Making Hoshi-imo at a Japanese Sweet Potato Factory

Making Hoshi-imo at a Japanese Sweet Potato Factory

Hello world! This is what a sweet potato farm is like. And where is this farm located? In Ibaraki. And the sweet potato museum and factory is actually in side an old converted school. -Aiko, where are we right now?
-We at the tent right now. We slept in these beds. So was it cold inside? -Inside here?
-Yeah. Ohhh it wasn’t that cold. Because we hat the heater. What’s the temperature outside right now? Ummm it’s like 0 degrees. So what did we do for dinner? We did barbecue outside and… we sit on… we went in the kotatsu. So we brought some meat from the grocery store and some local veges from the farmers market. and had a little barbecue beside our Glamping tent that night. When we woke up, everything was white. Oh it’s snowing right now. The snow is actually quite a rare occurrence, so while I was mostly staying warm inside, the kids were playing outside. On the downside, we weren’t able to go strawberry picking as planned. Look I made this thing. -What is it?
-Oh it’s just a snow ball. Can I ___ at you? NO NO NO NO NO, not with the camera in my hands. So what we are going to do right now? We’re gonna go to the museum What kind of museum? It’s a sweet potato museum. We are gonna see lots of stuff. And what are you doing with those booklets in the classroom? I’m finding the hints for the quiz. We have these thing and if we…. And then if we scored perfect we get something. So why Shin hitting all those bums and play music with them? Because if you eat Yakiimo you fart. And I heard that Yakiimo farts don’t smell so they think that’s cool So do you think that a real research laboratory? Yes. So do you know where is the Satsumaimo came from? Ibaraki Right, but before ibaraki. America. The Americas, yeah. It was introduced to the Satsuma area 300 years ago. And that’s why it’s called Satsuma-imo. And even though it has a single name. There are many varieties. What do the factory workers have to do to get clean? Wash their hands. And then get blown by air. So this is the freezer area where they store all the Satsumaimo. How cold is it? minus 30 degrees. and what were you guys doing with these towels? It was wet towels and if we spin it around it will be like ice. I would like to pause this video for a tiny bit and point out that I think the coolest part of the tour was seeing the factory. However, it’s something that’s secret. So I wasn’t able to film and show all of you. But it’s really high-tech and you can see a tiny image of it on this floor map guide. And what’s more impressive is that it’s in an old school. Okay, back to your regular programming. What do you guys wearing all this stuff for? We are making dry Satsumaimo. Which in Japanese is called hoshiimo. And what’s the first step? Wash your hands. And then? Eat. Eat.. XD -No you don’t eat them, did you? -En. -No, you’re peeling them with the knife.
-Oh. And is it hard to peeling them with the knife? Kind of. So what are you doing right? I’m slicing the Satsumaimo. Was it hard to do? Yes. Really? why? Because sometimes it’s breaks Ohhh. I think, what don’t… aren’t you supposed to cut the end so it’s easier to push through? Yes. Did you forget to do that? Kind of. Ah-Oh But I think Syoko did it right. Me too. We had to laid the slices down on the rack so that they could dry. We then got chance to eat some dried Satsumaimo. Why are you drawing on the envelops? I don’t get it. Well, for fun. I think it’s because they are going to use these envelops to mail the dry Satsumaimo to you. Because it takes around two weeks to dry. So where are you now? I’m on top of the roof. And what you doing there? I’m drying my Satsumaimo. -You’re drawing your Satsumaimo? -I said I’m… -What were you doing? -I didn’t say I’m drawing. -What do you say?
-I said I’m drying. You’re drying it not drawing it. -Yes, I…
-Okay, I see. Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! What’s a farmers village like where you’re from? It’s like a farm.


  1. JollyFisher says:

    This is cool, in New Zealand we call those types of sweet potato "Kūmara" and has been cultivated here over a thousand years.

  2. Yutong says:

    LMAO, the fart piano

  3. Ana França says:

    Aiko's hair is amazing, ♥️ i love her new hair cut. Is it New, right? 🤔

    Here in Brazil, sweet potatos are consumed a lot, but i never realize that the sweet potatos' farms could be so great. I think here we don't have this kind of farms, with museum and activities. But i will definitly search for it! Thx for the video. 😘

  4. 清水ケビン says:


  5. Julisa Ramos says:

    Aiko:“What’s a farmers village like where you’re from?”
    Greg:“It’s…like.. a farm..”
    don’t know why I found that so funny 😂😂

  6. Aria says:

    I recognize Aiko and Shin Chan but is that Aiko’s friend. I remember seeing her in other videos, but I don’t remember what her name is and who she is.

  7. Bayu Ermand says:

    Why everyone is talking about Aiko instead of the potato? ha-ha..we're all miss her then 😀 you too Shin…

  8. Ronpaii says:

    i just found out about this channel yesterday, and i downloaded a ton of their videos, just to watch peacefully 😉 Also, Aiko is so cute ^_^

  9. Nayan rai says:

    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa
    perfect sargam!

  10. tammylovesmakeup says:

    The kids have grown up a lo

  11. tammylovesmakeup says:

    Is the lady next to the kids, their mom?

  12. BigSweet says:

    I thought I saw some kirkland brand salt and pepper. Are there costcos there?

  13. Zaimah H says:

    YES! My favourite food video

  14. 4u25out says:

    Sweet potato 🍠 leaves/slips is edible, and very nutritious, wonder why it’s not mention in this video.

  15. Beth Barclay says:

    We call them Kumara. Peel & boil, mash & serve with 🥩 & mixed veges.

