers? Where they true to size or did you have to size down any? Thanks!

  49. Noble Strength says:

    Visited London once, but didn’t know of Selfridges at the time. Checked out Harrod’s though and loved it! Hopefully I can visit again someday!

    You may be getting a lot of comments from me because I am binge watching your videos. Imagine you’ve been through the desert and haven’t had water in for a day or two, then someone says you. Here’s some water! That’s me once I clicked on your video. 😂You are truly engaging and this is definitely your niche! ❤️

  50. silverline1976 says:

    ALOT of people now prefer online shopping so you will see a decline in domestic customers and an increase in oversea customers in stores like this. The looks the SA gave you unfortunately will always be there it never changes.

  51. Kayyy Anna says:

    Your accent and comentary make everything better

  52. Kylie T says:

    We had the EXACT same opinions. I even said “trash” to the lv heels as you did! Haha

  53. Rosa Mística says:

    You’re absolutely right never judge a book by its cover. I used to work in a bank and people who were dressed very simply would be the richer ones! well dressed people with brands sometimes were poorer than me lol (for real!)

  54. you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️ says:

    girl Let’s go shopping in Vegas!! 🔥

  55. invaderzyym _ says:

    I LIVE for your commentary omfg.
    Just started watching your videos yesterday and now I'm doing a marathon 🌚❤

  56. T&LK says:

    You are soooo funny, making me giggle all the time. Love when you take us shopping. You are at your best with your flash commentary. Agree with you on the how the sales people treat you. Not nice.
    ❤️❤️❤️ this vid!

  57. María Jerez says:

    Omg the Ted talk about same treat no matter what you wear…. TRUE!!! Once I was in the jimmy choo store in bcn and the security guard LAUGH at me and said “are you having fun?” and I was like Excuse me?
    He got fired that same week.

  58. Charlie Maron says:

    Hahaha i just love how fast u talk!!! I am so addicted on watching u.. Love lots from Sydney xx

  59. Kylie Tanner says:

    Can you not shop in a luxury store in highstreet clothes then? 😅 my god

  60. Lhynette Lindenmuth says:

    "what is this? no thank you." 🤣🤣🤣 Cassie you are the sassiest! LOVE IT!

  61. Pick Up Pink says:

    My SA in LV in Bond Street used to be lovely as she knew because I worked backstage in the west end then I would run in there to pick items up in like 10 minutes then rush off to work (she never judged the way I looked) but wow some did until they asked where I worked then they were all a lot more helpful…..but I hate that judgement from stores! Great vlog 🌸

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