  16. Yoshi 387 says:

    Those dried sweet potatoes are the best!😍❤️😋

  17. Kawaii & Joyii says:

    Omg at first I thought it wasn’t her she sounds so different but it’s nice to know she is growing up now! 🙂

  18. Lemonade197 says:

    The video are great and Aiko grown up faster, you have relatives from Japan in your family ??? because the kids are japanese from mother and you are canadian indian native, caucasian, black ??? The factory are very organized, like any thing in Japan, and the experience to sleep in tend must be tryed one's in Japan. Could you give me the exact position of the house in the video " HOUSE TOUR " So i can check the neighboughhood by Google map, Thanks for all .

  19. Jesse Ling says:

    Shoko got tall 😮

  20. David Villacis says:

    Here where I'm from, sweet potatoes are called camote.

  21. Tony Kondaks says:

    Amazing! Aiko is now almost as tall as cousin Shoko. In earlier videos, Shoko is more than a head taller.

  22. BlitheTimeListlessBliss says:

    She said "drying" loud n clear

  23. Sultan Baharuddin says:

    oww, the her voice surprised me …. she grown up … ^-^

  24. Naufal F R says:

    Love aiko's hair 😄

  25. mamacolette07 says:

    In the Philipines, we call sweet potatoes "kamote". And we can grow them on our own backyards. We eat them boiled or fried with sugar (we call that kamote cue, just like barbecue) as snack or cooked with some meat and veggies as viand to eat with our staple food, boiled rice. And yes, the dreaded farting afterwards is real, lol!.. Anyway, nice video as always. Informative and entertaining. I love to watch these kinds of videos about Japan. I have yet to visit it, though. It's in my bucket list.

    Aiko is growing up really fast. Her voice is not so little anymore but she's still cute 🙂

  26. Silver Hiker says:

    Thos is incredibly timely! I love Japanese sweet potatoes and just gave in to my craving and got one tonight! They're so good.

  27. RamenGod says:

    Who is the other girl? I haven't seen her before

  28. luna luna says:

    Russian sub please 🤗

  29. ForestofTooMuchFood says:

    Such mean dad. She said drying.

    Dad jokes are not funny.

  30. Michael Fitzhugh says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It reminds me a bit of a sugar beet museum I once visited in Michigan. Fun!

  31. Zeus says:

    Hey she said Drying, I heard it!

  32. Rani TM says:

    Woww i wanna go to sweet potato museum

  33. Carmelita Tan Gatue says:

    The kids are all grown up sweet potato.. thanks for featuring them

  34. Robbie Strickland says:

    Aiko! You grew! I nearly didn't recognize you!

  35. Paul Beebe says:

    You have great kids.

  36. Xion Memoria says:

    I've never noticed that Shin was left handed before!

    May I ask question about that? When people see me write or use chopsticks with my left hand in Japan, they tend to look at me like I'm an alien. Is there a social stigma with left-handedness in Japan or am I just getting the typical gaijin stare? Sometimes it's hard to tell xD

  37. بلال says:

    Everyone looks irritated

  38. Logan says:

    "are they real?"
    throws it on the table

  39. Jonathan Ravenhill Lloyd says:

    Fart xylophone….


  40. tildessmoo says:

    I live near Amish country; I should probably try to get some time off and show what farms are like there. Also, maybe it's just the impression I get from the videos, but it looks like Shouko does everything with your family.

  41. Thailetsplay _YT says:

    Woah! Look at Aiko and Shin it seem likes they have grown and their voice got more mature.

  42. Like A Sambu D says:

    Aiko's english accent has improved!!!!

  43. Sandy Hager says:

    Aiko is getting so grown up. I had no idea sweet potato what such a big thing there. How do you like to prepare them?

  44. Lavina Shukul says:

    There was mummy in the video

  45. Rania Rizwan says:

    Aiko grew so much 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    Omg they have grown I remember watching your “where I’m from breakfast “ video and I’m just so surprised ❤️

  47. Lavina Shukul says:

    Dad should stop messing up with aiko

  48. Mi-thran-dir's Beard. says:

    What's the name of the cousin bdw..? She's beautiful…and all grown up as well…

  49. Ben L says:

    "It's like a farm." Haha dad jobs

  50. Tiemans Pace says:

    いいテントだ <—- Greg, it says, "Nice tent.", I hope. I like the tent in the beginning.

  51. Tiemans Pace says:

    Greg, your son has a liking for music. Perhaps he would find a musical instrument such as a guitar as a creative release. I say this because he played the bums like they were musical drums. Nobody wants to be a bummer, but being a drummer is kewl. I made up the word 'kewl' because I felt cool and kewl are not the same thing. Unless we are talking about hot under the collar cool. Someday spell-check programs will recognize it. (:

  52. Kyra Universe says:

    this is the first video I've ever seen go past 1080p

  53. Abdullah Rana says:

    She has so much dandruff

  54. ユスネゲームズ says:

    Aiko looks so grown up!! 😀 ❤️❤️

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    One of my goals in life is to have such an amazing family. You guys are a role model!

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    Just 17 more years!

    2019: 2:49

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    1:02 is that salt and pepper from KIRKLAND (COSTCO) ??? Mind blown (somehow)

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    Why does the museum scenes remind me of the kdrama the Korean odyssey

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    i realized i was around the age of aiko, she should be like like 12 now

  79. Karnga Riba says:

    I had no idea sweet potato have such value. From India😍

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    I’m glad to see that English is still being practiced.
    Speaking both languages will definitely be an advantage.
    Reading out-loud, nightly, really helpful in maintaining the language.

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    I also noticed many other stamp rallies in Japan and started to collect stamps from all over the place 😃

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